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Home Insurance Leads For Agents: The Complete Guide


As interest rates in the housing market decrease and new generations begin to plant roots through buying their first homes, they subsequently look for home insurance. Likewise, when a current homeowner refinances their existing home, or at the very least reevaluates their financial situation, the first thing they often audit is their current homeowner’s insurance policy to look for a better company where they could save money.

The State of the Home Owners Insurance Industry

Not only is home insurance a main priority of many people looking for security in their day-to-day, home insurance lead generation is something that insurance businesses and professionals are consistently focusing on as well. Whether you are a new homeowner, insurance agent, or someone refinancing, matching quality customers with a similarly qualified home insurance agency can be a tricky dance similar to buying a house in the first place.

Homeowners insurance leads

There are many moving parts in the homeowner’s insurance industry, and for homeowners themselves, this can seem like the most daunting part. It is important for those generating homeowners insurance leads to help and answer some of the questions that consumers may have when looking for a particular policy. In fact, generating leads through a transparent and thought-provoking way could be a good approach. Helping homeowners understand what their potential policy will cover (and what it won’t) ensures the consumer will rely on your expertise, rather than a competitor’s, to get the information they need before making a decision.

It’s important to note the buying process of consumers searching for homeowners insurance. Many people comparing homeowners insurance rates compare each and every policy detail before making a decision. Many consumers will thoroughly research the price, add-ons, company support, deductibles, reviews, and coverage limits of various insurance companies. Consumers often are playing the field and getting quotes from a few different carriers. As a homeowner’s insurance marketer, generating qualified leads that are committed to a policy with a particular carrier can often be a challenging and lengthy process.

Furthermore, generating home insurance leads can vary depending on the state that the lead, or carrier, is in. For example, states with comprehensive policy requirements for homeowners usually see more consumers stick with one policy. With that being said, homeowners insurance leads for sale in those particular states will more often than not be new customers instead of policyholders looking for new or different coverage.

Know your customer

However, while it is essential to satisfy state requirements through your coverage, consumer financial liability is in no way benefitted through meeting them. It is vital to have additional coverage to cover your responsibilities in the case of an accident where you or someone on the policy is at fault, so approaching lead generation from that standpoint may be a successful method as well.

Partnering with an expert on this process makes delivering quality home insurance leads and calls a seamless process. In the following context, we’ll cover all things home insurance lead-related and how to be successful.

How to Get Started as an Affiliate

In order to buy and sell home insurance leads, it is vital to have goals in mind before going into a highly competitive market, such as lead generation and home insurance marketing. Gauging your home insurance lead generation strategies’ effectiveness without setting goals or even measuring your efforts will certainly make your business practices struggle at the start. Instead, be sure to make determinations about what lead generation benchmarks you and your business would like to achieve.

Most often, home insurance lead generators and affiliate marketing programs put a significant focus on the number of leads they are generating. However, shifting your perspective and efforts toward home insurance lead quality is just as important for buying and selling leads. See how many of your leads end up converting. Creating a lead scoring system to hold yourself accountable can create a more precise lead generation roadmap that will help you set new records and break them the next quarter.

Affiliate marketing technology by Profitise

When you stack your business with the right technology tools, the process of understanding whether or not a lead is a duplicate or their level of interest in buying can be uncovered in real-time. Relevant and timely lead data is critical for those marketers who use high-quality leads to fuel their growth. It is clear that the best path for growth-focused affiliate marketers is to train their attention on getting more high-quality leads. One sure-fire way to make sure your leads meet your quality business standards is to evaluate your leads in real-time. Here are the top three different business practices that affiliate marketers and home insurance stakeholders can exercise to ensure that the consumers they are doing business with are at the top of their class.

1. Remember the Power in Numbers

The affiliate marketer game has many constants, and benefits are certainly some of them. Working within a network of home insurance marketers can ensure your business is unmatched in its success, experience, and resources. Not to mention, it is almost guaranteed to further qualify consumer interest for stakeholders looking to buy home insurance leads. That being said, another constant in affiliate marketing programs is change and a bit of uncertainty.

Home insurance marketers and anyone in the digital marketing space know that the home insurance business is constantly changing. In the digital age, the shift that new technologies and revised search algorithms have brought about has uprooted a lot of how many companies once existed. However, it has made even more businesses profitable, agile, and adaptive along the way.

Home insurance industry statistics

The digital marketing world is constantly shifting based on new technologies or revised search algorithms. In order to keep your business profitable for the long haul, you’ll need a certain level of agility to meet unforeseen challenges.

2. Take the Time to Target Your Audience

As an affiliate marketer, you might also feel like you are on your own. But to achieve long-term success, it takes a whole team. The best bet for any affiliate marketer is to work with an exceptional affiliate network that will offer a robust marketplace as well as expert guidance from dedicated account managers.

The greatest struggle for any insurance marketer or member of a home insurance affiliate program is knowing your audience. Campaigns are guaranteed to struggle without a general understanding of what consumers are searching for when looking for home insurance options.

Once you have identified who your buyer personas are, constructing more precise campaigns that speak directly to your consumers is critical. That will help you generate leads that are more likely to convert and customize your messaging for future home insurance marketing campaigns. A great way to understand who you are targeting is by creating a buyer persona that takes all your consumers’ critical attributes and matches them to one or more buyer types.

Buyer personas help you understand your customers better.

Suppose you are an affiliate marketer selling home insurance leads. In that case, you know that your revenue depends on targeting your audience and driving consistent traffic to your site or generating calls to then sell qualified leads. Like capturing a qualified lead, first capturing your ideal consumer’s attention can be one of your most challenging tasks.

Moreover, first determining precisely whose attention you are supposed to capture can be even more challenging, especially for entrepreneurs or businesses with smaller teams. The good news is you are not alone; with the next piece of advice, you will see precisely how this can be done.

3. Rely on Technology

Any great marketer knows that lead generation requires plenty of practice to get it just right, especially in the home insurance space. Lead management software allows you to get in those lead generation practice reps by giving affiliate marketers the ability to track your marketing efforts through strategies like A/B testing vigorously. Truly understanding your audience and perfecting the marketing game lies solely in being able to utilize data effectively.

The more data you are able to gather from home insurance leads, the more opportunities you’ll have to optimize your campaigns and plan for future success. Understanding missing pieces to the lead generation puzzle, like drop-off rate on your website landing pages, digital forms, or emails, is a large piece in forming a complete business. Lead generation software for affiliate marketers and home insurance stakeholders makes it possible to analyze brand performance in one part of the country to another, down to what time of day the highest quality home insurance leads are for sale.

A/B testing in the home insurance industry.

It goes without saying that building up a successful marketing business in the home insurance space faces its own set of challenges. In a competitive marketplace such as buying and selling leads, experienced insurance marketers need to get creative with their strategy and rely on networks and innovative software solutions to set them apart from the crowd.

How to Become a Home insurance Affiliate

It may come as a surprise to some that affiliate marketing has existed just as long as the internet has. It’s important to note this historical context because, just like the internet, affiliate marketing programs have also seen many changes and advancements, especially in technology – included but is not limited to: different rules, compliance regulations, and boundaries. With every insurance marketing channel comes elements of risks and specific boundaries to abide by. These rules often change from year to year, as insurance policies, search and app algorithms, and other shifting factors, affect the industry.

As mentioned above, the sheer number of competitors in every affiliate marketing niche makes it intimidating to get started with lead generation. In the home insurance space, it is even more niched. Still, despite all of the external factors within the marketplace that might surround this marketing strategy, the benefits undoubtedly outweigh the costs for several reasons.

The Benefits of Becoming an Affiliate Marketer for Home insurance

Lead automation for home insurance allows for the quality of your leads to be uncovered and increased. Based on their level of engagement, interest, and position in the sales funnel, call leads have different ways in which they need to be nurtured. Home insurance leads for sale should be prepped, qualified, and ready for a buyer. An automated process that not only attracts the leads through insights that drive successful campaigns but gives you access to real-time reporting, integrations, interactive management, tracking, and more can help to achieve this.

An automated process gives you access to real-time reporting, integrations, interactive management, tracking, and more.

A simplified process that serves both drivers and business — results in a seamless phone call that is prepped for conversion. Furthermore, it makes room for other departments to focus on other tasks outside of inbound leads. Sales representatives can concentrate on nurturing their leads. Agents can deal with claims and policyholders, and customer service representatives can shift back to the outpouring of support and give their attention to clients that may need it most. For those interested in joining a home insurance affiliate program, the benefits are endless.

At Profitise, bi-weekly payouts ensure our affiliate program members that we value their hard work and shared standards of excellence. Whatever your reason may be for joining a home insurance affiliate program, it’s important to never cut yourself short by giving up your time and effort driving traffic for low pay. Invest in a network that pays you well, and you will make the most out of your marketing talents.

Lastly, the benefit of joining a home insurance affiliate program doesn’t end just at being paid well and having access to more leads in order to grow your business. By partnering with an organization, especially one with years of experience, available lead automation software, and an excellent reputation, affiliates will never have to navigate their online lead generation journey alone. More specifically, becoming an affiliate marketer will often open the door to your business having access to 24/7 support when joining, so long as the program that’s chosen cares about affiliate success and profoundly understands the home insurance industry. Your home insurance affiliate program should care about your business’s success as if it were their own. Furthermore, they should want to provide you with the help and marketing resources you need to thrive in the home insurance affiliate marketing industry.

Where to Find Home Insurance Leads

Home insurance lead generation doesn’t begin and end with new home buyers. Because of their affinity for always wanting to find a better policy or a more intelligent financial move, existing homeowners are also great and often even more qualified prospects for being some of the best home insurance leads. Utilizing a lead capturing feature in tandem with a lead management software or through an affiliate network that helps you identify leads and capture all the information about them is an efficient way to navigate both lead categories.

Home insurance leads.

With that said, homeowners that take out a loan to finance their home purchase will often need homeowners insurance before they complete the sale. Most banks or financial institutions require those applying for a loan to have homeowners insurance to protect their investment. If the home that was purchased were destroyed by a natural disaster, the homeowner’s insurance would (depending on the home insurance policy limits) safeguard the bank’s investment in your purchase.

Home insurance is often rolled into an escrow account for payment – a separate account where your mortgage lender will collect money for homeowners insurance and make the payments on your behalf. Many home insurance agents may want to consider partnering with an institution that allows for this capability and requirement to get their leads.

Additionally, rather than partnering with individual banks on your own and having to rely on certain personnel to manage those relationships, home insurance affiliate marketing programs often take care of that step for you.

The affiliate network takes care of managing all of the data of stakeholders, often through lead management software, and works in tandem with marketers and agencies to drive campaigns and better understand the homeowner’s insurance buying process.

Making a constituted effort to ensure quality home insurance leads allows your future marketing campaigns to be refined. Likewise, managing the data of call leads, whether it be demographic information, associated interest in certain advertisements and landing pages, or even a caller’s phone number, tailors your home insurance marketing efforts based on the trends and audience behaviors within the home insurance industry. Sharing this historic lead data with home insurance carriers is another way to leverage the power of successful lead generation in the insurance space, known as selling home insurance leads.

Profitise goal is to attract and maintain the best and most qualified homeowners’ insurance leads in the market.

Similar to the different options of leads many marketers are faced with when it comes to home insurance sales, the way a marketing team chooses to manage their inbound home insurance leads also varies. Whether a home insurance agency or marketer is manually managing their marketing campaigns or automating their process by working with a home insurance affiliate program like Profitise, the goal is to attract and maintain the best and most qualified homeowners’ insurance leads in the market.

Reasons to Partner With an Affiliate Network

Generating home insurance leads can seem like an overwhelming process for many who aren’t used to being faced with so many options. Furthermore, marketers who are managing call leads in addition to those generated from their online and offline efforts have even more reason to utilize the technology at their disposal by partnering with Profitise. Call lead buyers offer even more value when they buy their calls by providing greater transparency and introducing a more strategic way to approach call lead acquisition.

Profitise home insurance affiliate network.

Lender or escrow verified leads come with an unmatched reliability level, but partnering with an affiliate program guarantees that all leads, even call leads, are just as verified. Through a data collection process, home insurance marketers and affiliates can understand the value a potential customer has placed on their business before moving forward with the effort that is behind a complete selling process.

Home insurance affiliate partnerships, programs, and automated technology make this process more manageable than it’s ever been before. The advantage home insurance affiliate programs provide matches that of the application process home buyers often have to face when applying for homeowners insurance in the first place. From robust data collected through an Interactive Voice Response system to exclusive home insurance leads for agents, a dynamic marketplace is created for call leads that ultimately benefit call buyers, lead generators, and customers.

How to Generate Home Insurance Leads

An increase in competition in the buying and selling of homeowner lead data makes it more difficult for companies to reach and engage with potential homeowners. Lead generation in the homeowner space is the process of capturing interest in home insurance after purchasing a new home or perhaps even refinancing an old one. Understanding your leads’ motivation and needs is of utmost importance and allows your company to develop a more accurate sales pipeline.

Additionally, homeowners insurance lead generation extends beyond the buying and selling of consumer data. It makes it possible for the nurturing of qualified leads to happen before they reach a buyer or carrier’s desk. While lead generation has seen great success in many other industries for sales, homeowners insurance isn’t any different. Determining a qualified lead can be even more complex than just receiving a call and routing that data.

Home insurance lead generation.

Homeowner’s insurance lead generation is the process of increasing brand awareness through positive and successful marketing and includes the entire creation of customer relationships surrounding a very clear need. Generating qualified leads in the homeowner’s insurance space makes it possible for a seamless sales cycle and business transaction. Whether it be advanced software with precise IVR capabilities or the attribution that comes with tracking your marketing campaigns, taking that extra step when generating homeowner’s insurance leads helps your company to grow. Likewise, your credibility as a lead marketer will inevitably increase and show tangible results in addition to revenue.

Buying and selling homeowners insurance and the data surrounding those interested in it has been around for a long time. However, the methods and innovations surrounding how and when to generate and sell homeowners insurance leads have certainly changed with time. Homebuyers are now inundated with information on homeowners insurance and all of the risks they need to consider when purchasing a home. Whether it be realtor-insurance carrier partnerships or click-to-call ads for homeowners insurance when browsing real estate websites, the average homeowner’s insurance buyer is receiving overlapping advertisements throughout their entire home search process. That’s why homeowners insurance lead generators need to get creative and work as a team when it comes to marketing and forming relationships with buyers.

Lead automation for home insurance allows for the quality of your leads to be uncovered and increased. Similar to the home buying process, a qualified buyer is determined based on their level of engagement, interest, and position in the sales funnel. For home insurance, call leads have different ways in which they need to be nurtured and can be converted through an automated process that not only attracts the leads through insights drive successful campaigns. Home insurance affiliate programs and automated tracking software provide many marketers access to real-time reporting, integrations, interactive management, tracking, and ultimately guaranteed growth and success.

Lead automation for home insurance can increase the quality of your leads.

Additionally, a more specific method of capturing home insurance leads exists within an increased focus on digital marketing, and inbound call leads for sale. Email marketing and any effort that includes a call-to-action that leads to a consumer interested in home insurance placing a call for more information should be a primary priority of insurance marketers. Personalizing your landing pages, email marketing content, and digital advertisements to help your home insurance leads feel as though the information is relevant to them will be a successful practice to integrate into your marketing efforts.

For example, as we discussed before, home insurance leads often fall into two categories – new home buyers and existing homeowners. With that said, congratulating an existing homeowner on their new purchase and encouraging them to learn more about your first-time homebuyer incentives wouldn’t be the correct approach when messaging that portion of your target market. Using data collection to differentiate your audience groups and associated messaging is vital when evaluating your marketing strategy for generating home insurance leads.

While collecting data is a critical step in being able to accurately communicate with prospective customers, lead tracking can also highlight how your business is doing that in other ways outside of outbound marketing efforts. Lead tracking helps digital marketers identify which landing pages and PPC campaigns receive the most clicks and generate the most lead traffic. For marketers who buy or sell home insurance leads and use lead tracking, critical insights are gained by seeing how specific marketing campaigns were more successful than others, and brought in more home insurance leads for sale.

For agents and marketers, responding to and engaging with consumers looking for home insurance is of significant importance in not only closing a lead but maintaining a close relationship throughout the entire buyer’s duration as well. Because of the nature of the industry and the home selling and buying process requiring certain checks and balances like pre-approved homeowners insurance, a require fast response time for quotes and policies is a crucial differentiator between home insurance competitors.

Home insurance lead tracking.

Lead tracking software frees home insurance marketers from the time-consuming tasks of having to keep track of data. Likewise, affiliate marketers and sales reps are seen to have quicker response times and consistent engagement when using an automated solution. The benefits of lead tracking for home insurance are endless, and an excellent place to start is making sure each email or any consumer-facing campaign online or offline is ready for success.

In regards to what sort of campaigns are successful in attracting home insurance calls, marketers should first include adding a specific call-to-action (CTA) that will lead home insurance leads to placing a call. Encouraging consumers to place inbound calls that you can capture, qualify, and convert is the key to success for any business, but more specifically in the home insurance space.

How To: Buy And Sell Homeowner Data

As we outlined above, there are various ways for insurance marketers to generate home insurance leads. Whether consumer interest in home insurance is generated through a company blog, personalized email, or anything apart from buying home leads for sale, gaining access to exclusive and qualified call leads is essential for anyone in the industry.

Fortunately for those who partner with Profitise, buying home insurance leads is just as easy as implementing any of the other strategies like gated content or dynamic landing pages. The process is simple: first, a home insurance lead is captured by a specific click-to-call campaign-unique phone number provided by the Profitise team. Next, after a quick phone call that gathers even more data through a two-question Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, the lead is further qualified based on their interest and where they are within the consumer journey. Qualified call leads are then ultimately passed onto the next step of the buying process and connected with an agent that best suits their needs.

IVR for home insurance.

If filtering criteria and IVR results in the home insurance lead being a successful match for a provider campaign, the call lead is then transferred directly to a destination phone number to speak with a representative and ultimately complete the lead’s buying process and sale. It’s a seamless process for all parties involved; marketers, consumers, agencies, carriers, and other partners are all connected through the collection of data in real-time, which makes the journey problem-free and pleasant each step of the way.

For marketers who buy or sell home insurance leads and use lead tracking, the assurance that they won’t miss out on conversion opportunities because they didn’t have the time to engage leads or follow up at the right time properly is one of the most important benefits of using a lead management software. The critical fact that the consumers your business or affiliate partnership is engaging with will have high-intent, the exclusive home insurance leads for agents are more likely to convert. Not only that, critical insights into ROI by seeing plainly which marketing campaigns were more successful and brought in more home insurance leads for sale. Improving your lead response time plays a significant role in determining the relationship with your business’s consumers. Ultimately, your lead response time contributes to whether or not your lead converts to becoming a customer.

For affiliate marketers with Profitise, these questions include demographic information and if the caller is currently insured or not. Once the consumer is prescreened and on their way to becoming a qualified lead, their information is then presented and processed through the associated providers’ operational campaign parameters. Many providers include Nationwide and larger carriers and agencies, a significant incentive for affiliates to partner with Profitise and utilize their network and advanced technology. The goal in this next step is to ultimately connect a high-intent home insurance lead with an agency that will provide the service the lead is looking for.

Why Profitise Stands Out

In the home services industry, nothing is as important as quickly connecting leads to service providers. That is why lead management is critical to home services marketers. Lead management is the organizing, filtering, tracking, and distribution of leads. In home services, lead distribution helps match homeowners or businesses with a service provider to help them.

Profitise lead distribution.

Effective lead distribution requires lead management software that can track incoming leads from lead generation efforts, then sort and route those leads to the right destination. Because home service providers are often on-the-go and on the job, they’ll require lead management software with a quality mobile app that allows providers to accept or reject leads from wherever they are. An auto-optimizing ping-tree also allows marketers to distribute leads and find the right match between customer and provider.

Lead management makes it so that each consumer has the right provider as quickly as possible. With exclusive home insurance calls and leads sent directly to your agent’s desk, partnering with Profitise ultimately helps increase a company’s actual growth potential in addition to their book of business.

Profitise’s best-in-class lead tracking technology and affiliate network provide a seamless customer journey by providing high-intent consumers that are identified, tracked, and managed from the moment they place an inbound call the unique tracking number provided to each one of your specific campaigns. It supports a marketplace of large insurance carriers and agencies.

Participating in a home insurance affiliate program, specifically the one offered by Profitise, not only provides exclusive home insurance leads for agents in real-time, but call verified leads with high-intent are on-the-line when you are. Eliminate the work of generating calls on your own through cold call leads and have us drive consumers to you.

Your business will experience an increase in your home insurance lead generation.

In addition to the incentives mentioned, Profitise also partners with some of the biggest insurance carriers nationally large in part because of a consistent reputation and over ten years of experience in lead generation and the insurance industry. Your business will experience not only an increase in your home insurance lead generation and volume but offer account management from onboarding to maintenance—likewise, the Profitise program practices what they preach by being able to provide 24/7 account support.

This simplified process allows agents to have exclusive access to the best home insurance leads resulting from a seamless phone call that preps the call leads for you. Profitise helps insurance marketers with all their traffic. Agents, agencies, and carriers can collect insurance leads and redistribute them using multi-tier ping-tree technology. It works well for all insurance sectors – including life insurance, health insurance, long-term care, senior health insurance, disability insurance, business property insurance, and most specifically, home insurance.

Profitise homeowners affiliate program.

The Profitise advantage lies in a proactive and aggressive payout system that ultimately works in your favor. Unlike other networks and industry standards that make the sales cycle drag on for months, Profitise provides payment terms for users to tangibly see their successes multiple times per week. In the spirit of providing a seamless solution, Profitise makes it possible for home insurance affiliates to integrate their management system easily. Whether your business is using a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), email marketing tool, or a robust eCommerce system, Profitise makes it a priority to enable custom integrations – dialer software and API integrations conveniently exist as well.

Participating in a home insurance affiliate program, specifically the one offered by Profitise, not only provides exclusive home insurance leads for agents in real-time, but call verified leads with high-intent are on-the-line when you are. Eliminate the work of generating calls on your own through cold call leads and have us drive consumers to you.

Profitise was designed with the affiliate partnership in mind. Drivers, lenders, and affiliates will have more control over their campaigns and interactions, more insight into their marketing journey, and, of course, more revenue and business. The program offers the most advanced lead management system in the industry, with technical support available 24/7 and API integrations included. Rather than letting their lost leads go to waste, affiliates can remarket their leads and increase their profit margins significantly.

If your business uses an IVR system to generate and route leads, this process can now be automated with Profitise. IVRs are extremely helpful when it comes to providing a seamless call experience for consumers. Still, it can take a lot of time for sales representatives or affiliate marketers to sort through IVR lead data to understand which caller is genuinely qualified. Save your business time and money by automating the routing process of inbound traffic to any specific publisher through any chosen IVR. Drive the most sales by quickly understanding which of your phone call processes fall short for home insurance leads.

Count on Profitise to deliver a quality, profitable experience for your business. To learn more and ultimately elevate your business model, sign up with us today as an affiliate.


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