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Life Insurance Affiliate Program: Two Crucial Steps Before You Can Apply


A $909 billion U.S. life insurance market is a goldmine for crafty affiliates. With half the Americans owning life insurance and the top insurance company valued at $52.7 billion, making money with a life insurance affiliate program may seem a no-brainer.

But it’s not that simple.

While most aspiring affiliate marketers pay increasing attention to developing the right strategies, choosing the right tools, and ensuring they get paid for their traffic in full and on time, they tend to ignore the very centerpiece of affiliate marketing: preliminary research.

  • Profound preliminary research is crucial for profitable affiliate marketing, especially if you running your campaigns through an affiliate network. You must know your niche and affiliate network through and through to succeed.

With the extensive knowledge base, automated software, and round-the-clock support offered at high-profile affiliate networks like Profitise, you will unleash the full potential of your term life insurance affiliate program, whole life insurance affiliate program, or any other marketing strategy for that matter.

But then again, you need two fundamental pieces of research before taking action:

  1. Learning your insurance niche: Will you sell life insurance leads, health insurance leads, or else? You must define your unique value proposition.
  2. Learning your affiliate program: Does your affiliate program resonate with your values, long-term vision, and expected income? You must make sure the program is reliable and effective.

With no further ado, let’s elaborate on these two crucial steps in affiliate marketing.

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Step 1 – Research the Life Insurance Niche

In the heterogeneous field of life insurance, generalization may cost you prospects and leads. We won’t elaborate on the peculiarities of insurance leads generation for every life insurance niche – for that, you can reach out to our life insurance professionals – but the gist is that you must develop a superior value proposition.

Consider the value you can offer to a particular group of insurance seekers. For example, if you have unique expertise in the term life insurance niche, it would be wise to target that audience in the first place. Then, as you test the waters and grow confident, you can expand to related niches.

Life Insurance Affiliate Program: Two Crucial Steps Before You Can Apply

Life Insurance Target Audiences

Whole Life/Universal Life Insurance Insurance seekers interested in safety, stability, and built-in guarantees through lifelong coverage.
Term Life Insurance Insurance seekers looking for short-term coverage for troublesome periods of life associated with unusually high risks.
Group Life Insurance Those willing to get the most affordable basic coverage.
Credit Life Insurance Those willing to spare their spouse or children from paying for their loans

Not every life insurance prospect is the same – even a whole life insurance affiliate program and a term life insurance affiliate program may differ – so you must find the right approach to your audience.

With Profitise, you can categorize your prospects and insurance leads most effectively and adjust your marketing campaigns on the fly. A deep understanding of your audience and the product you advertise will make you an expert in your niche.

Step 2 – Research Life Insurance Affiliate Programs

Whether you are about to settle for a single program – for example, term life insurance affiliate program – or several programs simultaneously, you must make sure that the program or programs in question are reliable.

Consider the following factors when choosing your life insurance affiliate program, on the example of Profitise:

  • Market reputation. A spotless track record is a must unless you want to gamble. With over a decade of experience in affiliate marketing, Profitise has partnered with the most significant lead buyers and sellers, allowing thousands of mutually beneficial deals to happen.
  • Revenue model. Pay Per Impression (PPI), Pay Per Lead (PPL), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Pay Per Sale (PPS) are all viable under different circumstances, but PPL does stand out as a reliable middle ground.
  • Conversion rate. An important profit-determining parameter is the life insurance affiliate program’s conversion rate, which predicts the sales you are expected to draw.
  • Resources, software, and tools.
    • Live Calls Tracking. Managing calls requires sharp decision-making and on-the-spot analytics. The most detailed data on your inbound and outbound calls makes you the boss of your callers: no connection delays, no middleman, no hustle – just pure analytics for science-based decisions.
    • Lead Management. Real-time reporting and analytics will help you make data-driven decisions and generate more life insurance leads.
    • Account Management. Thorough supervision of your lead generation and sales process will help you quickly harness affiliate marketing.
  • Terms and conditions of the affiliate agreement. The pitfalls in the affiliate agreement may reveal the true colors of the affiliate network you’re about to join. With Profitise, you can be sure that everything advertised is included in the agreement.

Life Insurance Affiliate Program: Two Crucial Steps Before You Can Apply

What Is An Life Affiliate Program, And How Does It Work?

  1. Register with the affiliate network. To kick things off, register with Profitise by using this link.
  2. Get marketing materials to boost your lead generation. Once you’re in, you will get tons of marketing materials for life insurance leads generation, including lead registration forms (or API integration if you’re using your own registration form), email templates, public feeds, banners, or a unique phone number if you’re selling live calls leads.
  3. Get your payment. Once your leads are registered in the system, the money is yours.

Now that you know our life affiliate program and how it works, nothing stands between you and the money you can make from affiliate marketing.

Why Profitise?

With COVID-19 being a wake-up call for millions and life insurance remaining the top dinner table conversation, the best time to launch your campaign for insurance leads generation is now. We at Profitise are determined to take your lead generation, management, and sales to the next level with the help of unique proprietary software and an unparalleled network of lead buyers and sellers.

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