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Your Best Tricks To Generate More Home Buyers Insurance Leads


With about 7.1 million homes sold in the United States in 2021, home buyers insurance is equally popular among real estate buyers who want to reduce financial risks and affiliates willing to promote this type of insurance.

However, the niche of home buyers insurance is becoming increasingly competitive as more agents and affiliates start to delegate and outsource effectively. But that doesn’t mean you cannot thrive as a home buyers insurance affiliate in 2022.

Not only can you thrive – you will thrive if you equip yourself with our methods, tactics, and tricks to generate more home buyers insurance leads. With little to no adjustment, these tricks can work for other insurance niches, such as life insurance, health insurance, or auto insurance.

With no further ado, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of generating home buyers insurance leads for your affiliate campaigns.

Be An Expert In Your Field, Not Necessarily Home Buyers Insurance

As an affiliate, you don’t necessarily have to be a professional home insurance agent – remember, you mainly redirect prospects, not educate them – but you have to be an expert in your field (a related one, no less) so your audience can trust you.

Social media platforms are best to show your expertise and captivate prospects.

When crafting your social media strategy, consider:

  • Your selling point: unique value proposition and professionalism.
  • Your audience’s social media preferences: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • The ways to promote on each platform: Facebook updates, Instagram Reels, TikTok stories, etc.

Upload posts consistently, engage your audience, highlight past successes, and create compelling content consistently to gain more followers on social media.

Create Compelling Content

The value of your content directly affects your profits.

To create compelling content,

  • Know your audience. The better you know your audience, the more accurate your content strategy will be. Aside from the prospects interested in home buyers insurance, devote some attention to those looking for other types of insurance – life, health, auto insurance, etc.
  • Share your story. What led to you being in this business? Were you tricked by an unscrupulous home insurance agent and then decided to elevate the industry? People love stories they can relate to. Unleash your personality to show people that you’re one of them.
  • Show your uniqueness. Build your marketing strategy around your unique value proposition and special features. Create content that emphasizes why you are the best in the market.
  • Engage and entertain. Experiment with content while keeping your core audience engaged. Be responsive to trends and narratives of the day. Use HQ galleries, infographics, quizzes, giveaways, quote calculators, and other interactive content to entertain your audience.

Your Best Tricks To Generate More Home Buyers Insurance Leads

Target Your Campaign Wisely

Whether you use your own ads or third-party creative materials, make sure you target highly motivated prospects in the first place. For that, research your customers, including age, gender, budget, and other factors.

Use geo-targeting to focus on your particular locale without spending money on low-intent prospects. For big cities, consider targeting renters as are your future customers who cannot afford to buy real estate at the moment.

Almost every marketing tool at your disposal can be used to convert renters – live calls, email campaigns, and targeted ads – but nothing beats pushing pain points like limited living space, lease fees, lack of privacy, and the disadvantages of renting a house against owning it. You can even embed a house-rent-vs.-owning calculator to support your idea.

Appeal To The Psyche Of Your Prospects

To leverage sales psychology to convert more prospects, stick to the following principles:

  • Consistency. Planned releases on Wednesdays and Fridays work better than releases on a random day of the week. Consistency forces customers to act in line with their original choice, which means your leads will likely promote your product to their peers to justify their purchase.
  • Reciprocity. A fair share of prospects will buy from you because they value your expertise, content, and what you do in general. In this regard, you don’t have to do much rather than create compelling content. Reciprocity comes as a bonus for your excellence.
  • Social proof. Whenever in doubt, customers look for social proof simply because, strangely, we are built to think other people possess more knowledge than we do. Highlight feedback, success stories, and testimonials on the homepage to ensure your prospect can easily find the social proof they’re looking for.
  • Authority. Showing certificates, awards, and seals of approval is not about showing off – it’s about convincing your audience. Customers will likely buy from industry leaders and experts, even if they overpay.
  • Scarcity. People love scarce goods and services. Brought to the masses by the crypto revolution, the notorious FOMO effect still works. Limited offers, sales, and time counters will help you convert more prospects.
  • Loss aversion. Most customers would rather not lose the product or service they already have instead of acquiring an alternative one. If possible, offer a free trial period for your service so that your prospect can fall in love with it.

Join An Affiliate Network

To get everything at once, join an affiliate network like Profitise, especially if you are an aspiring home buyers insurance affiliate.

An affiliate business can be challenging and even daunting, but not with us! We are committed to leveraging the marketing potential of our affiliates through:

  • Creative materials. Once you register as an affiliate with Profitise, you can use our email template, banners, ads, public feeds, and other creative materials. This saves you tons of time and gives you an idea of what quality marketing materials should look like.
  • State-of-the-art CRM software. With our proprietary lead management and distribution software, you can update your marketing campaign on the fly to get the best bang for your buck. Dozens of live parameters help you adjust your strategy to increase your ROI.
  • Round-the-clock assistance. Whether you need help with buyers insurance, software, or creative materials, our insurance experts and computer geeks are always within reach.

Live Calls With Profitise

With Profitise, you can go beyond standard web leads. With us, you can:

  1. Generate and sell more expensive home buyers insurance live call leads
  2. Track and adjust your live calls marketing strategy

Live calls are a win-win. On one hand, affiliates establish an additional source of income and sell leads at a higher price. On the other hand, advertisers get qualified leads that are much more likely to convert.

Your Best Tricks To Generate More Home Buyers Insurance Leads

How Does Profitise’s Home Buyers Insurance Program Work?

We make it simple for both affiliates and advertisers.

  1. First, you join the network, whether you are an affiliate or advertiser. We work across four main insurance verticals: life insurance, health insurance, home insurance, and auto insurance. Buyers insurance is a part of the home insurance vertical.
  2. Next, you set your goals: the number of leads to buy or sell, the price per lead, etc.
  3. Finally, we qualify and sell your leads – or buy leads for you – using our proprietary ping tree that selects the best available offer for you at the moment of the sale or purchase.

It’s as simple as that. You can tap into our stream of top-notch advertisers willing to buy your leads in bulk.

Start Your Home Buyers Insurance Affiliate Campaign With Profitise

  1. Read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy
  2. Fill out an affiliate registration form
  3. Start generating leads and selling them at the best price

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