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With thousands of high-intent leads looking for affordable health insurance every day, the health insurance industry is booming, which brings more opportunities for agents to increase their sales and conversions. When you join Profitise, you will be able to forge strong relationships with prospects who are actively searching to commit to health insurance.

Health Insurance Leads

Let us help you become the bridge to health insurance coverage for your customers.

The health insurance vertical is booming, with more and more people seeking affordable health coverage every day. Take advantage of this demand for health insurance by signing up with Profitise and connecting with high-intent prospects.

Reasons to Partner with Profitise for Health Insurance Leads

Trustable Experts

Tap into knowledgeable account managers who will assist your search for health insurance leads and keep you up to date with the latest trends and technology.

A Deptful Health Insurance Affiliate Program

With a vast portfolio of media buyers backed by top publishers, Profitise guarantees a high volume of qualified health insurance calls and web leads. Profitise works with publishers to get superior market insights and ensures that every health insurance lead that comes in is ready for purchase.

High-Intent Health Insurance Leads

Profitise supports the high volume flow of qualified health insurance calls, and web leads with a vast portfolio of media buyers backed by prime publishers. Profitise works with publishers to get superior market insights and ensures that every health insurance lead is ready for purchase.

Don’t Miss Out on Health Insurance Leads for Agents

By registering with Profitise to buy health insurance leads, you get instant access to the most qualified health insurance leads on the market. Connecting with Profitise means plugging into an extensive network of buyers and publishers who facilitate the flow of competitive health insurance leads.

Health Insurance Industry Facts

Private health care premiums totaled over $867 billion in 2017, pushing people to seek affordable health care coverage. To cater to the rising demand in health insurance, agents have shifted their lead generation and client management toward digitization. Take advantage of the sky-rocketing interest in healthcare by using Profitise to buy health insurance leads.

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Experienced Account Managers

When purchasing auto insurance leads, you want to know where your business is headed. That’s why every partner is connected with Profitise’s dedicated account managers. Our professionals are available at all times to answer your questions and provide you with guidance with your lead generation efforts.


A Dependable Network

With years of experience in the lead generation business, our agents know what it takes to build a network that gets results. Likewise, our vast network of publishers is equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to get you the best home insurance leads.


Cutting Edge Technology

Profitise uses sophisticated technology to give you a detailed picture of where your leads originate. In addition, agents get access to intelligent analytics and visibility into your best-performing publishers and ad campaigns.

Buy Health Insurance Leads

Take complete control of your health insurance business by allowing Profitise to handle all of your lead generation and management efforts. This way, health insurance agents can focus on customer support and conversions while affiliate networks generate more leads. Register with Profitise now to buy the best health insurance leads you need.

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Grow your insurance business with calls and leads data from high intent customers who are ready to convert. Profitise’s scalable call and lead solutions for the insurance industry are powered by data science and cutting-edge technology.

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