How To Buy Solar Leads Online: Your Best Guide

Like any other business, companies that carry out solar panel sales and installation try to get as many customers as possible, with the two main ways being generating solar leads on your own and buying solar leads.

Buying solar leads (businesses or individuals ready to buy a solar system or its components) is the path of least resistance for aspiring companies and those willing to acquire customers at scale without doubling down on their earned media. You can buy as many solar panel leads as you want and convert them into paying customers if the targeting is right and your sales agents are strong.

However, there are some aspects to purchasing solar leads that need scrutiny before you can safely buy and convert solar leads:

  • What types of solar leads are the best for your business?
  • How do you choose the right solar lead provider?
  • Is it worth generating solar leads on your own in addition to buying them?

Read on for the answers.

What Solar Leads Are The Best To Buy?

All the solar panel leads, whether purchased or generated from earned media, are divided into several groups:

  • Cold leads. These leads have learned about your product, taken some action, but are not yet inclined to buy. They may have visited your company’s website, subscribed to the newsletter, or signed up for a free consultation.
  • Warm leads. These leads are interested in your product but have not made the final purchase decision. They compare different options or seek additional consultation.
  • Hot leads. These leads have a strong desire to buy solar panels. They are mostly interested in transaction-related matters: the exact cost, discounts, payment & delivery nuances, etc.

Now, it’s natural that you might want hot solar leads in the first place because of the ease of conversion. However, the best approach is to also consider the price of the leads you buy and the resources you spend to convert them. There’s a chance warm leads bring you a greater ROI because they are cheaper and convert quite well.

Is Buying Solar Leads Online Advantageous?

Buying solar leads is effective for drawing high-intent customers to your business. After all, you can choose what solar leads you want to buy at what price and how to move these leads down the sales funnel.

And if you’re still unsure whether purchasing solar leads online is worth it, below are more advantages of this approach.

Risk Minimization

Purchasing leads is less risky and costly than generating them independently. Investing in earned media is a great long-term strategy, and you can count on it if you’re an established brand, but purchasing solar leads grants you profits here and now with minimal risks.

Saving Time

When buying solar leads online, you pay for people who have shown interest in alternative energy sources and are willing to purchase solar panels. This involves easier solar direct marketing that allows you to focus on converting hot leads.

For example, you can target residents of the neighborhood where your company installs solar panels. This way, you get more targeted solar leads online that will surely convert into real customers.

How To Buy Solar Leads Online: Your Best Guide

How To Choose a Company That Offers Solar Leads for Sale

Buying solar leads is less risky and quite cost-effective, but it’s also important to choose solar lead generation companies responsibly. Providers of marketing leads for sale can be lead generation companies, affiliate networks, or private solar marketing agencies.

Below are the essential qualities of a reliable lead generator:

Clear Contract

There should be a documented process for lead acquisition, including emergency cases. This will help avoid situations where you’ve paid for a solar leads list, and the provider doesn’t deliver up to the expectations.

Many private agencies do not enter into contracts or offer refund options. Instead, they offer cheap leads. Such collaborations carry additional risks since you are not guaranteed to buy high-quality sales leads.

Conversion Guidelines

Not only do lead generators sell solar leads online, but they also provide recommendations on how to convert these leads: scripts, workflows, examples of calls and sales, etc. Make sure the provider guides you into the sales process, as they may have some exciting insights unavailable elsewhere.

Real Reviews

Solar exclusive reviews are an accessible and effective way to learn about the provider’s integrity. Likewise, you can request recommendations from current clients working with the supplier, ideally, companies with websites and real physical addresses.

Lead Source Statistics

Always clarify where the lead generator gets its solar leads. It could be from their network of websites with SEO traffic, context, or resale. Calls and surveys based on the lead form contacts increase the quality of leads.

For instance, if you operate exclusively in Nevada and receive many requests from Arizona, discuss geotargeting settings. The lead generator will make adjustments, and you’ll increase conversion rates.

Some organizations don’t even check the lead’s correspondence to the GEO coverage. When you buy leads from such companies, you should be cautious. If there’s no adequate replacement and adjustments to the lead flow after feedback, consider terminating the collaboration.

How To Buy Solar Leads Online: Your Best Guide

How To Handle Purchased Leads Better

If sales agents are not trained to convert the type of leads they deal with, there won’t be any results from purchasing solar leads. Make sure to get ready to receive specific types of inquiries and continually invest in improving the sales process.

Below are some essential recommendations for converting paid solar leads online.


Implement systems for tracking online applications, calls, and inquiries. Integrate CRM, set up web analytics and call tracking, and record calls. Simply buying leads is not enough. You need to understand how the purchased contacts move through the sales funnel, how many convert into leads, and how many are filtered out.

Adjust the Scripts

Adjust the sales scripts depending on how the lead was obtained, which you can learn from your provider. For example, the provider can mention the name of the website where the user submitted the inquiry.


Even if the sale did not happen, activate retargeting. Set up a follow-up task in the CRM or consider alternative ways of nurturing before your next conversion attempts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy solar leads

You can buy solar leads from specialized lead generation companies, affiliate networks, or private agencies. The key is to choose a reliable and reputable organization that will provide quality solar leads online for your business.

How to buy solar leads

Buying solar leads is no harder than joining a lead generator platform and placing your order: the type and number of solar leads to purchase and the price per lead you are ready to pay.

How much do solar leads cost?

The cost may vary depending on the type of solar leads online, their quantity, the reputation of the lead generation company, etc.

Can I get free solar leads?

Certainly, there are ways to get solar leads for free. One such method is through customer reviews. However, it’s important to consider that such solar leads online do not guarantee success and may require further nurturing before you can convert them.


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