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Live Insurance Calls For Auto Insurance: 7 Key Benefits


With the ever-growing number of registered vehicles and a steadily increasing auto insurance expenditure in the United States, a well-thought-out affiliate program can make a long-lasting impact on your business. From widening revenue streams to establishing as an affiliate market leader, an effective affiliate network can revolutionize your marketing ways and approaches.

Speaking of which, selling auto insurance calls is one of the surefire ways to grow your bottom line without taking much risk. High-intent callers can grant you up to a ten times higher conversion rate than web leads and sometimes a higher commission.

Read on to learn to grow your affiliate business with auto insurance calls.

How Do Live Insurance Calls For Auto Insurance Work?

Step 1: Generating Interest From Future Callers

As an affiliate, you must create a unique value proposition in the first place, convincing your customers to choose you over the competition. The good news is that your affiliate network will likely help you with it.

Advanced affiliate networks like Profitise will provide you with lead management software, creative materials, and step-by-step guidance on generating and selling auto insurance calls. Customized marketing materials – ads, banners, pop-ups, infographics, registration forms, etc. – will draw more high-intent callers than standard promotion methods.

Step 2: Redirecting Live Callers To Advertisers

As the caller confirms their interest in your offer – using the click-to-call feature or dialing the company’s number manually – affiliate software (provided by your affiliate network) tracks the call while connecting the caller to a relevant sales agent who takes it from there. Alternatively, the software collects the lead’s number and sells it to a relevant advertiser.

Get in touch for detailed instructions on how Profitise’s call tracking software works.

Live Insurance Calls For Auto Insurance: 7 Key Benefits

Why Are Live Insurance Calls For Auto Insurance So Effective?

Now that you know how live insurance calls for auto insurance works, you might also want to know why they are so effective. Without further ado, let’s elaborate on the advantages of live insurance calls for auto insurance.

1. Captured On The Spot

With mobile phones accounting for 54.4% of the global worldwide web traffic, it is much easier for a mobile user to speak to an auto insurance agent in person than browse countless web pages, trying to draw a coherent picture from bits of information. The most profitable leads are usually those willing to buy right here and now.

2. High-Intent

While online auto insurance leads may only be looking for general information, live callers usually bear high intent and are more likely to convert. There’s a huge difference between someone using your price calculator and someone making a call to discuss your offer.

3. Qualified

While all calls have fairly high conversion potential, there’s still a need to segregate callers by demographics, psychographics, history of purchases, budget, and other factors that may affect call distribution and sales.

Affiliate networks like Profitise run robust call qualification and distribution software, ensuring your callers get to the relevant department, whether sales or customer service. On the other side, advertisers get calls that are on the verge of conversion.

4. Well-Timed

Timely call distribution – during hours specified by advertisers – guarantees that advertisers won’t miss any calls while affiliates won’t squander their leads.

5. Suggestive

Recording live calls gives you tons of knowledge to proceed with. Profitises’s proprietary call tracking and analytics software will provide you with real-time marketing reports so you can adjust your campaign on the fly.

6. Unique

Profitise does not resell phone leads. Every caller is only connected once, which retains the initial level of intent in the caller. In other words, your high-intent callers won’t degrade to low-intent callers, granting you the expected revenue.

Live Insurance Calls For Auto Insurance: 7 Key Benefits

How To Seal The Deal Once The Caller Is On The Line

On the advertiser side, there’s still a chance to lose a lead over the phone.

This may happen if:

  1. You’re too generic with your questions. For example, opening with “Hello! Are you interested in auto insurance?” is a bad strategy since most callers expect you to know their needs and wants.
  2. You’re too salesy. Being too pushy would make no sense since your caller is already interested in buying.
  3. You give up on your customers after the purchase. Giving up on your callers is a horrible marketing strategy, as these customers are much easier to convert than new callers. Do not give up on your customers.

The takeaway is to provide as much value to your caller as possible before, during, and after the call.

Get The Best Auto Insurance Live Calls At Profitise

When you tap into the never-ending stream of live insurance calls for auto insurance at Profitise, you get:

  • Unique phone ID to recognize live auto insurance calls
  • Call distribution and analytics software to refine your marketing strategies
  • Creative materials to generate more auto insurance calls
  • Tons of insurance calls from leads of your choice

With Profitise, you will generate more insurance calls and sell them at the highest price to reliable advertisers. As an advertiser, you are guaranteed an influx of purchase-prone leads at a reasonable price.

Any questions left unanswered? Contact us to learn how Profitise can kickstart your business with an auto insurance affiliate program.


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