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How To Acquire Online Solar Leads At Scale in 2024


The limited reserves of fossil fuels and their negative environmental impact have long made solar energy a promising business, with the search for the best solar leads becoming even tougher.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t drive enough solar leads for your business. With the right set of solar lead generation strategies, it’s more than possible to acquire solar leads at scale and convert them into paying customers. After all, solar is a fairly young industry that not everyone appreciates yet.

Read on to learn how to get solar leads using digital marketing.

How To Get Solar Leads Online: Three Failproof Strategies

There aren’t many principal ways to generate online solar leads: free and paid.

  • Free online solar lead generation involves using organic traffic sources: your website, blog, social media channels, forums, and anything else where you can promote without a budget or with a minimal one (you’ll have to spend time and effort creating content all the same, so organic lead generation will have some costs all the same)
  • Paid solar lead generation involves using paid advertising and buying solar leads from lead generation agencies, affiliate networks, marketplaces, or directly from publishers. It is much faster—you can get solar leads almost immediately—but it may cost you up to $200 per lead and more if you’re buying exclusive solar leads.

So here’s the deal: you must decide whether you want to buy solar leads for a quick start or exchange money for time and effort within your organic solar lead generation strategies.

Expanding Your Online Presence To Win More Organic Solar Leads

To generate solar leads online with minimal investment, you need compelling content: a well-thought-out, well-served mix of videos, quality imagery, infographics, quizzes, and other interactive elements.

Potential solar leads is calling a solar installation company

In addition to providing value to potential solar buyers, you must tap into their needs and wants and convert those into great service. In other words, you must segment your audience first to know what content to create for what solar leads and where and when to publish this content.

Here are some basic ways to generate organic online solar leads:

Social Media The power of social media is undeniable, and you can make it work if you choose the right platform for your type of content. For example, if you’re strong at creating videos, you might want to leverage YouTube, TikTok, and, to some extent, Instagram. If your advantage is high-quality images from solar sites, Instagram might become your number one online solar lead acquisition channel. And if you’re focused on commercial solar lead generation, then LinkedIn should be on the radar.
Webinars Webinars will help you demonstrate your expertise to commercial and residential solar leads so you can gain their trust and nurture some of them to a conversion. You don’t need to reveal all the secrets in your webinars, but make sure to provide at least some extra value on top of what they can find elsewhere (so your webinars make sense to the audience).
Thematic forums Acquiring solar leads for free on forums is one of the most undervalued ideas in lead generation, so you might find quite a few unaddressed leads there. This, however, will require a personal touch: you will have to communicate with potential buyers manually.

It goes without saying that creating a website and blog is also a must to generate online solar leads. You surely need a focal point for your efforts, which is a website for the lion’s share, if not all, solar companies.

Paid Online Advertising

Acquiring solar leads online with organic traffic channels requires time and effort—you may have to wait months and years for your content to hit the top of SERPs—but you can speed it up with paid online advertising.

Here are the most popular types of online advertising:

Contextual Advertising Online advertising that involves displaying an ad in accordance with the selected target audience, content, or other context of web pages
Banner Advertising Visual banners leading to the advertised product, landing page, or where the advertiser desires
Targeted Advertising Advertising shown to certain demographics and psychographics of buyers (for example, buyers from California only)
Retargeting Advertising shown to solar leads who have previously interacted with your website but haven’t made a purchase for some reason

In today’s digital world, you can advertise almost everywhere, as all platforms are interested in drawing revenues from ads. Take, for example, Google Ads. Some marketers were able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars using Google Ads.

Here’s how to leverage Google Ads for solar lead generation:

How To Turn Online Solar Leads Into Buyers

Working with solar leads should always reflect the types of clients, their current customer journey, and history of interactions. However, there are some common nurturing strategies and marketing tricks you can use to drive more online solar leads to a conversion.

Here are some common practices to convert solar panel leads into clients:

Educate Potential Clients Provide your solar panel leads with the most helpful information possible. Solar energy is a relatively new industry, with tons of changes and innovations your clients may not know.
Make Every Offer Unique Think in advance about what goal your potential client is pursuing. For example, some commercial solar leads care about reducing carbon emissions, whereas residential solar leads are primarily interested in cost savings.
Showcase Success Stories Make sure to persuade those in doubt, as they are usually the largest audience. Success cases and interviews with previous clients are a huge marketing factor.
Contact Leads Instantly If you delay contacting your fresh solar leads, they will age eventually, with much less chance of a conversion.

But then again, segmentation and personalization are your biggest marketing assets: the better you know your clients, the easier it will be to build a sales funnel that caters to their needs and wants.

Buying Solar Leads as Your Quickest Client Acquisition Channel

Organic solar lead generation takes time and effort; even paid advertising might not deliver quality leads quickly to your sales department. However, if you want to start closing sales right now, you can buy solar leads of the desired quality and quantity from marketplaces and affiliate networks.

Here is some advice on how to get solar leads online from a decent supplier:

  • Don’t try to save on the quality of leads. If solar lead generation companies offer too cheap solar leads, they are most likely talking about low-quality shared or aged leads that might be of no value.
  • Read reviews about the solar lead companies in question. Before you buy solar leads online, read what customers say about the company. Find out what results they achieved using particular solar leads for sale.
  • Check the age of solar leads before the purchase. There are several types of online leads, and it is the first thing you need to pay attention to. For example, some solar lead generation companies may offer aged solar leads, which are many months or even years old. These leads may have outdated contact information or may no longer be interested in installing solar panels.

Overall, though, it might be reasonable to diversify your paid acquisition to several partners for risk mitigation. Likewise, partnering with several solar suppliers might be a nice way to tap into untapped markets.

Businessmen are trying to identify their target audience

Here Is Why You Should Buy Exclusive Solar Leads At Profitise

Not only do we offer high-quality online solar leads, but we guarantee you will get what you’ve paid for. Depending on your expectations – shared, exclusive, live transfer, or even aged solar leads – we will deliver the right clients into your CMS system or sales department.

Buying solar leads from Profitise guarantees:

  • Increased work efficiency: instead of spending hours or even months on solar lead gen, you receive a ready-made base of online solar leads and can start working with them right away.
  • Increased conversion rate: purchasing the best online leads for solar ensures that they are more likely to convert into actual buyers.
  • Expanding the target audience: you can buy very specific solar leads of a particular age, gender, state, and more.

Last but not least, purchasing clients might be your best way to get solar leads because you know how many online solar leads you have and can easily predict your sales and income.

Here’s how you can start with Profitise:

  1. Register as an affiliate or advertiser to buy or sell leads
  2. Receive your creative materials, software, and other valuables
  3. Buy or sell the leads you want at your target price

For questions, contact us at or call 888-400-4868.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to see results from online solar lead generation efforts?

If you are engaged in comprehensive promotion of your solar business online, including website development, launching advertising campaigns, and working on social media, you should wait several months for the first results. To speed up this process, buying solar leads might be an option.

What are the most effective channels for generating online solar leads?

Buying solar leads is the best way to get solar leads when it comes to acquisition time. The main thing is to contact a trusted supplier. Read reviews about various solar lead companies and find out what kind of leads they provide at what cost.

How can I ensure the quality of online solar leads?

To ensure quality online solar leads received through digital marketing efforts, you must constantly optimize your advertising campaigns, use various advertising formats, and start working with leads immediately after attracting them. Also, do not neglect the purchase of solar leads, which is an effective way of solar lead generation.


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