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Tips And Tricks For New Auto Insurance Agents


Every insurance agent dreams about becoming successful overnight. However, selling that dream to your customers is an intricate business that requires strategic execution.

Although starting out as an insurance agent can seem a bit overwhelming at first, there are a few good tricks you could use to become a true insurance professional. From qualifying your leads to making a sale, there are a few stepping stones that you may go through before becoming a successful marketer. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.

Selling Car Insurance Tips

So you’ve got a list of leads, and even contacted some of them. Now what? There is no universal way to make a sale, but you can certainly use these techniques that will bring you closer to success.


Don’t Always Focus on Price

Your potential clients will likely seek a policy, quote, or a premium for a lower price. Having said that, the cheapest services probably won’t cover the needs of most of your clients. Chances are, your prospect doesn’t always opt for the cheapest product. Hence, explaining to your client how valuable good coverage can be in case of an accident may help you in swaying them into making a purchase.


Don’t Get Discouraged

As an insurance agent, you can only do so much to convince a prospect that you have a service they need. Eventually, you will have to ask for a sale. The client can think for a bit and can reply with a yes or a no. 

Even if you get a negative response and the client is not interested in buying a new policy just yet, don’t get disheartened. If the client was curious about discussing the insurance with you, then they were looking for a possible solution to their problem. Now it’s your turn to figure out how you can solve that problem and potentially make a sale. In any case, don’t get discouraged if your first attempts are fruitless. Once you get more experienced in understanding the needs of your customers, the sales will go up naturally.


Understand Your Client’s Needs

Listening to your prospects and potential clients is key to achieving your long-and short-term goals. Conversely, when providing any kind of insurance service — be it a simple quote or reviewing risks — it is important to stay transparent with your client.

Sometimes it can be quite tempting for you to assure a client that you know exactly what they need when it comes to insurance services. Probably the best advice for engaging your customers prior to making a sale would be to let them explain their problem and ask the questions they might have for you. By relating to your clients and finding the coverage they need, you’ll set yourself apart from the rest of the competitors.


Be Prepared For The Challenges

Another thing many new agents can’t cope with is the grind. Even with the full power of the internet at your disposal, finding potential clients can appear like a daunting task to most agents that are just starting out. Insurance companies recruit new agents by promising them heaps of new leads. In reality, however, there are not nearly enough qualified leads for every insurance agent out there as promised.
As a rule, company leads are not as profitable for agents as qualified leads since they have a lower commission. That’s why it is crucial for you as a new agent to work with qualified leads.

One of the hardest parts of any insurance business is acquiring new leads. Engaging with the new connections you have established while nurturing the relationships with customers you already have will help you with qualifying the leads and ultimately separating warm leads from cold ones.

Marketing Tips for Insurance Agents

Auto insurance, and insurance business, in general, can be quite competitive. To put it bluntly, other agents have access to the same tools and products you do, so it’s imperative that you market yourself. Setting yourself apart can be tricky, but not impossible.

First things first, you will need to create a professional profile on social media platforms. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest are just a few platforms you can use to promote yourself and your business.

While platforms like Facebook are great for promoting you and your services, LinkedIn will work wonders in making new business relationships with potential partners that operate in the auto insurance field. On the other hand, Twitter and Pinterest can help you in creating an image for your brand.

In addition to your presence on social media platforms, it is also a good idea to create a personal website that will help you in bringing new leads in.

By picking a well-positioned spot for your brand, you can make your website more SEO friendly and, as a result, help it stand out from the crowd of other insurance agents. Surely, it sounds easier said than done, however, there are a few simple ways you can do that without spending a lot of time and money by making SEO work for you.


  • Local SEO: Unlike local sponsorships, promoting yourself using localized SEO techniques can increase the number of your contacts and get potential clients to know you better without spending a single dime.
  • Digital marketing: Using digital marketing platforms is beneficial for both insurance agents that prefer to operate alone and bigger insurance companies and businesses. But without a profile on social media platforms, what are the chances of you getting noticed?
  • Metrics: Another good piece of advice for digital marketing and social media profiles, in general, would be keeping an eye on metrics and how well your posts are doing. This way it will be possible to tell what services your prospects are interested in. Linking the business website with your social media profiles helps with generating traffic and bringing in new prospects. Likewise, promoting your social media posts will also help with diversifying the new leads that can potentially interact with your content.


These are some of the best insurance marketing tips you can use as you start out as an insurance agent. They require minimum resources and will demand only a few hours of your time per week. All said, it is a solid way to supercharge your marketing efforts.

Auto Insurance Tips for Solo Agents

Once you get on your feet as an insurance salesman, it is time to seek new partnerships with other insurance agents. By doing so you will expand your existing lead network and potentially bring new prospects without actually doing all the heavy lifting involved with searching for them.

Joining an affiliate program is a good option for novice insurance agents because they can always ask for support and networking opportunities. On top of that, being a part of an affiliate network lets you learn from your more experienced colleagues and build new partnerships that can be quite lucrative and profitable in the future.

Alternatively, you could always ask your prospects for referrals after closing a sale and it will do wonders in the long run, once you accumulate a solid client base.


Getting Traction and Qualifying Your Leads

Collect data about your potential clients — data you’ll usually work with to figure out the lead’s interest or readiness to buy:


  • Demographics: Age, location, a position that helps you identify a target audience.
  • Business information: The size of the prospect’s company, industry, and type of business they work in. This will help you understand that a target business fits your niche and if they even need the type of service you can provide in the first place.
  • Online presence and behavior: Once you have lead’s data you will be able to track the pages of your website they’ve visited, how long they’ve been on them, and which websites they frequent the most.
  • Social media engagement: If you have access to analytics softwares, you can integrate it with your website and social media profiles to paint a better picture of your potential clients. As time goes by, you create blog posts, share content, and engage with your community and clients.

Invest In Tech

Prospecting and finding new leads are time-intensive tasks that often require the help of assistants to get the full benefit. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on much human help anymore. With a set of special software like CRM and LMS, you can manage your leads effortlessly. 

Having a team of automated assistants on your laptop, computer, or even on your phone will certainly save you a few hours of hard work a day.

Reaching new prospects takes more than a few attempts. On average it can take days if not weeks to make a sale or to land an account. But don’t let that statistic discourage you — with hard work you’ll definitely succeed since the auto insurance business can be rewarding.


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