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6 Fresh Ideas To Generate High-Intent Health Insurance Leads


With over 300 million Americans owning health insurance, selling health insurance leads to agents is a profitable endeavor, especially for affiliates that employ creative marketing and sales strategies. From affiliate networks to email to psychological hooks, some lead gen methods are just better than the rest.

Let’s dig into the six best practices for acquiring high-intent health insurance leads.

Join an Affiliate Network

For most aspiring affiliates, the sought-after stream of exclusive health insurance leads is unattainable for the high level of competition. With a limited audience and lack of resources, you will likely struggle to generate enough health insurance leads to even stay afloat, let alone make decent money.

However, you can join an affiliate network to leverage its vast opportunities.

Here’s what an affiliate network like Profitise can offer:

  • State-of-the-art leads management software. You can track, analyze, and update your campaigns on the fly, getting the maximum value out of your marketing efforts. Not only will you know how much your leads are really worth, but you will also be able to increase their quality and value.
  • Creative materials. Ready-made email templates, banners, health insurance registration forms, public feeds, and API integration will help you scale and/or break through the creative block.
  • Professional assistance. With strong expertise and years of experience, health insurance professionals will always be there for you, whether solving technical issues or helping you interpret the collected data.

How Does Profitise Work?

We connect affiliates willing to sell health insurance leads with advertisers willing to buy health insurance leads for agents. Both parties are better off after the deal, as we guarantee that the lead quality and price meet your expectations.

Create Your Own Affiliate Network

With some affiliate networks, you can create a sub-network of affiliates to earn a commission off each sale made by them. Likewise, it’s not out of the question that your sub-affiliates may invite more affiliates, granting you even more commission.

To create your sub-network with Profitise,

  1. Join Profitise as an affiliate
  2. Invite as many sub-affiliates as you can
  3. Earn 3% off each sale closed by your partners

The more sub-affiliates you have, the more you earn.

Focus On The Value of Your Content

It all starts and ends with the value you create for your leads. No more, no less.

To win exclusive health insurance leads, do as follows:

  • Determine your target audience. Individual health insurance, family health insurance, senior health insurance, critical illness insurance – choose the niche you know through and through.
  • Be unique. Market your product around unique features, ideas, and values. Analyze the market to spot the gaps you can fill with your expertise and experience.
  • Share real-life experiences. Tell your story, share customers’ success stories, follow trends, and respond to global events and changes. Don’t forget that you’re dealing with real people driven by emotions.
  • Be diverse. Experiment with different content to discover what resonates with your leads and what they dislike. From infographics to video tutorials to case studies to webinars, learn how to keep your readers interested while walking them toward the conversion.
  • Be interactive. Implement quote calculators, quizzes, interactive galleries, giveaways, and contests to stand out from thousands of mundane health insurance affiliates. Interactive content is extremely engaging.

Focus your energy on creating the maximum value for your prospects, and you will see many of them converting into exclusive health insurance leads. Remember, value drives sales.

6 Fresh Ideas To Generate High-Intent Health Insurance Leads

Leverage Modern Technologies

Here are three ways to generate health insurance leads through modern technologies:

  • Virtual reality. Use virtual and augmented reality to put prospects in the middle of the story, which can be complemented with digital elements or created from scratch in a digital environment. Real-time demos of your services can set you apart from non-tech-savvy affiliates.
  • Automated stories. Experiment with automated journalism, which can help you create stories and other pieces of content. Still in its infancy – and now largely propelled by AI like ChatGPT – automated journalism may become your time saver.
  • Voice search. With voice search becoming increasingly popular, optimizing your content for questions that health insurance prospects ask by voice on their mobile phones is a great strategy.

Appeal to Health Insurance Leads’ Psyche

These psychological tactics can help you attract more health insurance leads:

  • FOMO. The fear of missing out (FOMO) makes people worried about missed opportunities their peers have taken advantage of. Limited offers and sales – and everything that will make customers feel like they can get a better deal than other shoppers – are excellent for creating FOMO.
  • Reciprocity. There’s a greater chance your leads will commit if they’ve got value in the first place. Besides creating immaculate content, place your CTAs where you feel the most value is concentrated.
  • Loss aversion. Most customers tend to avoid losses. Speak to this. For example, offer a free subscription or tutorial before asking for a regular payment. Remember, people hate to lose what they are accustomed to.

6 Fresh Ideas To Generate High-Intent Health Insurance Leads

Don’t worry about appealing to the human psyche. Using little psychological tricks doesn’t mean deceiving your prospects – it’s rather about drawing attention to your product or service most effectively.

Use Good-Old Email Marketing

Email marketing can be your strongest weapon for generating health insurance leads. Whether using your own creatives or the templates provided by Profitise, make sure to:

  • First things first. Do not beat around the bush; use short, clear sentences and paragraphs. Show that you respect people’s time. Put the gist of the offer in front of everything else – if possible, in the subject line or preview text.
  • Make it personal. Include the recipient’s name in the email and ensure omnichannel experiences (connect your email to the previous emails or other sources like social media, website, etc.). Email outreach consistency and personalization will help you generate more health insurance leads.
  • Use more than one CTA if needed. The number of CTAs doesn’t matter as long as each one is organic.
  • Stick to your brand’s tone of voice. Support a single tone of voice across marketing channels – scientific, passionate, authentic, etc. Foster your brand identity to help prospects recognize your product faster.

Put your leads first. Show them how you can improve their lives.

How Can Profitise’s Health Insurance Affiliate Program Help You?

Whether you want to generate more health insurance leads for agents or sell health insurance leads at a competitive price, we can:

  • Decrease your marketing risks and costs
  • Increase your brand awareness and enhance your brand image
  • Help you sell health insurance leads and grow your sub-affiliate network

Profitise is an all-in-one solution for affiliates and advertisers valuing their time.

Join us as a health insurance affiliate or advertiser, or ask our experts at


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