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How To Get Internet Insurance Leads: The Complete Guide


By no means of imagination is generating Internet insurance leads easy for insurance agents. From spot-on targeting to social media marketing to referral programs, you must go the extra mile to create an omnichannel sales funnel that caters to all groups of policy seekers.

The good news is that there are universal insurance lead generation strategies that almost every insurance company or agent can use to acquire customers. You can use these strategies “as is” or adjust them if you’re in a specific insurance niche like, for example, alien abduction insurance (yes, it’s a real thing).

How To Get Internet Insurance Leads: The Complete Guide

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Anyway, it’s time to shed light on the best online insurance lead generation practices. Read on to learn how you can get more purchase-prone Internet insurance leads in 8 different ways.

Best Practices To Work With Internet Insurance Leads

Before generating Internet insurance leads, it’s worth understanding how to close them into actual clients.

Here are a few techniques to drive Internet insurance leads to conversion:

    • Respond promptly: More than 82% of buyers wish to get a fast response within 10 minutes. Requesting a meeting, making a call, or sending an email as soon as possible is crucial to getting insurance leads for agents and making an excellent first impression.
    • Personalize your pitch: Almost 50% of consumers have made impulse purchases after a more personalized experience. Therefore, do not forget to contact each Internet insurance lead by addressing them by name and referring to the details they already provided.
  • Give space for the client’s reflection: Around 50% of prospects consider salespeople too pushy. Instead of requesting an answer here and now, find out how you can help Internet leads for life insurance on their way to the right decision.

Besides, make sure to pay attention to crucial touchpoints of conversation with clients to find common ground and give them a positive buying experience.

How To Get Internet Insurance Leads: The Complete Guide

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How To Generate Internet Leads for Insurance

There is no universal solution to grab all Internet insurance leads out there. The more methods you can use to get free internet insurance leads, the more likely you will succeed in establishing a profitable and sustainable sales funnel.

Now, let’s dig into the 8 most efficient lead generation strategies for insurance agents.

Build Advanced Targeting Ads

Posting creative targeting ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google is the most popular way to get the attention of insurance leads for agents. However, many advertisers make mistakes when creating and targeting their ads.

Here’s how you can create ads to win the best insurance internet leads:

  • Make it clear: People can find a lot of advertising on the market that is not extremely direct, which is why your ads must contain the word “insurance.” Don’t forget that you should build a real, predictable business without deceptive ads and manipulation.
  • Highlight benefits: What’s your unique selling proposition? What makes your insurance products better than other insurance internet lead providers? Play to your strengths – build every lead generation strategy, including paid advertising, around the uniqueness and advantages of the advertised product.

Well-targeted ads catering to insurance leads for agents give you complete control and the ability to adjust campaigns on the fly. You also get results faster than with organic traffic acquisition.

Create Compelling Content

Organic content is one of the best long-term ways to generate insurance leads for agents and establish yourself as a niche leader. You can get dozens and hundreds of inbound Internet insurance leads daily if your content is versatile enough.

Blogs This type of content should be SEO optimized and contain information that will solve the problems of your Internet insurance leads, emphasizing your expert opinion.
Guest posting Some websites are willing to post your content for free, allowing you to get, for example, Internet auto insurance leads through linking to your agency. Nevertheless, remember to filter out domains with low trust and traffic volume.
Videos Over 86% of marketers stated that videos became an excellent method to increase website traffic. Catching video content on YouTube or TikTok that showcases your products and success stories can build trust between companies and Internet leads for insurance agents.

Incorporate Your Social Networks

Social networks have become an excellent source for engaged insurance leads for agents, with  Facebook alone uniting around 3 billion active users.

But how do insurance agents generate leads through social networks?

Here you go:

  • Identify 1 to 3 channels where the likelihood of getting Internet leads for agents will be the highest. Take a close look at Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Publish high-quality and, most importantly, engaging content. Focus your efforts on producing content that is in demand among your target audience.

How To Get Internet Insurance Leads: The Complete Guide

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Set Up a Referral Program

Your current customers can help you collect insurance leads for agents since they have first-hand experience and faith in your insurance product. It’s also important to provide clear and versatile referral incentives so your customers would be interested in participating in your referral program.

Here are some effective incentives you can provide to create a referral network:

  • Cash rewards: Monetary incentives are the easiest way to reward referrals, but it might also make sense to provide two-way rewards so new customers would get some initial encouragement as well.
  • Gift cards: Even small rewards like a $10 retail gift card or a $5 gas card for an insurance quote can make a difference, especially for big referrals or if the referral program is tiered.
  • Discounts: Discounts work well for loyal customers and for closing Internet insurance leads for agents.

A well-designed referral program can unlock valuable customer insights so you will understand where your Internet insurance leads come from, what they need, and what you can do to improve their experiences and convert more of them.

Leverage Networking Events

Networking is a proven method to get Internet leads for insurance and expand your reach while finding top power players from your and related industries: real estate, mortgage, finance, etc.

There are several options to connect with those players online:

  • Social media: Use LinkedIn and Facebook to build connections with other professionals and get the best Internet leads for insurance from them.
  • Forums: Quora and other discussion groups will also help you find like-minded people.
  • Business cards: Find emails or phone numbers and contact specialists in your location to create a networking group.

Networking is a win-win for both offline and online insurance lead generation. On the one hand, you can establish a personal connection with local customers from your state. On the other hand, you can prove to your online audience that you’re a legit business while enabling local partnerships with related brands and influencers.

Likewise, networking will help you share experiences with individual professionals and companies, including referral marketing, cross-marketing, and affiliate marketing. Just make sure you’re open to sharing your strategies with other group members.

Master Lead Magnets

According to Infobrandz’s study, 47% of marketers stated that video and text-based lead magnets are the best options as opt-in incentives.

When creating a lead magnet – for example, an ebook or a guide – ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do insurance agents get leads through lead magnets?
  • What are your clients’ most common problems?
  • Which of these problems can you solve?

Make a list of topics to help your clients choose the right insurance policy, saving money, time, and possibly reputation. And don’t waste your time creating an overly intrusive lead magnet, as it can, on the contrary, scare Internet insurance leads away and create the wrong impression about your brand.

Buy Internet Insurance Leads Online

Buying Internet insurance leads from credible third parties can increase your target audience dramatically (in fact, as much as you need or as much as your budget allows). It’s a fast way to get leads within a few days, eliminating the need for agents to control the advertising process since the vendor chooses all the details that consumers may see in insurance services ads.

To get Internet insurance leads, an agent needs to:

  • Register on the site
  • Set the required trade parameters
  • Buy leads lists that are already looking for insurance services

Buying exclusive and shared leads lets you quickly increase sales, but only if the lists are purchased from a reliable lead generation platform.

How To Get Internet Insurance Leads: The Complete Guide

Where Can I Buy Internet Life Insurance Leads?

Use Profitise to acquire high-quality leads at scale at your target quality and price. With our customized filters, you are fully in charge of the trade process, getting exactly the leads you pay for while staying on the legal side of the fence.

Here are some insurance leads you can buy or sell at Profitise:

  • Auto insurance Internet leads
  • Home insurance Internet leads
  • Life insurance Internet leads

Register as an affiliate or advertiser and start to scale your business with Profities, or contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What are internet generated insurance leads?

Internet insurance leads are potential clients interested in insurance products or services, which you can generate using your earned media, paid ads, or a lead market.

Why buy insurance leads?

Purchasing insurance leads online allows companies to acquire potential clients with essential contact information. For example, an insurance agency may buy leads to get hot leads instead of cold leads, expand to new markets, or save resources on marketing campaigns.

What type of leads should you buy?

There are two major types of insurance sales leads for agents:

  • Shared leads: leads that are shared between several insurance companies, costing less than exclusive leads yet creating along with intense competition among buyers.
  • Exclusive leads: leads that are exclusive to a single buyer, costing more and having less competition among buyers (theoretically, an exclusive lead must not be offered to any company other than the buyer).

How does pay per call lead work?

Pay Per Call is a common advertising method for insurance agent lead generation where publishers put a special phone number in their ad and get a commission for each call made by the target audience to the advertiser company.

What are other things to consider when working with leads?

Even after purchasing insurance leads, you must continue communicating to close the sale. To achieve this goal, you should explore talk paths for Internet insurance leads:

  • Research leads before calls
  • Try to be helpful and give value to your insurance leads
  • Prove that your policy can cover their needs


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