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How Exclusive Home Insurance Leads Can Grow Your Bottom Line


Not all leads are equal. You might have experienced a situation where high-intent leads – the ones that cost you an arm and a leg – wouldn’t convert against all hope and promises.

Some of those leads should have converted, but none did. Why? Most likely because those leads weren’t exclusive, even though your supplier assured you of the opposite.

Could you have salvaged the situation? Yes, you could – by buying exclusive home insurance leads. With a trustworthy supplier, exclusive home insurance leads can maximize your sales potential while minimizing bounces and eradicating fraud.

Continue reading to:

  • Learn home insurance leads through and through
  • Find a trusted source to buy home insurance leads
  • Grow your bottom line with exclusive home insurance leads

Without any further ado, let’s dig into it.

Web, Live Call, Shared, or Exclusive – What Leads Should You Buy?

The most fundamental way to learn insurance leads is to categorize them. Whether home, auto, health, or life insurance leads, they all fall into one of these categories:

  • By type:
    • Web leads: prospects who have filled out the contact form, asked for a quote, or completed any other target action specified in the affiliate agreement (the agreement between the advertiser and the affiliate).
    • Live calls: prospects who are calling directly to an insurance agent.
  • By exclusivity:
    • Shared leads: non-exclusive customers shared among several insurance agents, which means they may have contacted a few other agents before being sold to you.
    • Exclusive leads: new customers experiencing the first contact with the advertiser (you).

Conversion-wise, exclusive live call leads have the highest conversion potential, followed by exclusive web leads, shared live call leads, and shared web leads.

That said, shared web leads aren’t necessarily the worst. To understand what leads work best for you, you need to know the following aspects:

  • Price per lead. Exclusive leads are more expensive and likely to convert. However, it’s not out of the question that you can buy more shared leads, sell more at a lower price, and still be better off.
  • Availability. Exclusive leads are rare because the lead’s exclusivity is lost after the first contact with the merchant. On the other hand, shared leads are available in bulk with many affiliate networks.
  • Exclusivity. Not all exclusive home insurance leads are truly exclusive at all times, but you can’t really verify it in most situations. Even if the lead wasn’t sold to other agents, there’s no way to know whether they have contacted other companies or agents.

Before you buy exclusive home insurance leads — and especially if you’re looking for a long-term lead supplier — make sure to consider all lead parameters. There are no better or worse insurance leads, as it depends on your preferences, budget, and risk tolerance.

How Exclusive Home Insurance Leads Can Grow Your Bottom Line

Here Is Why You Need Exclusive Home Insurance Leads

Exclusive home insurance leads are at the top of the game because they are:

  • High-intent. The most motivated category of clients, exclusive leads are the easiest to convert if you know how to close sales properly. For example, you can use interactive voice response software to effectively redirect leads to agents.
  • Qualified. Interactive voice response software qualifies leads, giving you the fullest information on the customer even before the first contact. This way, you can personalize sales and treat each of your customers individually.
  • Unique. Exclusive home insurance leads are purchase-prone prospects who want to clarify a few last things before they make a purchase.

Exclusive leads are about immediate results. You don’t have to wait long until you close your first sales. Exclusive leads are more expensive, but they might be the best way to get a head start in your campaign.

How To Convert More Exclusive Home Insurance Leads

Time Your Sales

Most merchants close their leads during business hours, facing severe competition, but you can avoid that by timing your sales process. Contact leads on weekends, holidays, and when the competition is at its lowest.

Automate The Process

Lead generation automation and management software can help you set up your marketing campaign in a few clicks. You can automatically gather all important data on your leads to get valuable insights into how your specific strategies perform.

Adjust Your Campaign On The Fly

You cannot achieve peak performance at once but rather by improving your campaigns gradually, with the use of the collected customer data. Use the statistics and feedback you receive to keep in touch with your target audience.

How Exclusive Home Insurance Leads Can Grow Your Bottom Line

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