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Shared vs. Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads: What Do You Choose?


With Progressive Corporation alone having written a whopping $5.6 billion in auto insurance premiums, auto insurance is an untapped gold mine for advertisers leveraging the power of affiliate networks. With thousands of high-intent exclusive auto insurance leads on sale, every insurer can get what they crave: purchase-prone customers.

Purchasing auto insurance wins makes double sense. First of all, you save on marketing costs. Secondly, you establish valuable partnerships to serve you in the long run. Finally, having set up your lead acquisition process, you can delegate it to your affiliate network.

  • Whether health, life, home, or auto insurance leads, you can buy them galore from affiliate networks while only paying for the leads that fit your criteria.

Speaking of lead acquisition criteria, choosing between shared and exclusive auto insurance leads may seem daunting. Which type of leads can grow your bottom line most effectively? Should you splurge on exclusive leads or buy cheaper shared leads?

Read on to unveil the secrets of buying auto insurance leads for your business.

Where To Buy Auto Insurance Leads?

The two most popular lead sources are lead aggregators and lead generators.

  • Lead aggregators sell the same leads to multiple advertisers. Such shared auto insurance leads for agents are cheaper and less prone to conversion than exclusive auto insurance leads for agents. This, however, doesn’t make them a bad choice: shared leads can bring you profits if you are crafty enough to convert them.
  • Lead generators sell their own or partner leads. Such exclusive auto insurance leads for agents are more expensive and more likely to convert than shared auto insurance leads for agents. Exclusive leads are unique, high-intent, and delivered in real-time.

The choice of auto insurance leads depends on your experience, sales skills, budget, and risk tolerance. Both shared and exclusive auto insurance leads can be a goldmine under certain circumstances.

The Advantages Of Buying Shared Auto Insurance Leads

The main reason to buy shared auto insurance leads is their price. You can get more leads and try your luck converting them with little pressure (the value of a shared lead is lower than that of its exclusive counterpart).

Shared vs. Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads: What Do You Choose?

Likewise, shared auto insurance leads allow you to experiment without spending too much. With a limited budget, you can challenge yourself and see how it plays out.

The Disadvantages Of Buying Shared Auto Insurance Leads

Shared leads are usually of lower quality, more competitive, and sometimes fraudulent. Even though aggregators go the extra mile to exclude fraudulent leads, there’s no way to eradicate them completely. Also, shared leads may cost more in the long run if you cannot convert enough of them.

The Advantages Of Buying Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads

Exclusive auto insurance leads may offer you high intent, easy purchase, and, as a result, easy conversion with high on-the-spot profits and lifetime value.

  • Quality. Being the only receiver of exclusive auto insurance leads, you have a great chance to convert them. Unlike shared leads, which may encounter other agents before you, exclusive leads are fresh, high-intent, and have higher contact and sales rates.
  • Flexibility. You can set numerous parameters for your exclusive leads – location, age, the desired price for auto insurance, and more – to get the leads you are ready to pay for.
  • No effort. Converting exclusive leads is easier than contacting numerous shared leads in an attempt to evoke interest in at least some of them. Exclusive leads allow you to see results immediately while motivating you to continue your endeavor.
  • Immediate profits. Selling services to purchase-prone leads is faster, more pleasant, and profitable on the spot.

The Disadvantages Of Buying Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads

On the other hand, as purchase-prone as they are, exclusive auto insurance leads don’t guarantee conversion and may not always be exclusive.

  • No conversion guarantee. Exclusive leads are not customers: some leads will bounce no matter how crafty your sales agents are. No affiliate network can guarantee you a 100% conversion.
  • No exclusivity guarantee. There’s no way to know whether a particular lead has contacted a similar business. Some exclusive leads may not be as fresh as you expect.
  • Higher price and limited supply. Exclusive leads are expensive because they are of superior quality and limited supply. Once a lead has contacted a business, they are no longer exclusive.

Shared vs. Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads: What Do You Choose?

Smart Ways To Manage Your Auto Insurance Leads

When it comes to managing auto insurance leads, whether exclusive or shared, you need to address several business dimensions, including precise timing, deep personalization, automation, and on-the-fly updates.

  • Timing. Purchase auto insurance leads on the weekends, in the evening, and during holidays to capture the customers that other companies miss out on.
  • Personalization. Sprinkle personal details in your conversations, including the lead’s name and the insurance plan they seek. Make them feel privileged.
  • Automation. Take full advantage of the automation you have access to. Categorize your leads with the help of an interactive voice response (IVR) system directing each of them to a matching agent.
  • Constant adjustment. Pinpoint the profile of your target customer with the feedback and data you have at hand. Be flexible and open to experiments with different types of leads.

Last but not least, examine your affiliate agreement: different lead providers have different standards regarding shared and exclusive insurance leads.

Buy Auto Insurance Leads From Profitise To Boost Your ROI

We at Profitise are committed to connecting reputable affiliates with reputable advertisers across four primary insurance verticals: auto insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and home insurance.

Here’s how Profitise works:

  • Advertisers – those buying insurance leads – and affiliates – those selling leads – join our network and set their goals: the type and number of leads to trade, the price per lead, and other parameters. We match buyers with sellers, and both parties are better off: advertisers get qualified leads, and affiliates get their remuneration.

The system works like clockwork due to our tailor-made CRM software. On the one hand, affiliates are equipped with state-of-the-art creative materials and analytic tools to attract more high-quality leads. On the other hand, advertisers can customize their preferences to buy exactly the leads they want and work them on the fly.

Top-Notch Auto Insurance Leads For Advertisers

Not only do we sell leads, but we ensure their top-notch quality through proprietary software and creative materials. We guide our affiliates through the lead generation process, so they can spark interest in their audience and effectively convert them into sought-after insurance leads.

Shared vs. Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads: What Do You Choose?

As our leads pass the qualification process –  the conditions set by advertisers – we redistribute them to relevant buyers. This is true for both web and live call leads.

All our leads are:

  • Unique and qualified. We only sell our exclusive leads to one advertiser, which makes you the first agent the lead speaks to. Likewise, you know who your lead is: their preferences, gender, age, experience, budget, and more.
  • Informative. You get multiple analytic tools to adjust your campaigns on the fly from a single intuitive dashboard.

With Profitise, you never lose sight of your affiliate marketing objectives.

Buy Live Call Auto Insurance Leads from Profitise

Besides purchase-ready leads, you get:

  • Unique phone ID to recognize auto insurance leads from the rest. With a unique phone ID, you can differentiate your auto insurance leads from other callers and get ready for the talk even before you answer the call.
  • Proprietary CRM system to manage your campaign. Dozens of live parameters tracked by our lead management software put you in the driver’s seat of your campaign.
  • Round-the-clock support from auto insurance and software experts. One-on-one expertise and insights from our tech and insurance gurus help you close sales from the get-go.

Join us as an advertiser or affiliate now or ask your questions at


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