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How To Target Commercial Solar Leads


As solar panel lead generation becomes more competitive, qualified and exclusive commercial solar panel leads are increasing in value as ones with lots of on-the-spot conversions and high lifetime value.

We have already discussed how to generate qualified leads for solar sales. Now, let’s touch on the B2B aspect of the issue. Read on to learn how to generate commercial solar sales leads and drive them to conversion.

Important Factors in Generating Solar Leads for B2B

B2B leads for solar sales aren’t exactly the same as residential solar leads, having different needs, motivations, budgets, scale, sales cycle lengths, and other characteristics.

Here are two factors distinguishing B2B solar leads from individuals:

Relationships Building relationships with the client company is essential for attracting B2B sales leads. When you work with commercial solar leads, they interact with your business as a whole rather than a sales rep.
Reputation Commercial solar leads are likelier to buy solar panel systems from a well-known company. Therefore, if you are considering getting solar leads in the B2B segment, strengthen your brand reputation in the first place.

Likewise, B2B leads willing to install solar panels are also driven by the cost-effectiveness of a particular solution. Companies are sometimes even more concerned about financial benefits than individuals.

Brand reputation as a lead generation factor alongside other important marketing pillars

How To Target Solar Leads in B2B: 7 Acquisition Strategies

Launch a Referral Program

Receiving recommendations from satisfied customers is one of the most effective ways to obtain solar leads for free. Moreover, it is very economical, making it particularly relevant for companies taking their first steps in this business.

Referral programs open up many opportunities for B2B sales lead generation. For example, you can ask your customers to send email newsletters to their partners or clients, where appropriate. To track the interest of such free solar leads and establish timely contact with them, ask the referrers to cc you on the emails.

Share Success Stories and Reviews

Alongside classic written reviews used across all market segments, you can record short videos in which satisfied companies talk about the high quality of your services and other benefits of working with you.

This way, you can get commercial solar leads, improve your reputation, showcase your reliability, and activate multi-channel marketing by posting the most successful video reviews on your blog and social media.
How To Target Commercial Solar Leads

Launch Online Advertising

The best way to get solar leads online when you need them fast but don’t want to buy clients directly is through Google Ads. Just make sure you’ve set up your campaign properly so your website is displayed to your commercial solar leads.

Below are some tips on how to do this:

  • Target leads who are actively interested in your products and services
  • Be sure to specify your region so that your advertising is seen by commercial solar leads who can realistically contact your company
  • Focus on your competitive advantages so B2B leads for sale can instantly know why you are better than the competition
  • Use Google Analytics to collect information about your website visitors

Attend Public Events

Attending specialized exhibitions, conferences, and other events allows you to meet decision-makers from large companies. To generate solar leads at such meetings, prepare a high-quality presentation of your product and exchange contacts with individuals who show interest in your services.

Solar sales agent and client shaking hands

Leverage Your Social Media, Especially LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the number one social media channel to generate commercial solar leads, containing thousands of solvent professionals willing to go solar.

Promoting LinkedIn isn’t much different from general SMM strategies, with the only visible exception being a focus on data-driven content like case studies, research papers, testimonials, etc.

Another great social media to get targeted leads for commercial solar is Facebook:

Reach Organic Traffic with SEO

Creating SEO-optimized content is an extremely important long-term marketing strategy that might only pay off in months and sometimes even years after the piece is published. Even though there’s no control over organic traffic from search engines, SEO remains a great solar lead acquisition method that can grow your traffic exponentially.

Here are some SEO recommendations for generating commercial solar leads:

  • Use specialized tools to select relevant keywords. For example, you can try Ahrefs of Google Search Console to identify profitable, low-competition keywords solar panel leads use when searching for your target topic.
  • Optimize metadata. Add the keywords to the meta title, description, headlines, and tags to help your site rise in search engines.
  • Getting backlinks. The more mentions you get from authoritative sites, the higher your rank in search results and the more commercial solar leads you acquire.

Use Email Outreach

Here are some email outreach strategies that can work exceptionally well for acquiring both free residential solar leads and B2B targeted leads:

Target Work Emails Only If you want to attract a commercial solar lead, sending correspondence to their personal mailbox would be inappropriate and look unprofessional.
Automate Your Email Sequences Automating your emails by target parameters – sales funnel stage, demographics, previous emails, etc. – will allow you to hit the right commercial solar leads at the right time.
Write Catchy Subject Lines The email subject line is the first threshold your message must pass before it reaches the recipient. Make sure to craft concise yet catchy subject lines for your commercial solar leads so they feel compelled to proceed with the email.
Keep Emails Short and Informative There’s no need to send long emails to commercial solar leads: 5-6 lines are enough. Otherwise, you risk having your emails be left unread or sent to the spam folder.

Buy Commercial Solar Leads at Profitise

If you’ve tried all the strategies but still need more solar leads, you can buy targeted leads to close sales instantly and maximize your ROI. Buying leads supercharges your business with qualified clients that match your sales criteria.

Here’s how to get pre-screened, exclusive commercial solar leads at Profitise:

  1. Register as an advertiser to buy leads or affiliate to sell leads
  2. Get access to a huge lead market and wait until the match is found
  3. Drive your targeted leads to the purchase and keep your bottom line growing

For questions, email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How to target solar leads in the B2B segment

Here’s how to target solar leads in the commercial sector: referral programs, reviews, online advertising, public events, social media, SEO, and email outreach. Coordinating multiple marketing channels will create a coherent experience for new commercial solar leads.

How to buy solar leads

The two most important factors when purchasing solar sales leads are the seller’s reputation and whether the commercial solar leads match your expectations. It’s a wise strategy to diversify into several lead sources.


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