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Health Insurance Affiliate Programs: More Leads Mean More Profit


People are always on the search for health insurance that is the right fit for them. But what if health insurance policies found them first? Profitise’s health insurance affiliate programs and lead tracking software helps health insurance agents set and achieve their goals.

Partnering with Profitise as part of our health insurance affiliate programs has many perks. One of these benefits is the unending ways that Profitise will help you generate additional income.

When you become a Profitise affiliate, you are not the only one to enjoy our fantastic partnership benefits because you can share them with other businesses or agents by inviting them to join our partnership program. Once they sign up into our affiliate network, you will begin receiving payments amounting to 3% of their gross revenue.

Our comprehensive payout system is there to ensure that you receive the commission you earned from our lead generation platforms on time. These commissions will be paid bi-weekly, even before you make your first sale. If you haven’t reached your threshold, Profitise will calculate your bi-monthly average and grant you a commission once the threshold is reached.

How Does Profitise’s Health Insurance Affiliate Program Work?

There are many perks to being a Profitise health insurance affiliate. Our program is designed to support market experts and new insurance agents. In addition, our in-house customer support and onboarding teams are available 24/7 to assist old and new members of our network.

When you sign up to become a Profitise health insurance affiliate, you will get instant access to a buyer dashboard, powerful filters, and other helpful features that you may need to target and acquire the health leads you want.

Being a part of our affiliate program also means that you gain quality health leads and have the opportunity to earn commissions. If some of the leads you received don’t fit the criteria of your marketing campaign, you can always act as a publisher to redistribute and redirect them.

Your referral partners or insurance agents from other companies can become sub-affiliates to our network so long as they have been pre-approved by Profitise.

As an affiliate, you will also have access to a publisher report feature, which will allow for high-precision performance tracking and reporting on the platform daily or hourly.

Drive Health Leads As An Affiliate

Our user-friendly internal dashboard is specifically designed to give you complete control over your leads. The interface allows you to turn campaigns on and off at any point, without time limitations or other restrictions. In addition, you can activate and use filters to target a specific lead or population.

You can also monitor the performance of your lead campaigns and chat with an account manager about improvements or changes. Here are some additional marketing and lead generation tools that you’ll have access to upon signing up:

Call Leads: This function keeps you focused on call attribution and data collection based on real-time calls.

Call Analytics: This tool analyzes and identifies trends in call habits and helps you develop more successful call lead gathering strategies.

Interactive Voice Response: This customizable voice logic application greets customers, gathers essential and helpful data, and directs this information to the appropriate representative.

Based on the needs of our partners, Profitise also offers exclusive access to custom API integrations. These integrations include email marketing tools, e-commerce systems, as well as SMS and CRM management packages.

Reach out to us to learn more about our cutting-edge software integrations.

Health Insurance Affiliates Benefits

When you apply to our health insurance affiliate program, you will access our state-of-the-art lead management system (LMS), a tool that helps you manage, distribute, and monetize existing leads.

Call Leads Tracking

Getting health insurance is a big deal for most customers, and conversing over the phone about all the details and caveats sounds like a reasonable thing to do. However, as an insurance agent, you should know how hard it can be to keep track of all your calls.

A call tracking platform like ours provides marketers with needed data to understand their experience with their brand and additional details like the client’s location and need. With this information, managing calls and adjusting marketing campaigns becomes a less complicated task.

Lead Management Software

To help you avoid gathering overcrowded, unorganized client data, we developed a lead management database system that stores all vital information about your prospective clients. The lead management system categorizes information based on function, grading, contract, and distribution.

Automated Lead Management

Implementing an automated system that can manage your leads comes with many advantages. You can now save time categorizing your leads, sorting potential candidates, and finding the contacts you need. The system will do it for you.

Combined with lead tracking, you can search for the leads you need in a matter of seconds. In addition, the customizable filters make it possible to sort the potential prospect lists by origin, date of acquisition, publisher, and channel.

Join Profitise As A Health Insurance Affiliate

With constant changes and developments to the health insurance industry in recent years, more and more people are looking to switch from their current insurance to a new, better health plan. It’s easy to assume that an agent is waiting to make that happen for every individual looking for new health insurance. But sometimes, agent-client communication falls through, and fewer transactions materialize.

This is when our health insurance affiliate program comes into play. With a strong track record and exceptional lead-generating channels, Profitise generates thousands of health leads per day, regardless of location and type of consumer.

By becoming an affiliate health insurance agent with Profitise, you will have the time and resources to build long-term relationships with your existing customers, all while expanding your network of prospective clients.

Welcome To The Profitise Affiliate Network

You’ve decided to become an affiliate within our health insurance network. What does the sign-up process look like?

First, visit our affiliate welcome page to learn about the key features of our affiliate program. Next, you can choose the features and services that are most suitable for your marketing or lead generation campaign. After that, you can proceed to an affiliate registration page.

At the bottom of the registration form, you can read the affiliate agreement, understand our terms and conditions, and check out our privacy policy, in case you’re concerned about the safety of your data.

Once you have submitted the form, one of our case managers will contact you at a convenient time. Moreover, you can request a quote right away or ask any questions you have. Lastly, if you wish to evaluate our LMS software before making the final purchase, our onboarding team will give you the option of a free trial. 

If you have further questions or inquiries, you can always reach out to us via email at


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