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How To Buy Life Insurance Leads


Not only does life insurance serve as a steadfast form of support to those who have been affected by the loss of another person, but it also often can bring peace of mind to any outstanding debts and financial hardships that were a result of that loss as well. As people age, tragedies happen, and humans must face the reality of loss; connecting consumers with a life insurance policy that will help them the most is a priority of many insurance marketers.

Whether it is a person looking for life insurance that plays a significant role in the immediate time after death, or a long-term solution to a significant loss, Profitise is here to guide consumers and affiliates alike through the waters of a particularly rough stream.

Life Insurance Leads.

What Is Life Insurance and Why is it Important?

Whereas home and auto insurance is connected to our everyday lives, life insurance is rooted in having to deal with and remember the deceased, which can often be a painful thing to do. Most people tend to avoid thinking about it. Likewise, out of all the kinds of insurance, it can often be most difficult for people to understand life insurance—people either don’t know about life insurance or aren’t that thrilled to talk about it.

Still, life insurance remains an integral type of protection for millions of Americans. Knowing exactly what it is and how it can help is vital for everyone to know. In most cases, children are the most affected by the unexpected loss of a loved one, as they are often financially dependent on that person. By both spouses having a life insurance policy, your children are protected. Other reasons to invest in a policy can be rooted in financial management as well. The transfer of wealth, carrying an unexpected mortgage, student loans, or other forms of debt through a life insurance policy can also alleviate financial burdens after a loss.

Life insurance protects millions of Americans.

It’s not common for employers to offer life insurance, and often when they do, the coverage isn’t very robust and rarely provides enough coverage to support a whole family. Investing in a private life insurance company will guarantee coverage during job transitions and offers more niched coverage. For life insurance lead generators, it’s worth considering approaching the employees of businesses that might not have this offering.

People secure life insurance because it will take care of essential people in your life in the unfortunate circumstances that follow death. Also, the process and benefits of life insurance policies are usually relatively straightforward. After purchasing a life insurance policy and monthly payments are made, the provider secures their promise of providing certain payouts to listed family members or individuals in the event of the policyholder’s passing. While surviving family, dependents or specified individuals are usually the guaranteed recipients of specific policies, life insurance marketers should note that beneficiaries can also be leads as well.

Life insurance family protection.

In fact, policyholders, more often than not, recommend that other family members carry the same life insurance plan. Unlike home or health insurance, having a life insurance policy is not necessarily a joint or family affair. With health and auto insurance, policyholders can carry and cover certain members of their family. Still, with life insurance, individuals must have their own once they are of a certain age. Once you have a life insurance policy, you will make monthly payments. The provider will promise to provide certain payouts to surviving family or other dependents in the event of your death.

Before Getting Life Insurance Leads

In order to generate qualified life insurance leads, it is important to know the difference between the most common life insurance policies. Permanent Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance ultimately both provide people in need with expansive coverage, but there are a few differences to note.

Life Insurance: Term vs. Permanent

By understanding the key differences, life insurance marketers can target their language to their target audience and ensure that prospective customers will trust what they have to say about life insurance and consider their marketing efforts and data collection as rooted in industry research and thought leadership. The main differences are that Term Life Insurance provides coverage and benefits for a specific amount of time or a particular term. When the policyholder of Term Life Insurance passes, listed beneficiaries receive benefits that are directly related to the period following the death of the policyholder.

Life Insurance: Term and Permanent.

On the other hand, Permanent Life Insurance is better for those looking for longer-term care for beneficiaries. Prospects include those that may have a pre-existing condition, a young spouse that is sick, or a job that puts their life at risk each day. Permanent Life Insurance covers life insurance policyholders and beneficiaries indefinitely. The life insurance policyholder can be assured that beneficiaries are taken care of for years after the policyholder has passed away. This particular policy also stores the investments at “cash value” so they can be accessed at any point.

Why Call Leads Are Important for Life Insurance

While generating call leads in the life insurance space can be a niched task with its own set of challenges, the support team at Profitise is at the service of affiliate marketers 24/7. Because of this, the onboarding process for affiliates and life insurance marketers is seamless and explained each step of the way.

Life insurance isn’t an industry that is exempt from call leads. Like other insurance verticals, many consumers prefer to engage with carriers over the phone. More specifically, life insurance policies can often include personal and confidential information about family relationships, health conditions, and sensitive subjects. A phone call is almost always preferred when starting out. For life insurance affiliate marketers that receive a high volume of inbound call leads, call tracking software is valuable to any business that uses life insurance lead generation marketing.

Life Insurance Call Leads.

Insurance agents have much to gain by using inbound call tracking because it can help them optimize their marketing efforts to get quality insurance leads. When insurance agents can drive more quality life insurance leads, consumers are ultimately matched with more policies, and life insurance companies can underwrite them.

When a consumer is unclear about a particular policy or encounters a problem when trying to uncover a quote, they are more than likely going to place a call.

After that call is placed, call tracking and analytics enter the story. The tracking component to the inbound calls allows companies to allocate their marketing budget more efficiently and use advanced call metrics to prepare future life insurance lead generation campaigns better. The high-quality data provided by the call tracking software is the biggest incentive for life insurance marketers and agencies alike.

Call tracking allows you to allocate marketing budget and to perform better.

This sort of autonomy is worth noting because as a life insurance marketer that is a part of an affiliate network, you can still ensure your business tools are specific to your brand vision and goals. Likewise, depending on your business cadence or marketing needs, you can also set up notification presets to speed up your existing process and create a hyper-secure, multi-password process to protect the individual parts of your system.

Marketers will mostly be affected by the rate of call conversions, which directly attributes value and data to each life insurance call marketing campaign. Without using such granular data, a call marketer would have no idea what was driving a consumer to make a call about life insurance. Similarly, this metric uncovers precisely what aspects of a life insurance company or affiliate marketer’s landing page are the most engaging to visitors. When it comes to offline marketing, call tracking even lends a hand there as well. Traditional ad campaigns that drive a significant portion of inbound calls are also understood. Marketers can make the most of their budget and time within those pillars of lead generation with call tracking.

Boost your ROI with Call Leads.

If a life insurance company or marketer can account for every incoming call, marketing efforts are leveled up and refined because of it. Call tracking for life insurance marketers provides both marketers and providers an unprecedented level of ROI. Life insurance providers have data that clearly explains the demand for life insurance and allows them to produce a strategic outline for how to best approach that demand. On the other hand, this kind of data empowers life insurance marketers to drive high-quality traffic when the demand seems lower and improves the effectiveness of their marketing efforts in order to strike more deals.

Another improvement life insurance marketers can make when it comes to responding to call leads is in the time that it takes them to respond. By automating their lead generating and tracking process, life insurance marketers and companies will have more time to engage one-on-one with specific customers and prospects reaching out. Improving your business’s lead response time is a very important detail in maintaining a successful brand perception and relationship with existing constituents. Additionally, the lead response time when it comes to life insurance leads contributes to whether or not the lead converts to becoming a customer.

Lead Generation Automation is a key to engage more customers.

Engaging life insurance leads efficiently and promptly is one of the most essential things for life insurance marketers. Since timing is important here and you could be facing certain life or death situations, having a sense of urgency in your marketing process is not only encouraged but necessary. For marketers who buy and sell life insurance leads, understanding key ways to set yourself apart from the competition is a challenge but can be achieved through partnering with a life insurance affiliate program.

How to Get Life Insurance Leads to Call You

Participating in a life insurance affiliate program, specifically the one offered by Profitise, not only provides exclusive life insurance leads for agents in real-time, but call verified leads with high-intent are on-the-line when you are. Eliminate the work of generating calls on your own through cold call leads and have us drive consumers to you.

Profitise’s automated lead management software for affiliates selling leads is, simply put, best in class. Platform-specific benefits are endless and ultimately prepare each affiliate marketer to experience great success. All these benefits will drive your business towards a more efficient life insurance lead generation process, tracking, and conversion.

Profitise Affiliate Program.

Profitise support and solutions extend beyond the value of a typical affiliate program or a sales solution. Affiliates are able to generate, manage, route, and track their leads effortlessly. Buying and selling call insurance leads has never been easier with platform features that are constantly being updated and changed. Campaign statuses give those involved in the Profitise life insurance affiliate program a bird’s eye view of each marketing effort that is generating click-to-call leads and digital leads as well. It is also easy to get granular to the point of understanding the URL that was implemented for digital campaigns and apply it elsewhere.

Affiliates are guided throughout the entire campaign integration process by the support team. Furthermore, they are welcomed and encouraged to rely on the entire team’s experienced expertise at Profitise for life insurance lead generating, buying, and selling advice.

With Profitise, call leads are sent directly to agents’ desks through a simple and automated system. Because of this, an increased book of business and successful affiliate marketing plan is achieved by most that are a part of the life insurance affiliate program. Top life insurance leads are identified, tracked, and automatically managed from the moment they respond to a digital CTA or click-to-call campaign through their buying process. A unique URL or phone number is associated with each life insurance marketer’s attempt at generating life insurance leads, and Profitise best-in-class technology offers a seamless customer journey. It’s because of this that many national agencies have partnered with our fast-growing organization.

How to Track Your Leads With Profitise

Profitise helps insurance marketers with all their traffic through a simplified process that allows agents to have exclusive access to the best life insurance leads. Resulting from a seamless phone call that preps the call leads for them, both large and small carriers can collect insurance leads and redistribute them using multi-tier ping-tree technology available for all agents.

Collect more Leads with Profitise.

A proactive and aggressive payout system is what sets Profitise apart from much of the competition. Sales cycles, especially in the insurance space, can often drag out for months, and in a vertical like life insurance, time is often of the essence. Profitise provides payment terms for users to tangibly see their successes multiple times per week.

In the spirit of providing a seamless solution, Profitise makes it possible for life insurance affiliates can easily integrate their management system. Whether your business uses a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), email marketing tool, or a robust eCommerce system, Profitise makes it a priority to enable custom integrations – dialer software and API integrations conveniently exist well.

By utilizing custom numbers and call analytics, businesses can get data relating to customer engagement with emails, paid search, print media, and more. A/B Testing is a valuable asset to any marketer, but with call tracking, businesses can get more data from A/B Testing than ever before.

API integrations.

If it wasn’t obvious before, Profitise offers life insurance marketers the capability to mesh their current database and any third-party-integration. Like in the insurance space, it is vital to be adaptable and able to make certain adjustments. Profitise allows for just that – this all-in-one platform can prove especially valuable to companies looking to stay ahead of the competition. Software that can handle calls, emails, digital marketing, and accounting functions represents a significant advancement in the market that makes companies more efficient and adaptable.

Life Insurance Leads Targeting

When trying to wrap your head around life insurance, one good place to start is to look at the groups that historically have utilized life insurance.

When you have one or more children, you have others who depend on you, and making sure they can be taken care of if anything happens to you is an absolute must. In fact, considering life insurance before marriage, also known as term life insurance, is suitable for parents on a budget. In contrast, permanent life insurance will make sure children are cared for not just in their youth but into young adulthood and beyond.

Similarly, buying a dependable life insurance policy is generally the most recommended next step for married couples so that your spouse won’t be burdened by your joint debt and any other expenses that may arise.

The other group of typical life insurance leads falls on the other side of the age and life-stage spectrum. While retirees and elderly individuals are often nearing some long-standing goals for their savings and, most of the time, are not facing the financial burden of supporting their children anymore, they should still often consider how prepared they are for losing a spouse or pillar of support during that time of their life. In order to achieve a significant standard of living, it is important for aging people to have the appropriate policies in place, especially to secure future generational wealth and the well-being of their loved ones.

Protect your family with life insurance.

With that said, it is still important not to forget often the most overlooked opportunity for life insurance leads. While young professionals without any spouse or children may not see the need for life insurance, a life insurance policy for a young professional with student debt can make sure others are saddled with that debt if something unexpected happens. Getting life insurance while you are younger and healthier can help you lock in a low premium rate that could save you money or headaches when you are older.

How to Qualify Life Insurance Leads

Understanding your audience is a significant part of how life insurance marketers operate successfully. A crucial element for affiliate marketers and those in a life insurance affiliate network to know their target audience inside out, Profitise provides granular details on inbound leads in real-time. After a lead is received in the system, further reporting (and support) is available to give more insight on your marketing practices and where the lead should go next.

This knowledge is paramount for life insurance marketers to decide where the lead should go next and how they can best be matched with a sale that meets their needs. For example, knowing through an IVR system if the customer is interested in a Permanent or Term policy will allow the marketer and sales rep to know to whom the call lead should be routed.

Interactive Voice Recognition System.

Life insurance marketers should ultimately know which leads are serious about purchasing life insurance and which aren’t. Leads come in for various reasons, and knowing which can be discarded and especially the fraudulent ones is an essential first step. Life insurance leads that have shown legitimate interest in your brand by either calling one of your pay-per-call campaigns and going through your IVR process or engaging on your website can be considered qualified. However, this manual process of qualifying your leads can vary. Still, it often begins by using lead tracking to view certain demographic information about your lead to confirm that it falls in your target areas.

Spending time, energy, and resources on leads that are not qualified can cost your business precious time and money. The better you are at qualifying your life insurance affiliate marketing leads, you are thinking carefully about how you spend your time and allocate your budget. This isn’t an uncommon theme for many life insurance affiliate marketers – technology in the life insurance space has significantly increased over the last year. Profitise, in particular, is everchanging and investing in our operational abilities of their systems and partnerships. Technologically backed insights are at the forefront of how Profitise wants to empower their life insurance affiliate marketers.

The Benefits of Automated Lead Management

People leave tons of digital traces online, from compliant data crawlers to online forms and repeated website visits. However, interpreting this data manually as a life insurance affiliate marketer is a next to impossible task. But thanks to Profitise and the advanced support of their technological partners, platform, and life insurance affiliate network, marketers are able to analyze the leads they have accumulated. Complex datasets and large quantities of inbound life insurance leads now only take a few seconds for this technology to interpret, source, and attribute and ultimately give marketers the ability to make data-driven decisions.

In a competitive marketplace like the life insurance space, cutting through the noise and crowded marketplace of your competitors can make a big difference. With call tracking, the benefits pile up quickly, allowing companies that utilize it find success faster than ever before. The number one benefit of call tracking all comes down to the bottom line. With the real-time insights, resources can be immediately shifted from one channel to another, ensuring that every penny is utilized to its maximum potential. With call tracking, life insurance marketers have access to volumes of critical data that will ultimately help them work smarter. Additional observations into customer service and caller metadata allow businesses to adapt quickly and outperform rivals.

Marketing Automation.

Working with Profitise to implement automated lead management and reporting into your life insurance marketing space will not only result in better access to national carriers but will increase your revenue and refine your marketing process as well. Profitise knows that client-related insights are at the root of life insurance, which is precisely why technology plays such a significant role today.

When life insurance leads for sale, all came in because of the same campaign, and you are faced with selling them quickly. Knowing where they came from is essential to getting the most out of your efforts and vital to moving forward with the sale. Many life insurance companies and lenders will not only require the demographic information of a lead. Still, they will expect a certain level of familiarity and compatibility with a qualified lead an insurance affiliate marketer is selling to them.

Real-time reporting is an invaluable resource that lets life insurance lead marketers make changes depending on lead generation analytics. Additionally, knowing how various publishers are performing will let you quickly double down on successful channels and scale down less effective components and further familiarize yourself with how different lenders consider qualified leads.

Speaking of lead qualification, nurturing leads to conversion. It is a significant process that becomes much easier with a solution and partnership with a life insurance affiliate program like Profitise. Leads that are nurtured by email marketing or other longer-term campaign methods are more likely to convert and may end up purchasing more than leads that are not nurtured. Using data to better understand the origin of each lead and then targeting your follow-up messaging to be tailored to them is another way to help push them along in the sales funnel.

Lead Qualification.

For example, suppose a consumer interested in life insurance was browsing a life insurance marketer’s landing page but was interested in learning more information through email. In that case, a successful marketer using an automated lead management tool to support their email marketing correspondence would be able to take the data collected from the online form and target their follow-up messaging to the consumer using some part of that data like location, age, or particular interest.

A sophisticated call tracking software for life insurance should always allow businesses and affiliate marketers the opportunity to automate additional workflows that also help to monetize lesser quality or unqualified leads. While these leads may be less likely to convert, they still have value to many life insurance providers and are deserving of a policy even if it is down the line from when they inquired. Profitise’s solutions incentivize businesses to better organize leads so that some can be re-sold to buyers.

With that being said, it is no secret that it can be time-consuming to weigh leads against one another. Life insurance marketers certainly spend a lot of time trying to determine which may be more likely to convert. However, filters and restrictions available when using a lead management software make it possible to take the difficulty out of that process and instead make it a seamless and automated experience.

Profitise is here to help your sales and marketing teams work together in harmony.

Profitise is here through supporting tools and an affiliate marketing program to provide a mountain of insights that can help your sales and marketing teams work together in harmony while learning from data sets and making innovative and data-backed decisions. Not only do your internal teams and organizational structure benefit, but life insurance lead generation is sure to increase. And combined with a focused sales funnel, increased lead generation will ultimately lead to lead conversion while keeping everyone on the same page.

Lead management tools function by allowing everyone from the individual marketer to policy underwriter digesting the same information. Having a designated place where consumer information is stored and can be monitored allows for transparent practices. Likewise, life insurance marketers should get in the habit of keeping a close eye on high-quality life insurance leads in order to sustain a successful business. Profitise and utilizing a lead management tool allows you to do just that with advanced tracking capabilities. Get an unprecedented perspective into the decision-making process when following along on the life insurance buying process and customer journey. This data will help you convert the leads you’re tracking. It will also provide a roadmap for how to create a better customer journey for future prospects by understanding which marketing materials, sales processes, and buying journey have the best response and where there are shortcomings.

Integrations With Profitise

Profitise was designed with the affiliate partnership in mind. Life insurance affiliate marketers and the stakeholders they work with have complete control over their campaigns and interactions, as well as more time to develop personal relationships and generate leads thanks to the automated nature of the solutions provided. More revenue and a more extensive book of business is inevitable when joining as an affiliate partner with profitise as 24/7 support and custom API integrations are available upon onboarding and implementation. Rather than letting their lost leads go to waste, affiliates can remarket their leads and increase their profit margins significantly.

Profitise Integrations.

If your business uses an IVR system to generate and route leads, this process can now be automated with Profitise. IVRs are extremely helpful when it comes to providing a seamless call experience for consumers. Still, it can take a lot of time for sales representatives or affiliate marketers to sort through IVR lead data to understand which caller is genuinely qualified. Save your business time and money by automating the routing process of inbound traffic to any specific publisher through any chosen IVR. Drive the most sales by quickly understanding which of your phone call processes fall short for life insurance leads.

Everyone appreciates prompt replies, and Profitise is undoubtedly in the business of urgency, especially when it comes to life insurance leads for sale. Additionally, at Profitise, it is a top priority to make call lead tracking a simple thing to do. Thus, notifying affiliates where a life insurance lead is in the buying process after they’ve been responded to.

Call tracking platforms provide marketers a complete picture of the customer journey through the collection of data from calls. Life insurance leads are tracked, and affiliate marketers are provided with essential insights into their call campaigns. Not only that, lead tracking paints a detailed picture for digital marketers by identifying how many more leads were brought in by their latest marketing campaign, which landing pages are getting more views, and which ad banners are getting more clicks. For call leads, in particular, lead tracking is one of the only ways the origin of consumer interest is to understand, and attribution is accurately tracked.

The critical fact that the consumers your business or affiliate partnership is engaging with will have high-intent, the exclusive life insurance leads for agents are more likely to convert. Not only that, critical insights into ROI by seeing plainly which marketing campaigns were more successful and brought in more life insurance leads for sale.

Profitise Affiliate Marketing Partnership.

Like many niched and advanced website builders that allow innovative life insurance marketers to create efficient and aesthetically pleasing landing pages, the lead automation software at Profitise allows for an even more complete customization experience. Affiliates and customers who utilize the program can adjust customizable background images but have complete control over the color schemes of the platform as well.

Customizable capabilities are endless when partnering with Profitise. Customizations further optimize your business by allowing life insurance marketers to adjust their business practices based on certain audience behaviors. A multi-tier ping-tree shows user activity and trends and is fully integrated into the system. Gone are the days of duplicate edits, multiple people viewing the same lead data at once, and accidental deletion. There is no need to worry about other users, affiliates, or marketers, disrupting the auto lead that you so carefully have marketed to, captured, and hopefully closed!

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Life Insurance Affiliate

Whatever your reason may be for joining a life insurance affiliate program, it’s important to never cut yourself short by giving up your time and effort driving traffic for low pay. Invest in a network that pays you well, and you will make the most out of your marketing talents. At Profitise, affiliates are paid bi-weekly, which is unlike any other program in this vertical. This consistent pay structure leaves affiliates incentivized and motivated to match consumers with a life insurance policy whenever they need it most. Life insurance lead generation and the consumer data that surrounds the livelihood and well-being of those that policyholders care for should be compensated accordingly.

At Profitise, affiliates are paid bi-weekly.

Just as the life insurance space is everchanging, life insurance affiliate marketing programs have also seen a lot of advancements, especially in technology and innovation. Insurance marketers are used to constant change when it comes to rules and compliance, but having to implement new software and solutions continuously can come with a large learning curve. However, with Profitise’s experienced support team of professionals and all-in-one seamless solutions, the risks and gaps in understanding are very low. Affiliate marketers can spend their time keeping up with different policy changes and best ways to market, while Profitise can handle the rest of the shifting factors.

The life insurance space is nowhere near a centralized market. Like the many different insurance options consumers are faced with choosing from; a life insurance lead marketer is faced with a similar abundance in consumer data. Each hour in the United States, someone is either searching for life insurance or wishing they had it. As an affiliate marketer, you could be at the forefront of those search queries if your marketing was placed correctly. With Profitise, you would be able to gain valuable insight into consumers’ search terms and behaviors. Taking a deep dive into what your target audience was looking for when it came to life insurance would be invaluable to the ROI of your marketing and indeed separate you from the competition.

Lastly, the benefit of joining a life insurance affiliate program doesn’t end just at being paid well and having access to more leads in order to grow your business. By partnering with an organization, especially one with years of experience, available lead automation software, and an excellent reputation, affiliates will have full support when navigating a large amount of inbound call leads. More specifically, becoming an affiliate marketer will often open the door to your business having access to 24/7 support when joining, a customizable IVR system to gather necessary information and qualify inbound calls, and give marketers a true understanding of which campaigns, call or otherwise, are affecting their bottom line.

Your life insurance affiliate program should care about your business’s success as if it were their own. Furthermore, they should want to provide you with the help and marketing resources you need to thrive in the life insurance affiliate marketing industry.

Count on Profitise to deliver a quality, profitable experience for your business. To learn more and ultimately elevate your business model, sign up with us today as an affiliate.


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