How To Generate and Sell Way More Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

The gigantic 300-million-policy U.S. health insurance market is the Promised Land for ingenious affiliates. It really seems all it takes to get rich is a science-based, consistent approach to lead generation and sales. And it’s not much in the current business realities!

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  • Generate WAY MORE exclusive health insurance leads by improving your marketing strategy and using the power of affiliate networks
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Bring Your X Factor into the Game

In generating health insurance leads, value is your X factor.

Now, there are many techniques to create value for health insurance leads, but you cannot apply all of them at once. Instead, you have to choose what works best.

Here are some of the most efficient concepts to consider:

  • Be specific, not generic. You can’t tap into the minds of all your prospects, but you can personalize your content for a specific group of customers. Whether it is an email newsletter, podcast, or sales pitch, address it to your perfect prospect.
  • Be human, not robotic. Whether B2B or B2C, these are real people who are reading, watching, or listening to you. Impress them with your personal story, motivation, and emotions. Show your prospects you are fighting for their right to be happy.
  • Be modern, not conservative. Without a doubt, many health insurance leads will appreciate a modern touch. For example, you can use virtual reality and similar immersive technologies to put your prospects in the middle of the story.
  • Engage and entertain. Publish engaging and interactive infographics, quizzes, video tours, price calculators, and other discussion and feedback-provoking content. Bring fun to the table and demonstrate your willingness to stay in touch with your customers.
  • Showcase your uniqueness. Make sure your unique value proposition surpasses everything on the market by a clear margin. Why should your clients buy from you? Are your benefits enough?

How To Generate and Sell Way More Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

Use Psychological Hooks

Use these three psychological hooks to gain more health insurance leads:

  • Consistency. Scheduling your posts will help you retain your audience through a deep justification mechanism that forces us to act in line with our original choice. In other words, your prospects will convert better if they know when they can see your next blog post or video.
  • Social Proof. Put statistics, testimonials, expert reviews, etc., in a visible place on your homepage so your prospects can easily find the justification they seek.
  • FOMO. Add time counters, limited offers, and other triggers to evoke FOMO. Customers hate missing the opportunity taken by others – just as much as they love the superiority they feel when realizing their peers did miss the opportunity.

Appealing to the psyche of prospects is paramount in today’s marketing – not to deceive your readers, but to make them act.

Join Profitise to Generate More Health Insurance Leads

With Profitise, you don’t have to generate traffic on your own. From enhanced marketing tools to selling leads at the best price, Profitise will improve your performance FOR FREE.

Here is how Profitise works:

  1. First, you join our network and set your goals – the number of leads to buy or sell, the price per lead, and more.
  2. Second, our software chooses the perfect buyer for your leads, and your leads are sold instantly.

That’s it. The merchant on the other side gets health insurance leads for agents they want, while you sell health insurance leads at the best price at the moment of sale.

But that’s not all.

With Profitise, you will get more than the ability to sell leads:

  • Tailor-made creatives. Banners, email templates, public feeds, and other creative materials, including API integration, will reinforce your marketing campaigns. All creative materials are FREE, available “as is” or in combination with your other ads.
  • State-of-the-art lead management software. Dozens of parameters collected at the lead acquisition stage will help you optimize your lead generation to gain more exclusive health insurance leads and sell them at the highest price.
  • Support every step of the way. Deep insights into your data and round-the-clock support from our insurance experts and software gurus will maximize your conversions.

Ready to start right away? Fill out the affiliate registration form.

How To Generate and Sell Way More Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

Sell Live Calls to Boost Your Profits from Exclusive Health Insurance Leads

In addition to web leads, you can sell live calls, which are more expensive and always in demand among merchants. To generate live calls, all you need is to put the respective button on your website or specify the merchant’s phone number.

Why Do Live Calls Bring More than Web Leads?

Live calls are mostly exclusive health insurance leads, which means these are the callers who are contacting the advertiser for the first time. Exclusive health insurance leads are rare, desirable, and just as much profitable.

How to Sell Health Insurance Leads at the Best Price with Profitise?

To sell health insurance leads with Profitise, set your minimum price per lead and the number of leads you want to sell. Next, our ping tree will match you with the best buyer by descending from the highest available price down to your minimum price threshold.

Earn on Your Sub-Affiliates with Profitise

With Profitise, you can create your own network of sub-affiliates, earning a 3% commission off of every lead sold by your sub-affiliates. The more they sell, the more you earn. There’s no limit to your stream of passive income with Profitise.

The Other Side: Health Insurance Leads for Agents with Profitise

With Profitise, affiliates sell health insurance leads to advertisers on mutually beneficial conditions.

As an advertiser with Profitise, you get:

  • Qualified health insurance leads for agents. Subject to a thorough qualification process, our leads are more likely to convert than any other leads on the market. We guarantee the quality of our leads, affiliates, and advertisers.
  • High-intent live callers. You can opt to buy live calls to work the most high-intent leads. With our exclusive callers, you will close as many sales as never before.
  • FREE IVR software. You can automate phone calls with our free Interactive Voice Response software. A few preliminary questions will help you collect details on leads to direct them to the relevant agent. In addition, you will get a unique phone ID to separate health insurance leads for agents.

How to Start with Profitise?

  1. Fill out the affiliate or advertiser registration form
  2. Set up your campaign
  3. Buy or sell exclusive health insurance leads at the best price

We accept health, life, auto, and home insurance affiliates and advertisers.

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