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Tips And Tricks For Life Insurance Affiliates


Since the first life insurance company – the Presbyterian Ministers’ Fund – was founded in 1759 in Philadelphia, the U.S. life insurance market has grown into a $7- trillion powerhouse that promises untold wealth to crafty affiliates.

However, leveraging affiliate marketing opportunities in life insurance requires sharp business acumen, a unique value proposition, and tracking software to dissect your leads and constantly update your campaigns.

So how do you establish yourself as a reputable and – most importantly – profitable life insurance affiliate?

Below are the three steps to harnessing the realm of life insurance.

Step 1 – Narrow Down Your Focus To What You Are Crazy Good At

As a life insurance affiliate, you don’t necessarily have to be an expert in life insurance in the first place, but you must create valuable content around the topic so that your readers have a strong incentive to follow your advice.

The promoted products and services have to be closely connected with the focus of your website and your ideas and narratives. Depending on your expertise, you may advertise:

  • Term life insurance policies: term life insurance, group life insurance*, etc.
  • Permanent life insurance policies: whole life insurance, universal life insurance, group life insurance*, etc.

*Some policies can be both term and permanent, depending on the insured’s choice.

At the same time, the type of life insurance policy you promote won’t affect your general promotion style and place much. Whether a whole life insurance affiliate, a term life insurance affiliate, or else, you can promote on the same life insurance sites and with the same strategies while emphasizing the benefits of the policy in question.

Anyway, it’s highly recommended to start with what you know best and expand as you gain footing.

Tips And Tricks For Life Insurance Affiliates

Step 2 – Create Content That Appeals To All Of Your Leads

There’s no magic to generating leads other than being helpful with your content.

Do the following:

  • Develop your buyer persona and cater to it. Narrow it down to what you can qualitatively cover, appealing to your target buyer’s values, ambitions, and pain points. Creating content that resonates with your leads means increasing their sales potential and eventually converting more of them (or selling them at a higher price).
  • Create engaging content. Besides regular blog posts, create infographics, polls, contests, giveaways, and other interactive content to form a lasting bond that boosts your brand awareness and allows you to generate more leads.
  • Experiment. Whether you are a permanent life insurance affiliate, a term life insurance affiliate, or any other affiliate for that matter, don’t hesitate to experiment with unordinary types of content. Use state-of-the-art technologies like virtual reality and voice search to win the hearts of those who value cutting-edge tech.
  • Follow trends. Appeal to the most burning topics of the day to engage new audiences. Highlight new laws, bans, and the biggest changes in life insurance to initiate discussions.
  • Update your strategy based on the feedback you get. Respond to every message individually if you can. Treat your leads as if each of them will bring you big money.


Step 3 – Join A Life Insurance Affiliate Program To Boost Your Lead Generation

A wisely chosen life insurance affiliate program can optimize your lead generation process and allow you to sell leads at the best price and with no hassle.

Here’s how life insurance affiliate programs work:

  • Lead buyers and sellers join the affiliate network and set their expectations – price per lead, the number of leads required, etc. Once the demand matches the supply, the leads are sold to advertisers, and the revenues are issued to affiliates.

There may be some deviations depending on a particular life insurance affiliate program, but it all boils down to matching the demand with the supply.

How To Choose A Reputable Life Insurance Affiliate Program?

Tips And Tricks For Life Insurance Affiliates

  1. Check the life insurance affiliate program’s reputation. Nothing speaks louder than a program’s reputation and background. Previous performance cannot guarantee future success, but it signifies the affiliate network’s reliability and safety.
  2. Choose the revenue model you are comfortable with. The revenue model determines what you sell: leads (PPL), impressions (PPI), clicks (PPC), or you get paid when a lead makes a purchase (PPS). All mentioned revenue models work under different circumstances, so there’s no universal best choice.
  3. Research the tools provided by the program. Most affiliate networks equip their members with software, creative materials, analytics, etc. Make sure your network provides up-to-date tools that can boost your lead generation and sales.

Last but not least, peruse your life insurance affiliate program’s terms and conditions before taking action. This can save you from unscrupulous affiliate networks that fine-print or hide ‘undesirable’ provisions of the agreement.

Why Profitise?

We at Profitise are committed to maximizing the performance of our affiliates so they can get the most bang for their buck and know their leads better.

As a life insurance affiliate, you can get the following tools:

  • Lead management software. Our CRM system allows you to sell your leads at the best market price and provides detailed analytics so you can adjust your campaigns on the fly. With dozens of real-time parameters showing the dynamics of your lead generation process, you can double down on what works and discard what doesn’t.
  • Live calls software. Smooth transition between operators, caller qualification, and precise routing with our call intelligence software will help you smoothly deliver callers to the destination point.
  • Creative materials. To help you generate more leads, we offer email templates, public feeds, customer registration forms, banners, and even API integration. You can use everything mentioned ‘as is’ to complement your own ads.
  • Round-the-clock account management. Whether you sell or buy life insurance leads, our software and insurance experts will accompany you from A to Z.

Last but not least, you can create your own network of life insurance sub-affiliates and earn a 3% commission off each sale. The bigger your network, the more you earn. As simple as that.

To enroll in our life insurance affiliate program, register as an affiliate or advertiser

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