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The Smart Way to Generate Leads


The famed British author Henry James once wrote, “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me, those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language,” and while he had a fair point, we think that the two words quality leads sound even better.

For advertisers and affiliates, the summer months are a great time to focus on insurance lead generation. Like taking some time away to reset your mind,  bury your feet in the sand, or breathe in the great outdoors, generating quality leads can help recharge your business towards success for what’s ahead.

3 Ways to Get Smart

Leverage AI

It’s important to spend some time understanding the ways AI is supporting the insurance industry. Data should be one of the most valued components of decision-making for any business. Using AI to automate manual processes is an ideal way to maximize your efficiency and transition your business toward future planning. Predicting future behavior through data translates to the insurance world in figures like customer lifetime value and claim frequency which should shape what content you produce and which audience you should target for new leads.

Improve Your Online Presence

Including highly-relevant content based on the search terms used by those seeking insurance or existing policyholders will both encourage new visitation to your website and provide a reason for customers to, “click and stay awhile”. In addition to content, making sure your website has an engaging design will win the competition of first impressions against your competitors. Be sure it’s mobile-friendly and has a positive user-experience as well.

Grow Your Business Through Data

Once you launch your website and content marketing strategy, organize a campaign that focuses on following up with your leads, website visitors, and content consumers. Which of your initiatives is outperforming the other? Is your target audience different than you thought? Do return visitors outnumber newcomers? Find out exactly where you are successfully connecting with an online audience through utilizing web analytics. In order to have the time to really develop these buyer personas, your lead management (that is hopefully taking off at this point) will have to be managed automatically. Be sure to not forget about your pay per call leads. This “set it and forget it” way of generating business is truly the crockpot of affiliate marketing.

What’s the saying again, “Work smarter, not harder”? With warmer temperatures bringing you closer to vacations and summer breezes flowing past you, take the time to generate leads the smart way.

Profitise offers many different types of support for affiliates and advertisers who are looking to take full advantage of lead generation. Register with us today.


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