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Selling Solar Leads: How To Grow Your Solar Business


As energy prices soar and environmental awareness grows, solar energy becomes an incredible opportunity for the leading solar panel selling companies in USA and their smaller local competitors. One thing is clear, though: to stand out in the competitive market, any smaller brand must combine quality products and services with an effective strategy for selling solar leads.

Read on to learn everything you should know about selling solar leads.

Selling Solar Leads: How To Grow Your Solar Business

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Solar Leads Under the Microscope

First, one must understand why buying and selling solar leads is so popular today. Not all companies can generate enough leads on their own—especially younger brands that don’t have developed organic traffic channels—so there is an entire industry that matches demand and supply.

Solar lead generation companies aim to provide exclusive solar panel leads because they are more expensive and more likely to convert, which is essential for advertisers. Unsold solar panel leads don’t go to waste either – they are given a second chance by transitioning into the “aged” category, albeit at a lower price.

Long story short, both advertisers (businesses buying solar leads) and publishers (website owners selling solar leads) are interested in increasing the conversion rate, which ultimately benefits both parties.

Popular Solar Panel Leads To Buy And Sell

The entire process of selling solar leads depends on factors like the lead’s type, age, location, transfer method, and other demographic and psychographic parameters.

Here are the two most popular groups of solar leads to buy and sell:

Exclusive Solar leads Exclusive solar leads are clients who are sold to a single advertiser only, which allows the latter not to compete with other solar businesses. At the same time, exclusive solar leads can cost up to $200 per lead and even more.
Shared Solar Leads Shared solar leads are clients who are sold to multiple advertisers simultaneously, usually no more than 5 concurrent advertisers. Shared solar leads usually cost a few dozen dollars per lead and don’t convert as well as exclusive solar leads do.
Aged Solar Leads Aged solar leads are leads that were not sold before or leads that were inactive for some time. These leads are the cheapest and hardest to convert, although businesses with great re-engagement strategies might have a chance.

Here are some advantages of selling solar leads to third-party advertisers:

  • Quick revenue. You can quickly earn money by selling contacts without spending time on installing panels.
  • Low business costs. You don’t need to hire installation crews or service representatives.
  • Specialization. You can focus on what they do best – solar lead generation and sales – leaving the installation to companies specializing in it.

Here are some advantages of buying solar leads:

  • Time and money savings. Buying leads solar allows you to focus on sales rather than marketing, which can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • Qualified solar leads. You can buy any leads you want, including solar exclusive leads, to maximize your sales potential.
  • Market expansion. You can buy solar leads from different regions to test uncharted waters, not just rely on local marketing.

Overall, buying and selling solar leads to maximize profit is a smart strategy for companies focused on a single or several business avenues. As a business owner, you don’t have to create a full-scale enterprise to capitalize on the growing solar market—instead, you can play to your strengths and leave the rest to professionals.

Targeted Marketing To Increase Profits From Solar Leads

The first step toward effective targeted promotion is clearly understanding who your ideal customer is. This will allow you to focus on people who are most likely to be interested in purchasing solar panels from you.

When defining your target audience, keep in mind these crucial factors:

  • Demographics: age, gender, income, education level, marital status, and location
  • Psychographics: values, beliefs, needs, interests, motivations, and lifestyle
  • Behavior: history of interactions, previous purchases, and features of the currency customer journey (interactions across touchpoints)

Once you’ve identified your ideal customer, you can segment the market into smaller, more manageable groups for personalized marketing messages.

Marketing instruments to target a client like a solar lead

Next, you can start selling solar leads to advertisers who meet your criteria. Make no mistake, it’s crucial to sell your leads to credible advertisers that can convert the most of them. Selling leads to the wrong advertiser may put your reputation at risk and dissatisfy clients, a snowball effect to avoid at all costs.

How To Get Solar Leads in Bulk

Now that you have a portrait of your target audience and have segmented the market, it’s time to put your solar lead gen strategies at work.

Let’s take a closer look at some of them:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is King when it comes to generating organic traffic, especially if you are consistent and know how to spark interest in potential solar energy leads.

For generating solar leads through content marketing:

  • Create valuable and informative content that addresses common questions and problems your potential customers have: blog articles, ebooks, videos, infographics, etc.
  • Optimize your content for search engines so it appears higher in search results when people search for information about solar energy
  • Promote your content through social media, email, and other essential marketing channels

Well-written content will establish you as an expert in the field and build trust in your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has many facets – on-page SEO and off-page SEO, at least – but what you’re most interested in is keywords that help you rank higher in SERPs. It goes without saying that the higher you rank for popular keywords, the more leads you generate, and the more of them you can sell to solar panel companies.

Most of the time, finding the right keywords boils down to weighing their pros and cons: volume, competitiveness, popularity in specific locations, cost per click, and more. Naturally, smaller brands tend to choose less competitive keywords so they have a realistic chance to hit the top of the search and become visible to their target solar energy leads.

Solar panel installers at work - mounting a solar panel on the rooftop

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to quickly reach a large audience of potential customers, especially if you don’t want to unroll full-scale organic marketing campaigns.

It’s no secret that almost all social media platforms have numerous paid advertising opportunities: some allow you to cast a wide net, whereas others make it personal to contact a particular client one-on-one.

Anyway, selling solar leads that were generated with paid advertising is a great marketing strategy, and you can even direct these leads to solar installers without having to contact your brand at first. Just make sure you have tracking links in place so you can ensure the correct attribution for the generated leads.

Residential VS Commercial Solar Lead Generation

Sometimes, knowing how to buy solar leads may not even be enough to buy the leads you need unless you can differentiate between residential and commercial solar leads, the two biggest groups of clients.

Likewise, generating residential and commercial solar leads is quite different. For example, sales cycles for residential solar leads are usually shorter, bear fewer compliance requirement limits, and have a higher check. On the other hand, commercial solar leads are usually more profitable yet burdened by compliance requirements and a longer sales cycle with the need to align multiple organizations and people in charge of the decision.

Here are some key differences between generating residential and commercial solar leads:

Residential Solar Leads Commercial Solar Leads
Personalized messages Use emotional imagery to show how solar energy will improve family life Focus on reputation. For example, you can provide data and examples of successful projects with other companies
Communication channels
  • Social media
  • Online advertising
  • Partnerships with solar companies
  • LinkedIn
  • Business conferences
  • Direct marketing
  • Industry associations
Offers and incentives Free consultations, savings assessments, and discounts ROI calculations, flexible payment terms, and tax consultations

Find Your Best Solar Leads at Profitise

Want to sell or buy solar leads but tired of aimless searching? Then welcome to Profitise, a platform that knows how to attract qualified solar leads and sell them at a competitive price so both the seller and buyer are satisfied.

Here’s how Profitise will grow your bottom line:

  • By registering as an advertiser, you can buy the best solar leads at the lowest possible price while being sure you’ll get what you’ve paid for
  • By registering as an affiliate, you can instantly start selling your solar leads to reputable advertisers that match your criteria

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do solar leads cost?

The cost of solar energy leads varies depending on their quality, source, and specificity. The best solar leads  – exclusive and live transfer leads  – may cost $100 to $300 per lead.

How to generate solar leads online

You can generate solar leads using organic traffic channels and paid advertising. Alternatively, you can buy solar leads from publishers, affiliate networks, and marketplaces.


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