Advantages of Life Insurance Affiliate Programs

Unlike the verticals that only work with general coverage, life insurance involves long-term contracts. Customers seek only the best plans for their families, and Profitise can ensure that you will be the first to get qualified life insurance leads for your insurance business.

Earn With Life Insurance Affiliate Program

When it comes to publishers, there is a lot of room for growth within our network. For example, we offer bi-weekly payments to publishers and advertisers in our life insurance affiliate program. Profitise is unique because it allows agents to buy the leads they want while publishers are promptly compensated.

Our publishers provide buyers with a significant volume of insurance web and call leads. Our network has best-in-class publishers, coupled with a team of professional media buyers. This type of cooperation allows us to remain consistent in delivering qualified and relevant leads for our partners in life insurance.

In addition to our flat rates for leads program, Profitise offers a 3% commission for every sale completed when you refer your partners to join our network.

How Does Life Insurance Affiliate Program Work?

Becoming a Profitise affiliate means that you gain instant access to one of the most extensive portfolios of publishers and advertisers at your fingertips.

Once an affiliate, you will have the benefit of earning commissions on a pay-per-call or pay-per-click basis. An affiliate network allows you to purchase only the calls or digital leads you want instead of sorting through piles of unqualified data.

Every member at the Profitise affiliate network is eligible for tech and customer support. With our onboarding support services running 24/7, we are always a call away if you need technical guidance or have other questions.

Life Insurance Affiliate Marketing

At Profitise, we are aware of how vital quality leads are for life insurance agents. As a result, funneling life insurance leads has never been easier with Profitise affiliate networks.

When sorting through our leads for a specific network, we individually review each case to make sure that we select the most optimal solution for every life insurance marketing campaign. Be it a call lead or web lead-focused campaign, we have the appropriate tools to cover its specific needs.

Life Insurance Lead Generation Channels

Albeit being quite a popular profession, selling life insurance policies is hard. What is more challenging is finding new people that need life insurance. An obvious question arises, “Where do you get life insurance leads in the first place?”. To answer it, let’s take a glance at the popular ways that you can use to get new leads:

  • On Social Media: Social media platforms are one of the easiest ways of finding prospects that may be interested in life insurance coverage. The opportunities are endless if you combine an online presence of your brand with multiple social media platforms and just let the people find you and not the other way around.
  • By Email: Once you get a hold of new leads, you need to contact prospects somehow, and the best way to do it is via email. Indeed, you can still use other forms of contacting people, like via SMS or directly calling them, but email is convenient since virtually every person has a digital mailbox.
  • Investing Into Your Website: It is quite effective to make your website more appealing to people searching for life insurance coverage and more relevant to them. Although making your landing page work for you may require a much deeper dive into the life insurance vertical, the results are definitely worth it.
  • By Answering Questions Online: Another good way to earn audiences’ trust in searching for life insurance coverage is by answering the queries of potential prospects. Creating a brand account on Quora, StackExchange or Reddit is simple, and with enough industry knowledge, you can help people by answering their questions. The best part of it – you find new leads in the process.

In addition to high-quality call leads and lead distribution channels, Profitise offers online tools for maximized lead generation. We evaluate each campaign separately and give you insights on how to improve them for the long run. As a baseline, we provide tools for advertisement, web pages for specific campaigns, and other creative materials to boost the efficiency of your marketing processes.

Benefits of Life Insurance Affiliate Program

Aside from having a team of professional insurance marketers by your side, our affiliate members get exclusive access to our software solutions that will help you generate leads and keep in touch with your prospects.

Live Calls

With our Live Calls feature, organic call traffic will no longer be an issue. With the help of our experts, you can start driving the organic call traffic that your business needs. This function was designed to help our affiliates control and distribute their inbound calls by allowing room to make immediate decisions regarding these calls.

Call Tracking

Adding a call tracking system to your set of tools will help you keep up to date with your contact list. It will also enable you to track all your inbound and outbound calls, which will directly optimize your return on investment rates (ROI).

Return on Investment Metrics

ROIs are typically one of the primary metrics and indicators of how successful your campaign is. With our sophisticated tracking software, you can manage the effectiveness of your campaign in real-time.

Lead Management Software (LMS)

As a critical feature for our affiliate network members, we provide access to our state-of-the-art lead management system that will allow you to administer your lead flow. Our LMS has custom filters that make it easy to find the leads you need and manage the existing leads from various sources.

We are constantly evaluating and updating all of our software to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Join Profitise as a Life Insurance Affiliate

While a substantial portion of the US population still has no life insurance coverage, agents often struggle with finding new leads. Therefore, it is essential to work with a lead-generating team that can support you at any given time. By applying to our affiliate program, you will get the benefits of working in a team without sacrificing your interests as an insurance marketer.

At Profitise, we use best-proven lead generation practices to channel pre-qualified life insurance leads directly to our clients. As an insurance agent, this means that you will have access to all the tools and perks of our marketing platform to generate the exact leads to meet your business demands. In addition, our specialists have years of experience in automating high-quality leads for life insurance companies.

Welcome to the Profitise as a Life Insurance Affiliate

So, you have decided to become an affiliate of our life insurance network. What does the registration process involve?

First, visit our affiliate welcome page to learn about the main features of our program.
Next, you can choose which ones are most suitable for your marketing campaign. After that, you can proceed to an affiliate registration page.

At the registration page, you can read the affiliate agreement, understand our terms and conditions, and check out our privacy policy, in case you’re concerned about the safety of your data. Once you have submitted the form, one of our case managers will contact you at a convenient time.

In addition, you can request a quote right away or ask any questions you have. If you wish to evaluate the features of our LMS software before making the final purchase, our onboarding team will give you the option of a free trial. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at


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