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Purchasing Exclusive Health Insurance Leads for Agents — All You Need to Know


One of the most challenging parts of being an insurance agent is maintaining a flow of sound, high-quality leads. Indeed, you can survive without generating leads on your own, but your job as a health insurance agent may become increasingly harder.

Undoubtedly, health insurance is a flourishing vertical for the leads and the lead generation industry as a whole. While leads are undoubtedly important, every publisher and insurance agent knows that getting high-quality leads can be challenging at times. Since there are a lot of insurance brokers and agents competing for the attention of the same prospects, lead generation is challenging.

With more and more people looking for the optimal insurance coverage come many more agents looking to offer them a custom health insurance solution. With that in mind, let’s explore why lead quality matters and how you can purchase exclusive health insurance leads as an agent.

Why Does Lead Quality Matter?

Insurance agents often focus too much of their efforts on lead prices instead of quality. That said, the high prices attached to a given lead rarely have a bearing on its actual quality. Although high-priced can yield a high ROI, the price is usually not the best indicator of lead quality and possibilities of conversion.

Tracking and purchasing inaccurate or outdated leads can severely slow down your agency’s sales processes. Not to mention that it simply wastes your time and resources, which sets you further apart from your business goals. If you plan to search for and generate leads independently, we recommend doing proper research before embarking on that journey.

Here are some scenarios and conditions to consider before diving headfirst into buying leads through affiliate or lead generation networks:

  • Opportunity: According to a Gartner report, poor data quality is responsible for an average of $15 million in losses per year. Simply put, incomplete insurance lead data mean missed opportunities and wasted funds you would otherwise have with more qualified leads.
  • Time: Chasing poor-quality leads with insufficient information can be a monumental waste of time. Although lead firms use all kinds of technological solutions to apply filters that sift out the bad leads, eliminating all faulty data can be problematic.
  • Resources: Every time you send an email, make a call, or simply filter information on the unqualified leads, you are at risk of spreading your efforts too thin. There are costs associated with your activities. As reported by Lemonly, companies waste up to $180,000 per year on direct mail that doesn’t reach the recipient due to insufficient data and missed target use.

What to Look For Before Purchasing a Lead

When considering purchasing health insurance leads, we advise that you pick a company that has a wide array of qualified publishers you can purchase your leads from. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Experience: You can tell if the company is doing good simply by looking at how long it has been in business and what clients are saying about their cooperation. Be aware of new companies on the market and always check customer reviews to vet any fraudulent networks.
  • Quality: Some companies might simply resell data from other businesses, and they don’t care much about the age or quality of the leads they’re selling. Since your success relies on lead quality and intent level, we advise that you find a provider that shares all the data you require openly upon making any purchases.
  • Reputation: Before committing to a lead gen network, we suggest you research what other customers have to say about this company. Be alarmed and reconsider your commitment if this business doesn’t have many reliable customer reviews online or its landing pages are more generic and less detailed.
  • Customer Service: You can tell how great a business is by looking at how well it treats its customers. Sadly, excellent customer service is quite rare these days. Hence, we suggest that you look for a company that provides their expertise when you need it.

Invest in Call Leads

Call and data leads are no longer the same in this day and age, especially for health insurance leads. That’s why it’s essential to invest in a company that provides the best and most efficient call lead transfer systems.

With Profitise, you can access Live Calls, which provides live call transfers from call centers directly to agents’ desks, which can save you and your agents a lot of time in the long run. With an integrated CRM tool, you can track all the calls and tap into analytics data that can help optimize your campaigns and maximize your ROI.

Opt For Sophisticated Software Solutions

Lead management can quickly become a hassle, especially for inexperienced agents and publishers. Trying to wrap your head around all the lead data is undoubtedly a daunting task, but if you decide to optimize and streamline your lead generation process with a reliable Lead Management System, you will not only save time but you will also maximize your earnings.

A standard LMS package can sort all the information on your leads; however, a sound lead management system will enable you to unlock the actual value of your prospects and leads. Let alone all the other features such as lead tracking and reports on demand that entirely simplifies the process of adjusting your marketing campaigns.

Join A Team of Professionals

Our dependable network of publishers and advertisers is backed by cutting-edge technology and years of depthful experience to help you elevate your health insurance business to the degree you’ve always wanted.

Join Profitise now to take complete control of your health insurance business and simplify your lead generation and management efforts.


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