Exploring Case Studies for Acquiring Health Insurance Leads

Imagine a world where your sales force is inundated with an avalanche of potential customers eager to purchase your health insurance policy. This is not a dream but a reality that comes true for insurance companies able to stand out from the competition, whether via organic lead acquisition or buying health insurance leads.

Email marketing, SEO, paid ads, and social networks – every available means and channel can be successfully used in lead generation. The only question is: When should you use a specific health insurance lead generation strategy before other strategies?

The exemplary case studies below might help.

Case Study 1 – Email Marketing

One company sought to raise awareness of a new lymphedema treatment (VLNT) and become a major regional provider. For this, one of the key marketing objectives was increasing the number of reception requests for VLNT.

The digital marketing campaign targeted current, past, and future patients, carers, and medical staff via personalized automated emails.

Campaign Results

Email delivery rate 97%
Open Rate 26%, which is 35.84% higher than average
CTR 7%, which is 138% higher than average
Unsubscribe rate 28%, which is 82.1% higher than average

The results clearly demonstrate that the email campaign successfully achieved its objectives. Thanks to targeted marketing, valuable content, and thorough testing, the campaign generated insurance leads, increased brand awareness, and called people to action.

User that has received an email letter and is about to open it

Case Study 2 – Email Marketing 2.0

Even though many entrepreneurs wrongly believe that email is outdated for lead generation in health insurance, it shows great results when combined with optimization and targeting.

One of the leading health insurance lead generation companies identified a significant opportunity to reach Latin American consumers in certain regions where they could offer more competitive rates. Recognizing this demographic as a key market, the company sought to maximize its reach and sign-ups during the one-month campaign.

The main challenges were:

  • Effectively reach and engage the Latin American audience
  • Motivate for choosing the company’s plan among competitors’ offers
  • Generate large volumes of qualified insurance leads who are ready to purchase a product within a limited time

The marketing agency that took on the marketing responsibilities took a multifaceted approach that consisted of effective targeting and large-scale distribution to the target audience:

  • Data-driven optimization. Real-time analytics allowed for continuous improvement of creative materials based on open and click rates. It helped generate quality insurance agent leads and attract insurance sales leads to the company’s products.
  • Strategic targeting. The firm’s database of Latin American consumers ensured that the campaign reached the most relevant consumers by location and behavior.
  • Creative materials considering cultural features. The culturally appropriate images and messages resonated deeply with the Latin American market, highlighting price benefits.
  • A/B testing. Testing different creative teams helped determine the most effective combinations for increasing engagement and conversions.

Campaign Results

Email Open Rates Increased from 2.5% to an impressive 22%
Leads Generated  Over  5,000 new insurance leads

The case demonstrates the power of well-executed marketing to generate new insurance leads and achieve significant business growth.

A marketer is doing content marketing on their laptop

Case Study 3 – Content Marketing in Social Networks

A health insurance company had ambitious goals: to increase brand awareness in the health and fitness market and improve visibility in the health insurance category.

For this, the following multifaceted strategy was chosen:

  1. Launching an awareness campaign on Instagram
  2. Collaborating with popular comedians on Facebook
  3. Conducting a contest campaign on social networks

Campaign Results

Views Over 1.7 million viewers on Instagram and Facebook
Clicks 44,000 clicks on the content
Contest Entries 500 organic contest entries

The key points of success in generating insurance leads included engaging popular influencers and creating exciting content and contests.

Scheme representation of conversion rate as an important marketing metric

Insurance Lead Generation Optimization

Getting health insurance leads is only half the battle—the other half is maximizing your ROI by converting as many acquired leads as possible.

Here are some strategies to help improve lead generation and conversion for health insurance:

Accurate Targeting Identify specific groups of people you want to target, such as young families or individuals with chronic medical conditions. The better you understand your target audience’s needs and problems, the better you can tailor your messages.
Optimized Landing Pages Your landing pages should be simple, informative, and contain a clear call to action, for example, “Get a free quote.”
Optimized Forms Focus on collecting only the most necessary information, such as name, email address, and phone number. Use clear labels and avoid too many fields to make the filling process as easy as possible.
Valuable Offers Encourage potential customers to leave their details by offering them something of value, such as a free consultation, e-book, or discount. Make sure this offer aligns with your insurance lead gen needs and the needs of your future customers.
Buying Qualified Leads Cooperation with insurance lead providers or using insurance lead generation services can be an effective way to generate qualified leads who are already interested in health insurance. Likewise, many insurance lead vendors allow you to contact the bought lead immediately.
Tracking and Analytics Regularly monitor the results of your health insurance lead generation campaigns. Pay attention to conversion rate, cost per lead (CPL), and sales conversion rates. Use this data to determine what’s working and what’s not and make the necessary adjustments.

Buy Exclusive Health Insurance Leads at Profitise

Organic health insurance lead generation is quite complex, so you might want to entrust it to professionals, buying conversion-prone leads and delivering them right into your CRM or connecting them to your sales reps.

If so, Profitise is the best place for you. We connect reliable advertisers and health insurance agents so both can buy and sell their leads at a competitive price while being sure that the deal is fair and beneficial to them.

With Profitise, you can:

  • Buy and sell qualified insurance leads
  • Use free lead tracking software for flawless attribution and timely payouts
  • Create your network of sub-affiliates to earn a percentage of their sales

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to generate leads for insurance

Lead generation for insurance is possible through organic traffic acquisition (for example, SEO or referral marketing), paid advertising (for example, advertising on social media), and buying insurance leads.

How to choose among the best insurance lead generation companies

Choosing the best insurance lead generation agency requires careful analysis of its reputation, lead quality, pricing policy, customer service, tracking technology, and other essential factors.

How do suppliers of insurance leads generate them?

Insurance lead providers use different methods, such as online marketing, partnerships, purchasing insurance leads, and telemarketing, to generate leads interested in buying insurance policies.


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