Earn More With Profitise’s Affiliate Program

By teaming up with Profitise, online publishers like yourself will gain the opportunity to earn high commissions for every home insurance lead sold through our home insurance affiliate program.

Join Profitise As A Home Insurance Affiliate

When you become a home insurance affiliate with Profitise, you’ll tap into one of the most valuable and profitable affiliate networks in the home insurance vertical. With high visibility into the home insurance marketplace, Profitise attracts more customers with several benefits like high price bids, quick payouts, and more.

With best-in-market lead distribution channels, Profitise will sell your home insurance leads directly to clients who have been handpicked to join our network to ensure that the client journey ends in a high-intent, profitable conversion.

Our vast network of buyers creates a competitive ecosystem for your lead distribution and sales process. In addition, our dynamic bidding feature ensures that every single one of your home insurance lead sales is receiving top dollar commission.


Earn With Profitise’s Home Insurance Affiliate Program

Being a Profitise affiliate has many perks, especially when it comes to gaining top-of-market profits for the home insurance leads you’re selling.

We issue bi-weekly payments to our affiliates to make sure they’re getting paid promptly after their leads are sold within our home affiliate network. Additionally, for each sub-affiliate you refer to the Profitise affiliate program for home leads, you’ll earn up a 3% commission.

How Does Profitise Work For Home Insurance Affiliates?

When you generate lead traffic into your website, there are two ways you can go about handling these leads – you either contact them or sell them to another business that is interested in purchasing your home insurance leads.

Usually, the decision is based on the filters you identify in your lead generation campaign. So, if a lead has given you their contact information and you want to sell this data to a third-party affiliate interested in these leads, joining a home insurance affiliate program is the best plan of action to follow.

When you join the Profitise home insurance affiliate network, you’re provided with all the necessary tools and technology to successfully sell these leads to insurance agents or home insurance firms searching for this data.

Drive More Home Insurance Leads As An Affiliate

Our user-friendly dashboard interface is specifically designed to benefit both publishers and advertisers to gain complete control and visibility into how their home insurance leads are published, distributed, and purchased.

The platform automates nearly every aspect of lead distribution, making it much easier for publishers to complete their lead sales in a much quicker manner. In addition, Profitise’s user dashboard streamlines the sales process, earning high rates for any given lead.

Benefits Of Becoming A Home Insurance Affiliate

When you join Profitise’s home insurance affiliate program, you gain instant access to our industry-leading LMS tool to manage, distribute, and monetize your leads.

Automated Processes Our user dashboard saves you time and resources with automated methods to lead sorting and categorization.

Competitive Payouts Profitise gives affiliates many opportunities to monetize their lead distribution efforts with competitive rates, added commissions, and bi-weekly payouts.

Individual Support All home insurance affiliates have designated account managers, always available to provide technical or other account-related inquiries.

Welcome To Profitise As A Home Insurance Affiliate

Visit the Profitise Welcome Page to learn more about the key features of our affiliate program.

Proceed to the Affiliate Registration Page to sign up for the Profitise affiliate home insurance program.

Read the Affiliate Agreement, understand our Terms & Conditions, and check out our Privacy Policy to understand how your data will be processed.

Fill out and submit the registration form and wait for a Profitise account manager to contact you.

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