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5 Marketing Tips To Boost Your Health Insurance Affiliate Program


No longer mandatory in the United States, health insurance is still extremely popular with the populace – about 92% of Americans are insured with a public or private health insurer – and profitable for advertisers and affiliates.

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that it’s relatively easy to kick off and financially undemanding. With little to no investment, you can enroll in a health insurance affiliate program and get valuable resources to establish and streamline your marketing campaign.

There’s no doubt that Profitise will lead you to success, but it’s also true that you have to start somewhere. Before you enroll in our health insurance affiliate program, we would like you to get acquainted with the most effective strategies, approaches, ideas, and tools that can help you maximize the efficiency of your affiliate program in health insurance.

1. Choose The Right Health Insurance Affiliate Program

It all starts and ends with choosing your basic health insurance affiliate program as one determining your affiliate marketing software suite, marketing materials, and revenue model.

Take, for example, the revenue model. The basic revenue models include

  • Pay per impression (PPI).
  • Pay per click (PPC).
  • Pay per sale (PPS).
  • Pay per action (PPA).
  • Pay per lead (PPL).

When choosing your affiliate program, you must ensure that the offered payment model resonates with your goals, business capabilities, and expected revenue. Profitise sticks with the PPL model, propagating a results-oriented approach. With PPL, advertisers get high-quality leads, while affiliates get due revenue within their affiliate program in health insurance.

That said, you are not limited to the PPL payment model but are free to choose the model or combine several models that suit the objectives of a particular marketing campaign. Luckily, most affiliate networks provide customized creative materials – ads, banners, registration forms, landing page templates, and more – to help you monetize your marketing efforts.

5 Marketing Tips To Boost Your Health Insurance Affiliate Program

2. Market Your Uniqueness

Given the current competition in the health insurance market, the only way to attract attention is by offering something outstanding. Whether you are a healthcare practitioner, a caregiver, or a doctor, you must build your marketing campaign around your unique value proposition. In other words, if you launch your health insurance affiliate program in the USA, you must market it to the best of your abilities.

For that, start with these questions:

  • What makes you different from other affiliates?
  • What extra value can you offer?
  • What is your scale-tipping extra that will mesmerize insurance seekers?

If you can’t answer these questions, you may need to learn your customers better, which you can do with Profitise’s proprietary lead management software. Such software will dissect the customer journey through and through, letting you know who your customers are, where they come from, and what makes them tick. Advanced lead management software will help you stay on top of your game while constantly discovering new affiliate opportunities and reacting to inevitable market changes.

Can’t figure out your unique value proposition? Contact our experts at or by phone: +1 888 400 4868.

3. Sell Health Insurance Live Call Leads To Earn More

Live call leads are one of the most efficient and underrated revenue streams. While most affiliates rely on forms and ads as their primary lead generation channel, those unleashing the potential of live calls sell more leads at a higher price.

Why Choose Profitise to Generate and Sell More Live Call Health Insurance Leads?

  • Creative materials. You will elevate your affiliate program in health insurance with our email templates, banners, and other customized marketing tools.
  • Automatic matching. You will connect your call leads to relevant buyers while getting your revenue on time as per the affiliate agreement (bi-weekly payments for most affiliates).
  • Dynamic price management system. All other things being equal, you will be offered the highest price at the moment of sale. After filling in the highest bid, the system will climb down the price tree from the highest to lower prices until you sell all your leads or the minimum price per lead is reached.

On top of that, our software will analyze your web and live call leads, discovering new affiliate marketing opportunities for you.

4. Be Omnichannel With Your Health Insurance Affiliate Program

In addition to the creative materials you’ll get for free once you join our health insurance affiliate program, you can create your own ads that leverage the selling points of your particular marketing channels.

But remember, it all revolves around high-quality content, meaning you should only use the channels for which you can create value. These can be blog posts, guides, interviews, podcasts, etc. – the key is to solve your customers’ problems.

Make sure to research the opportunities provided by:

  • Social media.
  • SEO.
  • Influencers.
  • Email.

Profitise will provide you with everything for creating a competitive omnichannel value proposition and monetizing it within our affiliate network.

5 Marketing Tips To Boost Your Health Insurance Affiliate Program

5. Avoid Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

There are tons of mistakes you can make with your USA-targeted health insurance affiliate program, including:

  • Promoting an item that does not match the visitor’s interest.
  • Advertising a product that is incompatible with a season or location.
  • Selling an item or service that was already sold.
  • Misspelling the customer’s name in private correspondence.

That said, most mistakes can be forgiven – and will be – if you create valuable content and do not mislead your customers.

Before taking action with your health insurance affiliate program in the USA, ensure that the service or item you advertise is genuine and worth the effort. Ideally, test the item in question and share your firsthand experiences.

Attract Health Insurance Sub-Affiliates with Profitise To Open up Passive Revenue Streams

Profitise will monetize your affiliate marketing campaigns and allow you to build your own network of sub-affiliates.

  • Whether you sell health insurance leads, auto insurance leads, home insurance leads, or life insurance leads, you can earn 3% off each sale closed by each of your sub-affiliates. The bigger your affiliate network, the more you can earn.

All your sub-affiliates will get the same creative materials and round-the-clock customer support as you get. The most detailed statistics on every lead will help your sub-affiliates maximize their sales, growing your revenue exponentially.

5 Marketing Tips To Boost Your Health Insurance Affiliate Program

Elevate Your Affiliate Marketing with Profitise

Here is what we offer as a basic health insurance affiliate program:

  • Lead management software along with time-tested creative materials.
  • Live call distribution analytics to boost live call sales.
  • Personalized account management and support every step of the way.

Want to kick your basic health insurance affiliate program off with Profitise right now? Then fill out the affiliate registration form – it’s free and simple!


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