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Buying Solar Leads: 9 Effective Strategies for Maximixing ROI


As the demand for sustainable energy solutions hits an impressive 35% annual growth, ever more solar companies are searching for unconventional lead generation opportunities like buying high-intent solar leads and working them to conversion.

The decision to buy leads for solar comes naturally to companies that cannot break through the competition with organic lead generation. Buying solar leads is simpler: you don’t need to invest in content marketing or wait until your content ranks well. Still, you must ensure those leads translate into paying customers.

Read on for strategic insights around buying solar leads and maximizing your ROI.

Buying Solar Leads: 9 Effective Strategies for Maximixing ROI

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What You Need To Know Before Buying Solar Leads

The most important questions to answer before you can purchase solar leads are what leads you need, where to buy them, and how to coordinate your needs and budget.

Now, the cost of buying solar leads depends on the lead type, quality, demographics, and the lead generator or marketplace itself.  Identifying the types of leads and their differences is the key to acquiring purchase-prone leads at your target price.

Here are some types of solar leads you might want to consider:

  • Aged solar leads
  • Live transfer solar leads
  • Real-time shared web leads
  • Exclusive web leads
  • Preset appointments

More often than not, exclusive leads are on the radar of solar companies for their high purchase intent and absence of competition. Exclusive leads range from $30 to $100 per lead and can bring you thousands and dozens of thousands of dollars in the long run if you know how to convert and retain them.

Here are some of the prices for other types of solar leads:

  • Preset appointments – $150 to $250 per lead
  • Pre-screened live call transfer leads – $100 to $200 per lead
  • Shared leads – $10 to $30 per lead

And if you want the maximum number of leads at the lowest price, you might want to buy aged solar leads and try to reengage them.

Here are the most important lead parameters to consider before buying solar leads:

Quality Make sure the quality of leads you buy is factored in in their price
Source Make sure the traffic source meets your quality standards and privacy regulations
Freshness Target fresher solar leads to increase your chances of conversion
Location Make sure that the leads match your geographic targeting

Nine Ways to Maximize ROI When You Buy Solar Leads

Delivery Speed

When you buy solar leads, it’s best to choose lead providers that deliver leads to your CRM system or an inbound call center in real-time so you can engage with them immediately.  Likewise, it’s essential to get as much lead data as possible before you contact the lead to get a head start in the conversation and connect the lead to the right agent.

Lead Behavior Analysis

The next step is to conduct an effective lead behavior analysis to learn more about your customers. Ideally, you should have a lead tracking and analysis system to collect data and reveal actionable behavior patterns like the pain points of a specific group of solar leads.

Buying Solar Leads: 9 Effective Strategies for Maximixing ROI

Strategic Follow-up

Maximizing ROI from bought leads requires well-timed follow-ups via email campaigns or even phone calls, depending on why the leads didn’t convert on the first try. Addressing disengaged leads’ specific needs and concerns will boost customer loyalty and conversion rates.

A nice decision would be to invest in a robust CRM system that will help organize lead information most effectively for continuous lead nurturing and smart conversion attempts. Likewise, a CRM will help you automate workflows, saving time on routines like, for example, email outreach (you can pre-schedule email campaigns for specific target groups).


When you buy solar leads, some of them will inevitably lack crucial information on the potential perks of solar energy and the product in question. This gap is excellent for lead nurturing and conversion boost; elaborate on solar panel installation, maintenance, and everything that resonates with your product and makes it look even more enticing.

Landing Pages

It’s essential to craft user-friendly landing pages that will contain compelling content and calls to action.

The other important aspects include:

  • Attention-grabbing headlines
  • Relevant images and videos
  • Easy page navigation
  • A/B testing

Referral Programs

After establishing trustful communication, encourage your loyal clients to participate in your referral program in exchange for cash rewards and discounts. For example, you can introduce a tiered referral program that pays 10% on the first referral purchase and adds 1% on the first purchase made by new referrals, up to 10 referrals.

A well-thought-out referral program is a great way to tap into a stream of organic leads while maximizing ROI and growing your customer base.

Targeted Content Marketing

Craft content that speaks directly to your audience’s interests through a well-thought-out content marketing plan. Produce blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics that tackle common concerns, share success stories, and spotlight the eco-friendly advantages of your products.

Remember, whether you generate or buy solar leads, it’s essential to customize content to the unique preferences of your leads so you can engage them at the right time and maximize your ROI.

Local partnerships

Find relevant local businesses, community organizations, or government entities that will broaden your influence in specific regions. Engage in joint marketing initiatives, local events, and community projects.

Counterintuitively, local events have a great impact on potential customers whom you acquire online, and even more so as many businesses have completely moved to the web while having little to no real-life presence. Speaking to your audience in person will boost your credibility immensely by validating your presence in the real world.

Trends and Regulations

Stay updated on government incentives and regulations shaping the industry. You may want to offer tax incentives and rebates, capitalize on news and emerging trends, or adjust your marketing strategies to stay in sync with the tendencies.

Buying Solar Leads: 9 Effective Strategies for Maximixing ROI

Maximizing ROI with Profitise and the Best Solar Leads on the Market

Profitise connects solar energy suppliers and seekers, offering multiple lucrative opportunities for all, from regular payouts for selling leads to a 3% bonus on your partner’s sales.

Here’s what you’ll get upon joining Profitise:

  • Free access to proprietary affiliate tracking software
  • Generous commissions
  • Boundless growth opportunities
  • Bi-weekly payouts

How to Start with Profitise

  1. Fill out the affiliate or advertiser registration form
  2. Establish your campaigns
  3. Sell and buy solar leads at a competitive price

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ROI maximization strategies for purchased solar leads?

To optimize your ROI, it’s crucial to promptly follow up with leads, differentiate between different types of leads, personalize your communications, and adjust your strategies based on collected data.

How do you find the best place to buy solar leads?

Prioritize reputable lead providers with a track record of delivering high-quality leads. It’s important to find suppliers who employ rigorous screening processes, offer exclusive leads, and provide detailed information about each lead to help you target the most qualified prospects.


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