Easy Way To Double Your Affiliate Income With A Lead Management System

Whether a health, life, auto, or home insurance affiliate, you would jump at the chance to increase your profit effortlessly and with no sacrifice, wouldn’t you? Well, there’s a way to do it: an insurance lead management system.

Besides immediate profits, an insurance lead management system can connect you to hundreds of reputable and – most importantly – solvent advertisers willing to buy leads from you continuously.

From generating to selling leads, a sophisticated insurance lead management system can give you an edge in this highly competitive market, but only if you’ve chosen the right system in the first place. We’ll help you with that.

In about five minutes, you will:

  • Know how insurance lead management systems work, from A to Z
  • Get a free ticket to one of the best insurance lead management systems out there

With no further ado, let’s decipher a typical insurance lead management system.

How Does An Insurance Lead Management System Work?

Leads are the core of affiliate business, but not all leads are equal. Unqualified, qualified, low-intent, and high-intent leads all have different monetary potential and require a different approach. For example, you cannot manage live call leads the way you work web leads, as the latter are way deeper in the sales funnel, harder to generate, and more expensive.

Here’s how an insurance lead management system works:

  • The relevant information – location, gender, age, budget, preferences, etc. – is recorded as a lead enters the system. This data helps you acquire more leads and sell them at the highest price. The process repeats — the more information you have, the easier it is for you to be precise with your marketing and sales.

Auto, home, and life insurance lead management systems work the same way, sometimes with slight nuances. The good news is that if you get the hang of it once, you will have a significant advantage in any affiliate endeavor.

Why Bother With An Insurance Lead Management System At All?

A well-thought-out insurance lead and management system like the one offered by Profitise can solve most, if not all, of your problems by organizing your leads according to the parameters of location, gender, age, motivation, budget, and more. You will have a detailed customer persona and all leads categorized and distributed to appropriate sales managers.

How Can You Benefit From Your Insurance Lead Management System?

Easy Way To Double Your Affiliate Income With A Lead Management System

Keep Tabs On Your Leads

Tracking leads is paramount to increasing your ROI without sacrificing time, effort, and budget. With a lead management system for insurance, you can gather all the details on your leads and customize your campaign on the fly whether you are selling or buying leads. All it takes is a few precise clicks.

Nurture Your Leads

A wisely selected insurance lead and management system can dramatically increase your marketing performance in email campaigns, paid ads, and live calls. With the detailed analytics at hand, you can decipher your sales funnel and spot exactly where your leads are.

Increase The Number and Quality of Leads You Can Generate

The details on your leads help you steer your campaign in the right direction in terms of numbers and quality. Getting rid of low-intent leads that are unlikely to convert is just as important as setting the right price for the leads you sell. A well-thought insurance and lead management system can take you to the next level.

Boost Your Sales

An effective insurance lead and management system allows you to organize leads and sell them at the best price by choosing a matching merchant among a pool of buyers. The bigger the affiliate network, the bigger the pool of advertisers — and the greater the chance for a decent remuneration for your leads.

Increase Your ROI

Insurance agents who use a lead management system earn two times more on average than agents managing leads independently. You can achieve similar results, too, as long as you’ve chosen a reliable lead management system that has the tools capable of bringing your ideas to life.

Double Your Affiliate Income With Profitise’s Insurance Lead Management System

Now that you know how a lead management system works, we offer you our state-of-the-art system for lead generation, tracking, and sales.

Easy Way To Double Your Affiliate Income With A Lead Management System

Why Profitise’s lead management system? You’ll get these benefits and more:

  • It’s free. You don’t have to spend a single cent to use our system. You can use all our tools for free after you’ve joined Profitise as an affiliate or advertiser.
  • It’s all-encompassing. You get every single competitive benefit, including:
    • Advanced tracking technology. Tracking tools, analytics, and live reports help monitor your ads and conversion.
    • Reports on demand. Real-time reports place you in the driver’s seat of your campaign. You can change or adjust it on the fly with only a few clicks.
    • Professional help every step of the way. Our experts will accompany you from the moment you’ve joined Profitise, up until you are an expert yourself.
  • It’s only a small part of what you get. As all-encompassing as our lead management system for insurance is, it’s only a part of the package. In addition, you get creative materials – email templates, customer registration forms, banners, public feeds, etc. – that you can use as-is or with your own ads.

Profitise grants you every benefit you can get, for free!

How To Start Earning With Profitise?

A simple two-step process separates you from a boost in your affiliate income:

  1. Fill out the affiliate registration form (no strings attached – it’s free).
  2. Use our proprietary software, creative materials, and tailor-made tools to generate and sell leads.

Have questions? Contact us at info@profitise.com.


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