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Life Insurance Lead Generation Strategies To Elevate Your Marketing


There are many advantages to having a life insurance policy. That said, there are also limitations when it comes to switching from one policy to another or changing the terms of the one you already have. For insurance agents, finding new leads in the life insurance vertical can be a challenge since it entails working with long-term contracts.

Knowing the ins and outs of lead generation as a whole can be beneficial for life insurance, but this vertical is not as simple as, let’s say, selling auto insurance policies. Regular insurance plans can change and be changed multiple times a year if a client wants them. The life insurance policy, however, cannot. Specific tax implications can occur in case of a policy transfer or when a policyholder wants to change some policy conditions.

Successfully Tackling Complexity Of Life Insurance Vertical

The needs for life insurance change and evolve naturally, and there is no denying that. Financial and family circumstances can change over time as well. Even though the life insurance market can seem oversaturated at times, there is still room for opportunities and for those who want to seize them.

Undoubtedly, choosing a life insurance policy is a serious decision for any person. This fact alone makes generating new leads in the life insurance vertical difficult to tackle since people don’t tend to change the terms and conditions of a life insurance policy very often.

Hence, finding high-quality leads in the already competitive insurance industry is the most challenging part of any lead generation campaign.

Platforms like Profitise’s lead management system or account management software can help when considering how important it is to keep track of every prospect, lead, or potential customer. This guide will outline the primary strategies that life insurance agents and publishers can use to find new, high-quality leads.

Paid Advertising for Generating Qualified Life Leads

Paid advertisement is nothing new for the insurance industry as a whole. However, using paid channels can definitely make your job as a marketer easier when it comes to finding and funneling new life insurance leads directly to where you need them.

When used correctly, paid ads can help scale your lead gen efforts, and gaining traction can be crucial when considering getting more life insurance leads is your primary goal.

There are a lot of different paid channels that you can utilize to attract a new audience, from social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where you can promote the existing content, to more narrow communities such as LinkedIn, AngelList, or Data. Other options that can boost your life insurance lead generation are:

  • Paid search marketing: One of the most common ways to drive traffic is that paid search works excellent with websites that have well-optimized SEO and keywords figured out.
  • Display advertising or banner ads: Every banner, image, or even text that you see appear on websites is in part a display ad. These ads will simply lead a user to your website.
  • Retargeting pay-per-click advertising: Even though retargeting PPC requires cookies to get the most of it, pay-per-click ads are still a viable solution in cases when you need to generate qualified traffic quickly.
  • Contextual ads: Contextual advertisements will work great within a group of affiliated marketers or an affiliate program since they rely heavily on backlinks and partnerships between related websites.

Develop Niche Websites to Attract Qualifeid Life Leads

A platform or website that you own makes it easier to create lead magnets, improve various elements of SEO, and generate new leads as a result.

Once you get your website up and running, it is time to fill it up with content. Start small by creating one or two blog posts a week, and then work your way up to the point when you have enough content to publish one or two pieces a month. As far as the content is concerned, the topics don’t matter too much as long as they are relevant to your insurance industry and have educational value for people interested in knowing more about insurance in general.

By making your website more niche and content relevant to users, you narrow the search requests, which helps your platform become unique and stand out among similar platforms. In the end, generating leads when prospects come to your website directly from the Google search result page is much easier.

Leverage New Tech to Find More Life Leads

Chatbots, interactive voice response and ping tree software have almost become common buzzwords that you often hear among insurance agents. But what if we told you that leveraging these new pieces of tech is vital to modern lead generation?

It is hard to underestimate the value an interactive voice response (IVR) provides to insurance agents and marketers since it can easily replace half of your call support and sales department. IVR acts as an automated customer service that uses pre-recorded responses and can answer simple queries made by the callers. It not only saves money but, more importantly, your time. Time is of value here since every marketer knows how quickly you can lose a potential lead if the call wasn’t answered in time.

On the other hand, ping tree software makes purchasing, selling, and transferring leads much less of a chore. The purchases and sales can be easily automated since most ping-tree platforms match client policy requirements with carrier capabilities. To put it simply, it is like a lead distribution 2.0 that qualifies prospects in real-time without wasting any time.

By signing up with Profitise, you get access to state-of-the-art software solutions that make lead generation simple.

Becoming a part of Profitise’s team of professionals ensures that you will work with like-minded agents, marketers, and publishers ready to share their expertise and offer support whenever needed.


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