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How To Generate Life Insurance Leads Online Fast and With No Pain


With well over $600 billion written in life insurance premiums annually, the United States is the global life insurance leader. For life insurance affiliates, this means a never-ending stream of leads that can earn you a fortune.

But how do you set up, streamline, and automate your lead gen campaigns?

This post will teach you how to:

  • Create lead-magnetizing content for life insurance leads
  • Leverage email and social media to collect the best life insurance leads
  • Take advantage of the best life insurance leads program out there to sell your leads at the best price

You will not regret reading this.

Step 1 – Create Valuable Content to Generate More Life Insurance Leads

Content drives sales more than advertising does. Unparalleled content evokes reciprocity – the urge to give back.

Here’s how you can create compelling life insurance content:

  • Add a personal touch. Life insurance begs for emotions: your unique story, motivation, ideas, and desires. Why are you where you are? What drives you?
  • Make it about them, not yourself. Make it personal. Make it about yourself but also about them. Make sure they can relate. Remember, your life insurance leads mostly care about how your product can improve their lives. Tell them directly how much better off they will be if they purchase it.
  • Appeal to the psyche of your leads. People buy on emotion and justify through logic. Use these psychological tricks to generate your best life insurance leads:
    • Be consistent. Stick to the schedule, so your prospects know your next release date. Spice it up with teasers.
    • Add social proof. Add success stories, testimonials, and feedback so they can see what other people think.
    • Make it scarce. Add a time counter to evoke FOMO, scarcity, or superiority. Limite your offer. Make them think they must buy now.
  • Showcase your unique value proposition. People do buy on emotion, but many of them also count. Add so many bonuses, perks, and freebies that your prospects are sure they will get ten times their pay. This formula works like clockwork. Nobody can deny a $1,000 value product priced at $100.

But then again, it’s mostly about value and how you present it. The more valuable the content in the customer’s eye, the more exclusive life insurance leads you can generate.

How To Generate Life Insurance Leads Online Fast and With No Pain

Step 2 – Leverage Email Marketing and Social Media to Reach More Prospects

There is more to generating leads than your website. Social media and email are the other two exclusive life insurance lead powerhouses.

Email Sales

Email sales follow the principles of website sales:

  • Be consistent. Make sure your emails’ content is visually and logically consistent with your brand image and previous campaigns.
  • Be personal. Include the prospect’s name, status, and other details in the letter. Make them understand that this is a peer-to-peer conversation.
  • Keep it short and provoking. Come up with a killer headline, intriguing follow-up, and a clear call to action. Remember, with over 300 billion emails sent daily, your prospects’ attention span is as short as never before.

Social Media

From branded hashtags on Instagram to helpful answers on Quora to raffles on Twitter to cross-promotion, you can leverage social media in many ways, including:

  • Freebies. Bonuses, freebies, and giveaways trigger the so-called zero price effect when prospects eliminate the risk of dissatisfaction due to the absence of financial losses. This, in turn, increases loyalty and obliges prospects to do something in return, like subscribing to your Instagram or scheduling a consultation.
  • Interactive content. Animated infographics, quizzes, price calculators, and questionnaires are more engaging than static content. Sprinkle interactivity in your posts to gain more followers.
  • Paid social ads. Social ad campaigns don’t require a minimum budget, so you can try with just as much as you can afford to spend. Paid images, videos, slideshows, and carousels can grow your following fast.

However, with all due respect, social media is only the number two source for the best life insurance leads, forever in the shade of the number one: your affiliate program.

Step 3 – Join Profitise’s Life Insurance Leads Program

Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned life, health, auto, or home insurance affiliate, you can revolutionize your marketing and sales with Profitise.

Here is how Profitise works:

  • We connect thousands of advertisers willing to buy exclusive life insurance leads with affiliates willing to sell the exact same type of leads. After the deal, both parties are better off: advertisers get high-intent customers, whereas affiliates receive the due remuneration.

In addition, advertisers and affiliates get access to our proprietary lead management and distribution software that automates the process.

How To Generate Life Insurance Leads Online Fast and With No Pain

What You Will Get After You Join Profitise

  • Creative materials to boost your lead generation. With our tailor-made banners, email templates, public feeds, and API integration, you will generate more web and live call leads and avoid the pain of creating content from scratch.
  • Lead management software to track, distribute, and sell your leads. With our dynamic ping tree, you are guaranteed to sell your leads at the best price at the moment of the sale, but no lower than your minimum price.
  • Round-the-clock support to resolve issues instantly. Our tech gurus and insurance professionals will help you set up your campaign and solve problems down the road.

Last but not least, you can create your affiliate network to earn a 3% commission off of every lead sold by your sub-affiliate. The more sub-affiliates you have, the more you can earn.

How to Join Profitise?

  1. Fill out the registration form. This is FREE — no strings attached, no budget required. You can start and stop whenever you want.
  2. Double, triple, and quadruple your profits with your new software and creative materials.

You are two steps away from the financial breakthrough of your life. We accept life, health, auto, and home insurance affiliates and advertisers.

For questions, contact us at


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