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Businesses require a constant flow of customers to flourish. Simply put, you can’t rely on an inconsistent wave of prospective clients and leads. That’s especially true in the insurance services sector because you’re not selling a product but a service, an idea.

Insurance businesses require something more than just a referral program to succeed.

Even more so, they need lead generation not to just stay afloat, but to be relevant to their customers. Fortunately, the entire ecosystem of the automobile insurance industry makes it a perfect vertical for generating new auto insurance leads.

While most of the customers could be just window shopping and browsing through the services insurance agencies offer, others will desperately look for a better insurance policy and are more keen to purchase one. 

Most people that need insurance don’t come directly to your agency to look at the services it offers. They use more convenient methods instead.

Lead services for the insurance industry and auto insurance specifically can be a bit tricky, especially if you haven’t fully grasped the concept of generating new leads. Since it’s not always clear what you’re paying for while buying new leads, we’ll list a few services and ways that you can use to expand your lead network.

Lead Generators And Lead Aggregator Services

Unlike lead-generating services, lead aggregators often purchase contact information on insurance prospects from generators and other aggregator sites to resell them in order to gain profit.

But before purchasing the automobile leads from the first lead aggregator website you find, be sure to buy car leads that are qualified. Here are a few options that you can choose from:

  • Warm leads: These can be obtained by transferring leads from agencies that have already qualified them. So, transfer leads have, perhaps, the highest chance of conversions due to the fact that you are contacting prospects that are searching for an insurance quote, or those that are looking to buy a brand new policy.
  • Contact lists: Albeit the contact lists can be a good option to use for marketing purposes and direct mails, they don’t always have the leads you or your company needs. It is possible to work on huge lists of contacts, but it’s certainly not always advantageous and necessary — unless you have an IVR system in place.
  • Affiliate or Referral Programs: Referrals and leads obtained from affiliates are probably your second-best option obtain a heap of quality leads that will be more than happy to get insured or convert from their former policy to a more suitable one.

Web And Mobile Auto Insurance Leads

Long gone are the days of face-to-face meetings to file insurance claims or getting a new insurance policy. Generally, most if not all insurance services today can be found and provided online.

In case you don’t have a huge marketing budget, it is a sound idea to use alternative and less expensive marketing channels like creating content and using ads on social media.

Using ads on social media or search engines for lead generation can be more beneficial if you’re targeting a specific type of customer. Luckily, targeted advertisement options come equipped with built-in filters that are quite simple to customize for you to get up and running.

Turning Prospects Into Potential Customers

Some may view non-standard car insurance leads as high-risk insurance coverage which is not worth their time, while other companies see them as an opportunity to boost their conversion rates.

Let’s face it, although the cost of non-standard auto insurance can vary from state to state, every driver who falls under this category will actively seek a better policy, and some companies are more lenient to provide a better quote to those “high-risk” drivers.

Prospects that are required to have an SR-22 certificate or purchase an auto liability coverage also fit into this category but there are other factors that can turn a regular insurance policy into a non-standard one such as:

  • DUI or DWI
  • Driving without insurance
  • Reckless driving
  • Multiple tickets
  • Suspended license

That said, non-standard automobile insurance can also be applicable to owners of luxury cars and vehicle categories that pose a high risk of theft or other kinds of deductible losses. With that in mind, by offering the non-standard auto insurance policy, owners improve options for agents to increase their policy conversion rates, which can be quite profitable in the long run.

Landing Page And Lead Generation Optimization

Plenty of people require insurance quotes and providing them in a timely manner to ensure that conversion can become challenging. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure that a potential prospect gets their questions answered in just a few clicks after first visiting your website. 

Here are five ways you can improve the user experience of your customers:

  1. Website plugins that allow customers to pick a specific insurance policy that will satisfy their needs. Most of the time, these plugins act as filters that make it easier for visitors to choose exactly which services they need. A potential buyer is probably not going to purchase a quote straight away, though, since most people prefer to shop around before making a final decision.
  2. Advanced tracking technologies can give a better insight into what offers, pages, or ads actually bring the customers to you. With this knowledge, you can manage your marketing budget more efficiently and acquire new leads without spending too much on things that simply don’t go well together with your particular marketing plan.
  3. Lead management system that makes it easier to track the leads after you buy them. Using an LMS allows you to stay in control over your leads and monitor the whole process starting from acquiring the leads all the way up to making the final sale. Just remember, it’s not the quantity of leads that matters, but their quality.
  4. Reports on demand that enable customers, as well as the insurance agents, to work out the best possible solution for each case individually. This can be urgent since differences between insurance policies grow by the day and no two buyers are identical. That makes filters almost an essential tool for your business.
  5. Implementing an IVR system makes cold calling numbers from an existing list of leads a much easier task because it allows redirecting of calls to agents with the required expertise that can resolve customer queries more efficiently.

The revenue-increasing features of LMS ensure that you will get returns on investment consistently, and without delays.

Profitise made it a core policy to work only with the best lead generating services available to improve your experience of buying new leads and managing them in an efficient manner. 

With a state-of-the-art lead management system and lead tracking platform like Profitise, you will be able to find and filter exactly the leads you want.

Count on Profitise to deliver a quality, profitable experience for your business. To learn more and ultimately elevate your business model, sign up with us today as an affiliate.


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