Solar Lead Generation: 8 Tactics for Converting Potential Customers

The ever-growing demand for solar energy – a total of 125.2 gigawatts by 2024 and counting – makes solar lead generation top of mind for companies willing to capitalize on the increasing need for sustainable solar solutions. From merchants to publishers to affiliate networks, every market participant can benefit from the booming solar industry if crafty enough to generate, qualify, or convert solar leads at scale.

That said, by no means of imagination is generating solar leads easy. As a marketer, you must effectively combine organic and paid traffic sources while producing quality content and ensuring that what you do stays cost-effective.

Long story short, you must master the art of solar lead generation. But you’re not alone in this challenging quest.

We will walk you through the 8 most effective solar lead gen strategies that can grant you tons of high-intent qualified solar leads – and your journey starts now!

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Understanding Solar Leads

Solar leads are prospective customers who have proved their interest in solar energy services or products by filling out a form, contacting your sales team, or some other marketable interaction. More often than not, completing a target action envisioned by your marketing or sales team makes solar leads marketing-qualified solar leads or sales qualifies solar leads.

Anyway, solar leads actively seek information on solar energy for residential or commercial purposes. The demand for solar generators has been crazy recently:

Statistic: Market size of solar generators worldwide from 2017 to 2023 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista

Source: Statista

As a merchant, you have two options to get more clients: buy solar leads online or generate them yourself. Purchasing high-quality leads might appear most convenient and profitable, but you should always try to get the best of both worlds: buying solar leads and generating them yourself.

Types of Solar Leads

Organic solar leads Strategic SEO moves, like tuning up content, smart keyword use, and linking, are key to capturing organic solar sales leads.
Paid solar leads Purchased search engine campaigns, like Google Ads, generate these leads. Picking the right keywords makes ads linger in search results and boosts their visibility.
Referral solar leads Referral solar leads are the new customers referred by your existing satisfied customers who recommend your product through word-of-mouth or online reviews. You can get these solar leads for free with well-thought-out referral campaigns.
Inbound solar leads Inbound leads are leads who have contacted the business on their own accord instead of being caught in your advertising web. These solar leads can be collected with the help of SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social networking.
Outbound solar leads Outbound leads are leads brought by outbound marketing strategies. Generating outbound leads for solar sales is about mixing cold calling, direct mail campaigns, and email blasts.

Nailing solar lead generation and management is like setting sail for a treasure hunt, aiming at guiding potential clients through the sales process to become regular customers for solar offerings.

Discover the Top 8 Ways To Get Solar Leads

Establishing a steady stream of potential solar clients is all about mastering the art of solar lead generation. Whether you’re an experienced marketing expert or a novice, striking the perfect balance between paid and organic methods is necessary for accessing a goldmine of solar leads.

Now, let’s examine eight expert-endorsed steps that can take your solar lead generation to the next level.

Know Your Customers

Ask yourself: are you looking for residential solar leads or commercial clients? What are the goals and challenges of such customers?

residential solar leads

Source: LinkedIn

Follow these steps to understand your audience and meet their needs better:

  1. Create buyer personas based on demographics and other metrics to target your solar panel lead generation efforts effectively.
  2. Segment your client base into distinct groups according to what they prefer, how they act, and what they buy.
  3. Revamp your research approach by collecting data on modern market trends, customer inclinations, and rival tactics.
  4. Get close to your current and future clients using surveys, feedback forms, and lively discussions. Urge them to spill the beans on their experiences, hopes, and suggestions.
  5. Pinpoint the roadblocks and bumps your customers hit when diving into solar solutions.

Produce Fascinating Content

The best way to get solar leads is by offering valuable information to entertain your audience. For example, you can connect with homeowners who have the potential for solar usage, such as those residing in areas with ample sunlight.

Let’s see what content you can utilize to generate leads and drive traffic in the solar industry:

Guest blogging Partner with influential platforms that speak directly to your desired audience. Cooperating with well-known bloggers or gurus who can feature your content will be great.
Microblogging Keep the buzz alive by consistently sharing insightful posts on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Offer valuable tips and stay updated with the latest happenings in solar technology to attract the best solar leads.
Social sharing Craft a comprehensive social media strategy that includes sharing exclusive content and discussion with the audience, such as comments and responses to customer inquiries.
Link building Obtain backlinks from reputable websites, industry publications, and authoritative sources. This will boost your website’s search engine ranking and brand’s credibility within the solar sphere.

Utilize PPC (Pay Per Click)

Have you ever leveraged big players like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads? These are where advertisers shell out bucks every time someone clicks on their ads. Popular platforms like Google have seen some substantial spikes in PPC advertising.

PPC advertising

Source: Corporate Finance Institute

PPC generates solar panel leads through keyword-specific targeted ads, such as Google Ads. It works like this: when customers seek a specific keyword related to your target ads, they easily access additional information about the offers. Here’s how to employ PPC for generating solar leads:

  • Research relevant keywords related to solar
  • Create nice ads and landing pages to highlight solar solutions
  • Target specific individuals and groups interested in eco-friendly living
  • Experiment with different ads and optimize based on performance.

Get the Most Out of Case Studies

Case studies help build trust with your brand. You can add case studies to your website, blog, or even refer to them during sales.

Here are some examples of how to generate solar leads online with case studies:

  • Commercial project: Show how you overcame solar challenges with your unique products, granting your customers long-term advantages like lower costs and sustainability.
  • Residential case: Take a peek into a real home’s solar journey, from the initial consultation to the moment of turning on the panels. See how easy it was for the homeowners to go solar and the benefits they now enjoy.
  • Community initiative: Uncover the story of a community-driven solar project that brought together residents, local businesses, and authorities. Emphasize the success of collective effort in transforming the neighborhood and environment.
  • Energy savings: Analyze how solar installations save costs for clients — compare expenses before and after installation, focusing on the return on investment.

Enhance Your Social Media Presence

With more Americans using social media, the top platforms are:

Top social media, platforms Americans are using

Source: Pew Research Center

To master solar lead generation, share your success stories and project experiences on widely used social media. Don’t forget to include meaningful hashtags that people can easily find.

Likewise, you can take advantage of the unique features of different social media platforms — Instagram’s visual appeal, Facebook’s community spirit, and LinkedIn’s professional network — to expose your offering in a unique way.

Here is how you can effectively generate solar leads online through social media:

Implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is what helps you stay ahead of organic solar lead generation. You can propel your internet solar business to new heights by choosing popular keywords with reasonable competition.

Search engine optimization can drive a consistent flow of solar installation leads straight to your website, especially if you keep your content fresh and engaging.

Get Listed on Solar Websites

The cherry on the cake is securing a spot on prominent solar websites. Being featured on reliable solar directories like Solar Reviews, EnergySage, Clean Energy Experts, and Consumer Affairs can work well for your internet exposure.

Popular industry platforms can help you generate solar leads and connect with a broader audience. You may attract more potential customers through direct links to your web page, amplifying your reach.

Connect Your Software to a Single Lead Management System

It’s extremely important to have an overarching lead management system that unites various campaigns under one roof. Whatever software you use, make sure it integrates into a single coherent system that accounts for every marketing avenue you are pursuing.

Unleash the Full Potential of Solar Leads Generation

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are solar leads?

Solar leads are high-intent customers looking for solar energy solutions. They openly express their interest in solar products by fling out a form, sharing personal information, contacting your sales or customer service, etc.

What does solar lead generation involve?

Lead generation is the process of identifying, attracting, and cultivating potential clients who are interested in adopting solar energy solutions. It’s a delicate dance of marketing tactics and outreach maneuvers designed to generate interest, boost brand awareness, and eventually turn curious prospects into solar customers.

Why is solar energy significant?

Moving to solar energy will help reduce non-renewable energy use and slash harmful carbon emissions. Finding solar energy leads has become a breeze, thanks to the growing number of people dedicated to building a more eco-friendly tomorrow.


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