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Grow Your Business With An Auto Insurance Affiliate Program

When you enroll in an auto insurance affiliate program via Profitise, we will equip you with the necessary tools to drive more profits based on the leads and data you sell.

Join Profitise As An Auto Insurance Affiliate

While a substantial portion of the U.S. population still does not have auto insurance coverage, agents often struggle to find new leads — and some agencies have too many of them. If you belong in the latter group, consider joining an auto insurance affiliate network with Profitise to bridge the gap and make huge profits while you’re at it.

The auto insurance industry rakes nearly $228 billion annually, with an average growth of 2.8% each year. These statistics mean that the demand for auto insurance is not slowing down anytime soon, as more and more consumers search for the best auto insurance deals in town.

The demand for good coverage creates the perfect opportunity for our auto insurance publishers to generate and sell more leads through our auto insurance affiliate programs.

Profitise utilizes lead distribution best practices to help you sell your auto insurance leads, increasing this prospect’s lifetime value and trust in your ability to match them with the best insurance agency for them.

Join Profitise As An Auto Insurance Affiliate

Earn More With Car Insurance Affiliate Programs

Teaming up with the Profitise auto insurance affiliate program as a car insurance affiliate comes with many financial benefits. One of these benefits is the freedom you have with Profitise, all while we assist you in generating more income off the leads you’ve rerouted.

Want to generate even more revenue as an auto insurance affiliate? Consider inviting your network or business partners to join Profitise’s auto insurance affiliate program to start publishing and selling leads that they generate.

Our bi-weekly payout system is specifically designed to ensure that our car insurance lead publishers are efficiently compensated for their sales on time.

With that, you will receive an additional 3% commission for every sale your partner makes as an independent or a sub-affiliate.

How Do Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs Work?

Becoming a car insurance affiliate with Profitise gives you instant access to our vast pool of technology and software to arm your performance with the best-in-business lead selling practices.

In addition, our pool of buyers and advertisers are always looking for fresh, high-intent auto insurance leads, which means that the leads you publish to our lead distribution system will not stay on the shelf for long.

With our dynamic bidding system and highly experienced account managers, Profitise enables publishers to sell their leads at some of the highest prices in the marketplace.

Our onboarding and technical support teams are always just a call away to support your efforts every step of the way.

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Profitise Provides

Profitise Provides Unrivaled Support To Auto Insurance Affiliates

Profitise offers a handful of valuable tools to maximize the profits you make from the sale of your auto insurance leads. Our network of buyers and advertisers are carefully vetted and handpicked to ensure that your leads end with conversions and an overall positive experience.

Our user-friendly interface gives publishers complete control over their auto insurance leads and how they’re distributed and sold to buyers. With automated features like dynamic bidding, the platform distributes your leads quickly to ensure effective sales and conversions on the buyer’s end of the funnel.

What Are The Benefits Of Auto Insurance Affiliate Programs?


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