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The Art of Turning Solar Installation Leads into Customers


Generating quality solar installation leads is one thing,  but it’s another thing to nurture these leads to a conversion, assuring them they’ve chosen the right contractor with the most cost-effective solar panels and a smooth installation and maintenance process.

The subtle art of converting solar installation leads isn’t the same for all contractors—it depends on your audience’s quality, intent, and motivation, as well as your business capabilities and acumen. That said, whether you get solar leads for free, buy solar leads, or generate them using paid advertising, there are several strategies you can employ to effectively convert these leads into paying customers.

The Art of Turning Solar Installation Leads into Customers

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Read on to learn more about the most effective conversion strategies for solar installation leads: quickly, efficiently, and with minimum effort.

Lead Conversion Metrics To Consider

The lead conversion process is turning potential customers into real ones, with the lead conversion rate indicating how well you do it. For example, if out of 100 leads for solar panels, 25 converted – bought solar panels from you or ordered your services – your lead conversion rate is 25%.

Besides lead conversion rate, there are other conversion metrics you should consider when assessing the effectiveness of your lead conversion strategy:

Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rate How many solar installation leads converted into sales
Lead to Opportunity Conversion Rate How many solar panel leads converted into opportunities through the sales funnel
Cost Per Conversion The cost of solar sales leads conversion into real clients
Conversion ROI How profitable your investments in the conversion process are.
Time to Conversion The time required for conversion of leads for solar sales into income-generating clients.

Next, we will consider lead conversion rate and how to optimize it.

Solar Installation Leads Conversion Rate Worth Striving for

Even though the lead conversion rate depends on dozens of factors – solar panel type, market segment (B2B or B2C), location, etc. – experts agree that the average lead conversion rate ranges from 2% to 4%. In other words, if you convert four leads out of 100, your lead conversion strategy is quite effective, and your database likely contains high-quality or even exclusive solar leads.

Solar panel contractor and customer shaking hands

Below are your best conversion rate optimization strategies to turn solar installation leads into paying customers and potentially even brand advocates.

Analyze Your Target Solar Installation Leads

To convert leads into customers, you must know these leads in the first place: their age, social status, location, purchase history, etc. Drawing a detailed buyer profile will help you understand how to get more leads and convert them into customers.

Once you have completed your research, you can launch SEO-driven targeted advertising. This approach ensures that information about your services reaches solar leads online who are searching for specific information or products.

Identify High-Intent Behaviors

Determine which solar installation leads tend to leave your website and which ones will bring you profit, and direct your efforts to them.

For example, solar panel leads visiting your pricing page signify a good lead conversion rate. With this in mind, you can optimize your pricing page by adding CTAs, sales wording, or the right color palette.

Another way to acquire qualified solar leads is by tracking them on thematic forums. With some manual effort, you can communicate with these leads directly, establishing a personal connection at scale (leads browsing these forums will also be nurtured, not only those you communicate with).

Keep Your Solar Installation Leads Interested

Robust lead conversion is impossible if your leads disengage at some point, so you must keep them on the tiptoes all the way to a conversion. Even if you use the absolute best way to get solar leads, you must provide them with value at all times until they convert.

Solar panel customer is paying for installing solar panels

Here is how to convert leads into customers:

  • Call your solar installation leads back shortly after they complete an online form or other essential interactions
  • If customers who showed high-intent behavior are still not ready to purchase, continue nurturing them until they convert
  • Publish engaging content on your blog and social media and use alternative communication channels like SMS and emails

At the same time, make sure your unique selling proposition is always at the forefront of the broadcast. Whether new or nurtured leads, they must clearly understand why your solar company is better than the competition and how your specific products can improve their lives.

Maximize Your Solar Lead Generation and Conversion with Profitise

Lead generation for solar may even be free, but it takes a lot of time for your organic media channels to bring traffic. Likewise, you can never vouch for your organic leads because you cannot control their quality, intent, and location.

However, you buy solar leads of the desired quality, intent, and location at Profitise, connecting to hundreds and thousands of other solar lead merchants and affiliates. If you get solar leads this way, you can start working with them much faster, and conversion rates will be higher.

Here is how to receive your best solar leads and convert them into customers:

  • Buy solar leads of the desired quality and price
  • Convert these leads into paying customers

For more information, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find solar leads

To generate solar leads, you can use different strategies: online or offline advertising, social networks, referral programs, or affiliate marketing, all of which potentially provide high lead conversion rates. However, if you need customers quickly, consider buying solar leads from lead networks like Profitise.

What type of people are the best prospects for solar panels?

The best prospects are the ones with the highest interest in solar panels, like hot solar installation leads. More often than not,  though, high-intent solar installation leads don’t appear just like that but must be nurtured with well-thought-out marketing strategies and a superior selling proposition.

How much do solar leads cost?

Exclusive solar leads with a high lead conversion rate may cost $100 to $300, whereas shared leads may cost only $20. However, you need way more shared leads to get the same number of clients because of their lower purchase intent and higher competition (theoretically, with exclusive solar leads, you don’t have to compete with other brands at all).


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