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How To Choose A Safe Auto Insurance Affiliate Program In 2022


With hundreds of billions of dollars up for grabs in the auto insurance space, hitting the bull’s eye with your affiliate program can be life-changing. Numbers don’t lie: the ever-growing annual U.S. affiliate marketing spend surpassed $7.4 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $8.2 billion in 2022, an impressive 10.81% growth every marketer would be happy to benefit from.

It goes without saying that auto insurance is responsible for a fair chunk of those volumes. But with a cornucopia of auto affiliate programs on the market, how do you spot a goldmine? And how do you separate the wheat from the chaff in the first place, discarding unworthy, petty options in favor of the fresh, motivating, and lucrative choices?

Instead of wearing out your fingers on Google, you can take advantage of a unique ‘one-size-fits-all’ algorithm for choosing a safe auto insurance affiliate program. But guess what? You can apply it to other niches with slight adjustments, such as life insurance or home insurance.

Without any further or due, let’s dive into it.

Starting At Home: Make Sure The Affiliate Matches Your Product

All your preliminary research activities can be reduced to these two simple yet essential questions:

  • Is your affiliate safe? If you’re deliberately willing to lower the bar and partner up with a dark horse, then you have to pay special attention to the selection criteria outlined down the page. Nonetheless, reputable auto affiliates like Profitise are always a safe choice since they are established leaders with signed deals worth millions of dollars, armies of followers, and a compelling reputation.
  • Are your and your affiliate’s products a match made in heaven? It may sound ridiculously obvious, but a dance can only be good when both partners are compatible. Most drivers wear socks; this does not mean it’s a good idea for a socks company to enroll in a car insurance affiliate program. Make sure your website resonates with the auto insurance niche.

You’ve got the gist, have you? Jumping on the bandwagon of auto insurance affiliate marketing won’t do you any good unless you’re a good fit. Put your audience first and learn the car insurance affiliate program rules outlined just below.

Evaluating The Technicalities: Commission Rate, Payment Schedule, Cookie Life, & More

It all starts and ends with an idea to generate profits. Since the commission is, in fact, your profits, you cannot compromise on it too much. However, you have to objectively evaluate whether the offered rates – either percentage or a fixed per-lead, per-sale, or per-click fee (for example, at Profitise) – display the realities of the market. A much more tempting offer might be just around the corner. So take your time.

  • As a lyrical digression, let’s try to find out whether a fixed fee or a percentage is better for you. Imagine Company A offers you a 25% commission on every sale, and Company B offers you a flat fee of $50. Now, to understand which of these two scenarios can bring you more, the only thing you should know is the price per Company A’s product item. It’s as simple as that.

The payment schedule is no less important. Not being paid for your work on time is one of the most frustrating things in the world. At Profitise, we provide clients with the most flexible payment terms, unlocking profits every two weeks, as we do believe that hard work and marketing talent should be valued.

Cookie life goes last, but it’s just as critical as the other parameters. Simply put, cookie life is how much purchasing time your referrals have to bring you money. If the cookie life is set at 48 hours and your referral makes a purchase in, say, 49 hours, then you won’t get a penny from that purchase.

In The Digital Arms Race, Superior Technology Always Wins

In the era of supercomputers, mathematicians do not use abacuses anymore. The same is true for affiliates – they do not settle for manual solutions when Elon Musk is about to conquer Mars.

With automated tools available to Profitise’s affiliates, you can get the most value of each calorie spent on the on-screen mouse clicks you make to check the seamless process of lead acquisition and monetization.

Here’s what Profitise’s ‘magic bundle’ is all about:

  • Automated lead management: If you think you know your customers, you can recognize them by their birthmarks with the help of our automated software. From location to age to acquisition date to dozens of other parameters, your lead database is organized most effectively so that you can manage it with just a few clicks. You get your leads on a silver platter; no more, no less.
  • Live calls: There can never be too many sales calls, huh? Spotting your potential sales on the fly is easier when a specialized CRM tool is at hand. With live analytics on inbound and outbound calls, you can unleash your advertising potential to the fullest. All your callers are organized and managed most effectively while you are still in complete control of the process.
  • Help from professionals: While taking full advantage of modern technology, you can also count on the assistance of top-tier professionals with years of experience in the tech in question. As automated as the lead selling process, you sometimes need manual supervision and advice. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions or discussing the hottest news with the best in the niche. We are all humans – we all need advice.

How To Kickstart Your Auto Insurance Affiliate Program With Profitise

So how do you turn your traffic into a steady source of growing income?

Here’s how it works with Profitise:

  1. As a publisher, you have to fill out the affiliate registration form, which is nothing extraordinary – just your basic information. Make sure to check the affiliate agreement, terms and conditions, and privacy policy before taking action. Also, you can ask for a free trial to test the software before you enroll in the program.
  2. Submit the registration form: The company’s representative will contact you immediately after reviewing the form.
  3. Manage your prospects and leads with state-of-the-art software: Not only will you get access to call tracking and lead management software, but you will also be able to participate in tailor-made marketing campaigns using creative materials designed to synergize your marketing efforts.

In a nutshell, boosted by cutting-edge tracking software, the affiliate system works as follows: first, as your clients get interested in the ads on your website, they click on the affiliate tracking links. Then, as these recorded clients purchase or perform any payout-triggering action, you get a commission per the affiliate agreement. No hassle, no fuss. All the great things are simple.

Any questions left unanswered? Contact us to learn more about how Profitise can help you kickstart your business in an auto insurance affiliate program.


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