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Home and Auto Insurance Leads: Finding Your Target Audience


The stable growth of the insurance industry, as observed by IBISWorld, has been maintained since 2017, increasing by 0.2% annually to grow to 411,909 insurance companies in 2022 and counting.

As the demand for home and auto insurance grows, business owners are bothered with one key question: How do you sell more auto insurance, growing your bottom line exponentially?

Read on to learn how to generate more home and auto insurance leads and convert as many of them as possible.

How to Get More Home and Auto Insurance Leads

The auto or home insurance industry has its own specifics. Let’s take a closer look at what criteria you should focus on when generating or buying insurance leads.


Demographics include gender, age, ethnicity, place of residence, education, marital status, and other personal data necessary to create an ideal customer profile (ICP).

However, finding auto or home insurance leads for agents is complicated because of the variety of possible target ICPs.

So follow a simple algorithm:

  1. Gather all demographic data on target customers.
  2. Categorize this data by specific attributes.
  3. Identify your target insurance leads from the resulting groups.

Researching the demographics will help you identify your target market, but it’s not exclusive to the task. Another important dimension of your target buyer is psychographics.


Psychographics aims to identify potential buyers’ needs, desires, goals, and interests by studying their values and lifestyles.

For example, if a potential client is married, has children, and drives a car, focus on family safety when communicating with them. If they are a homeowner, they likely need coverage for their vehicle and also home insurance.

As we can see, psychographics aids car insurance lead generation by establishing an emotional connection. The better you understand the needs and pains of your clients, the higher the chances of successfully closing a deal. In insurance sales, focusing on the psychological aspect is a powerful tool to gather high-quality leads.

Behavioral Factors

When looking for home or automobile insurance leads, it is important to analyze their behavior. You need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Buying habits: By researching them, you will find out how the client makes a buying decision, through which channels they prefer to communicate with the agent, and where they look for information about your insurance business.
  • Insurance History: Study it to understand when and what coverages the client bought. With the help of purchase history, you can keep track of aged home insurance leads and new ones to create a personalized offer.
  • Ways to find information: How and where people search for information about insurance services gives you the opportunity to identify the best advertising venues. Publishing useful and valuable articles on your website allows you to attract auto and home insurance leads directly.

With psychological and demographic data, behavioral factors form an idea of how different customers might come into contact with you. The more you know your target audience, the more accurate your offers and marketing campaigns will be.

Home and Auto Insurance Leads: Finding Your Target Audience

Where To Find Quality Home and Auto Insurance Leads

Defining the target audience and creating an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is only half the battle. To acquire insurance agent leads, it’s necessary to choose relevant advertising platforms and promotional strategies for your services.

Digital Communication Channels

According to Accenture, 886% of insurance company executives in Europe believe that in the digital world, customer partnerships provide a significant competitive advantage. But how do you establish trusting relationships and gather exclusive auto insurance leads?

Innovative solutions help you find new customers interested in acquiring coverage for both homes and vehicles. Let’s explore the most popular digital communication channels with potential buyers.

Company Website

Setting up an effective home and auto insurance sale will be facilitated by your own website, serving multiple purposes:

Your website should be SEO-optimized with keywords, which are the requests people type in when searching for your or similar products. SEO keywords give you a glimpse of materials that can generate free home insurance leads from Google.

Social Media

You can attract more auto-home insurance leads by doubling down on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. The main advantage of social media is that you get access to free home insurance leads who usually own a car, synergizing the two related insurance verticals.

Tip: Make it easier to find home and auto insurance leads on Facebook by taking advantage of the targeting settings. If you do it right, your account will be recommended to interested people who have previously searched for insurance offers.

Online Ads

You can find home and car insurance leads through online advertisements.

To develop a successful online marketing campaign, you need to find out the following:

  • What venues do your potential customers congregate on?
  • What problems may your potential customers be experiencing?
  • What is important, interesting, and valuable to home and auto insurance leads?

Tip: Clarity and brevity are the keys to good online advertising. So, get straight to the heart of your offer.

Based on the research of the target audience, think about the best offer, develop a call to action, and select relevant ad platforms. Targeted ads will be shown to your target customers, driving you hot auto and home insurance leads.

Traditional Ways to Attract Customers

Home and Auto Insurance Leads: Finding Your Target Audience

Finding home or auto leads for insurance agents is also effective through traditional methods:

  • Word of mouth still works reliably. According to statistics, recommendations from friends increase the likelihood of a potential consumer making a purchase by 400%. Positive reviews from your current clients, both in real life and on social media, can also attract the best home insurance leads or the best auto insurance leads.
  • Email marketing is effective for generating leads. Sending notifications and informational emails works quite well in lead gen. By reminding people about your services, you increase recognition and gain more home and auto insurance leads. However, be mindful not to spam to avoid negative reactions. One or two monthly emails should be sufficient to remind potential clients of your offer.
  • Cold calls require gathering as much information as possible to find an approach to clients who may be less interested in purchasing insurance. Cold calls also help clarify information about aged home insurance leads and clean your database of outdated contacts.

Partnership With Other Companies

Consider collaborating with other companies to acquire home and auto insurance leads. For example, a partnership with car dealerships can give you access to commercial auto leads that may bring good profits to your company. Partnering with real estate agents can help you buy home insurance leads.

The easiest way to obtain exclusive home insurance leads is to buy them from a specialized company. To ensure the deal yields maximum results, create a list of requirements for the potential clients you want to receive.

To find cheap auto insurance leads, use platforms such as Profitise. This guarantees you a reliable deal, regardless of whether you have experience in buying potential client contacts. Here, you can also find the most relevant auto and home insurance quotes for leads.

Tips on How to Generate Home and Auto Insurance Leads

Implement Innovative Technologies

Insurance is a specific industry that requires an individualized approach to each client. For example, auto insurance internet leads from the same age group with a similar lifestyle may require completely different coverage. Therefore, approach the research of the needs of each potential buyer carefully to increase retention rates.

Here, insurers can benefit from CRM, which provides a personalized approach for each customer. A system for working with home insurance lead agents will help you increase profitability and establish trusting relationships with your audience.

Home and Auto Insurance Leads: Finding Your Target Audience

Offer Favorable Terms

When searching for and collecting insurance leads, pay attention to bundling home and vehicle coverages. According to various estimates, this solution helps save the policyholder up to 15%, which is why it is popular among customers. Consider implementing such an offer in your company to get more auto insurance leads for sale.

Get the Best Home and Auto Insurance Leads at Profitise

Whether you want to sell or purchase home insurance leads, you can do it with only a few clicks after joining Profitise, a premium lead market.

Find the best client leads for life home and auto insurance at Profitise as an advertiser or sell home and auto insurance leads as an affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get home insurance leads?

You can generate auto insurance leads for agents using your earned media or buy from lead networks like Profitise. In the latter case, you are guaranteed high-intent insurance leads that are easy to convert.

Which digital channels are most effective for gathering home and auto insurance leads?

The most effective digital channels for generating home and auto insurance leads are social media, your website & blog, and thematic forums. Likewise, if you have some footing in the game, you can collaborate with related companies or leverage influencer marketing.

What are the advantages of buying insurance leads?

Buying insurance leads has two major advantages. First, you can save resources you would otherwise spend on marketing. Second, you get quality leads that are searching for your or similar products. It goes without saying that such leads are easier to convert than even some organically generated leads.

How much are internet leads for auto and home insurance?

The average cost can vary within the range of $100-200. However, it’s worth considering that the price of auto and home insurance internet leads depends on their quantity and qualification, the specificity and popularity of your offering in the market, the level of competition in the industry, and other factors.


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