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Providers of solar panels regularly face problems attracting new customers, even though many people in the United States continue to lack access to reliable and inexpensive electricity. Joining a solar panels affiliate network on Profitise is a great way to help clients find suppliers and make an investment in the rapidly expanding solar power sector.

Join Profitise as a Solar Affiliate

The use of solar panels and other forms of renewable energy is rapidly growing in popularity worldwide. There are now at least 92.7 billion solar panels that are operational across the globe.

Affiliate marketers can breathe a sigh of relief since promoting popular items results in more potential customers and larger commissions.

Around 29% of all power produced worldwide comes from renewables. Its expected growth in the next few years will provide a market boost. By the end of 2021, solar photovoltaic (PV) installations were the world's second-largest renewable power source, trailing behind only after wind.

With an annualized growth rate of 6.9% between 2022 and 2029, the global solar power business is projected to rise from $234.86 billion in 2022 to $373.84 billion in 2029. Needless to say, there is still an untapped potential in solar panel affiliate programs today.

Join Profitise as a Solar Affiliate

How Do You Become a Solar Affiliate?

There are several income rewards for joining the Profitise solar panels affiliate program. One of these advantages is your independence with Profitise, while we help you increase revenue from redirected leads.

Do you want to make more money as a solar affiliate? The Profitise solar affiliate program may help you promote and sell leads generated by your network or business partners.

To guarantee that our solar lead publishers are promptly paid for their sales, we use a bi-weekly compensation schedule.

You'll get a 3% bonus on every sale your partner earns as a standalone affiliate or sub-affiliate after that.

How Does a Solar Affiliate Program Work?

At Profitise, we understand that solar power is the way of the future, and businesses should start participating in solar affiliate marketing programs right now. In addition, you may make a difference by connecting solar energy suppliers with end-users in this way.

A solar energy affiliate program takes advantage of a burgeoning market, but finding the right one may be difficult due to its nascent nature.

As soon as you sign up to be a solar panels affiliate for Profitise, you'll have access to all of our cutting-edge tools and resources, including some of the most effective lead-selling strategies in the industry.

Profitise's innovative bidding platform and seasoned account managers help publishers get premium fees for their leads.

The solar power leads you publish to our lead distribution system will not sit idle for long, as our buyers and marketers are always looking for new, high-intent leads.

Moreover, you may contact our onboarding and technical support teams for assistance at any point since Profitise offers 24/7 technical support and expertise to all of our solar affiliates.

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Profitise Provides

Unrivaled Support for All Profitise Affiliates

Profitise provides many helpful resources and tools that improve your solar power lead sales. To guarantee that your leads turn into conversions and a great experience for your business, we thoroughly screen and choose the buyers and marketers that make up our network.

With our simple interface, publishers may manage and market solar leads however they see fit. The platform swiftly distributes your leads with automated features like dynamic bidding to guarantee efficient sales and conversions on the buyer's end of the sales funnel.

Benefits of Joining Profitise Solar Energy Affiliate Program

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