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How Do You Find The Best Affiliate Program For Life Insurance?







Accounting for up to 45% of the global insurance market, life insurance is one of the biggest and most profitable niches for affiliates and advertisers alike. In the United States alone, the life insurance industry employs over 340,000 individuals and serves around 50% of the population.

However, building success as a life insurance affiliate, whether permanent life insurance, term life insurance, or any other niche, is extremely challenging if you operate alone. Luckily, you don’t have to navigate the uncharted waters of life insurance alone. Instead, you can join an affiliate program – for example, the one offered by Profitise – to get tons of help every step of your journey.

So how do you pick the best affiliate program from dozens of contenders?

Let’s dive into it.

Do Your Homework

Make sure you know what you want in the first place. If you are new to life insurance, it’s reasonable to focus on one or a few niches you know best. Although you don’t have to be an expert in what you promote, relevant knowledge would simplify things.

The most in-demand types of life insurance are:

  • Permanent life insurance: permanent whole life insurance, universal life insurance, variable universal life insurance, and indexed universal life insurance.
  • Term life insurance: level term life insurance, decreasing term life insurance, annual renewable term life insurance, and return on premium term life insurance.

Whether you promote several types of life insurance or focus on a single policy type – say, permanent whole life insurance – make sure your affiliate program aligns with your marketing strategy and tools.

Research Available Life Insurance Affiliate Programs

How Do You Find The Best Affiliate Program For Life Insurance?

To hit the jackpot when choosing a life insurance affiliate program, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Check the program’s past performance. You don’t want to jump into the unknown, do you? Background, reputation, and feedback are the three factors determining whether the life insurance affiliate program in question is worth further exploration.
  2. Evaluate the technicalities:
    • Revenue model. Make sure the offered payment model – Pay Per Impression (PPI), Pay Per Click (PPC), Pay Per Sale (PPS), or Pay Per Lead (PPL) – resonates with your goals. Different revenue models work under different circumstances, but the PPS and the PPL models are the safest because they foster motivation in both advertisers and affiliates, creating a win-win relationship for both parties.
    • Conversion rate. Although the conversion rate depends on the revenue model, you should get at least a ballpark figure of how much you can make with your affiliate program for life insurance.
    • Resources and tools. Every affiliate network offers something beyond the ability to sell leads. Usually, it includes software, creative materials, and other tools for lead generation. That said, the toolkit differs with different affiliate networks, so you must evaluate what tools you need and where you can get them.
  3. Peruse the affiliate agreement. Perusing the affiliate agreement of your affiliate program for life insurance isn’t a question of trust – it’s about exploring all the details of future cooperation and knowing your rights. Make sure to study what you’ll deal with before taking action.

By employing these three simple steps, you can sieve out unscrupulous partners and leave only decent life insurance affiliate programs on the table.

Choose The Best Affiliate Program Out There – The One From Profitise

Profitise’s affiliate program for life insurance is one of the best affiliate programs out there because of our unprecedented set of tools, creative materials, and professional support for affiliates and advertisers.

How Do You Find The Best Affiliate Program For Life Insurance?

Whether you run a permanent whole life insurance affiliate program or any other affiliate program with Profitise, you get:

  • All-encompassing software toolkit. With our state-of-the-art lead management software, you can adjust all vital parameters of your marketing campaign on the fly. Detailed statistics and analytics can significantly increase your business performance and help you establish yourself as a leader in a particular niche.
  • Creative materials. Aside from the CRM software, you get plenty of ready-made creative materials, including email templates, banners, public feeds, customer registration forms, and API integration. You can create your marketing campaign with our creative materials or use them along with your own ads.
  • Ability to sell live calls. The most profitable type of leads in the insurance market, live call leads can easily double your bottom line and make you one of the most in-demand advertisers in the network. To sell live calls, you simply embed the relevant button on your website.
  • Help in account management. Our software and insurance experts will accompany you from the very second you join the life insurance affiliate program.

Life insurance affiliate programs may seem overly complex and even daunting, but not with Profitise. We make it simple, effective, and affordable. In fact, you can join our life insurance affiliate program with no budget.

How To Join Profitise’s Life Insurance Affiliate Program

  1. Read our affiliate agreement, terms and conditions, and privacy policy.
  2. Fill out the registration form. You can join as a life, health, home, or auto insurance affiliate.
  3. Now you can use our tools to generate and sell more life insurance policies.

Bonus: Create Your Own Network Of Life Insurance Affiliates With Profitise

With Profitise, there’s no limit to the amount of passive income you can make, as you can invite an unlimited number of life insurance sub-affiliates to earn a 3% commission off each sale closed by them. The bigger your network, the more you earn.

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