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Revolutionizing Solar Lead Generation With Artificial Intelligence


According to PrecedenceResearch, the global artificial intelligence market was estimated to be worth more than $454 billion in 2022. The forecasts regarding its development are even more impressive. By 2032, its size is expected to increase to $2,575 billion, i.e., the industry will demonstrate an annual growth rate (CAGR) of at least 19%.

global artificial intelligence market 2022 to 2032

Source: Precedence Research

What explains such interest in the introduction of this technology? First and foremost, it’s a direct way to save money and time, which is vital for any modern business. Solar lead generation companies have enthusiastically embraced the latest lead generation marketing trends, resulting in the acknowledgment of the significant benefits of AI lead generation tools on their work efficiency.

In this article, we will delve into AI lead generation and the feasibility of implementing this technology in the solar lead generation process. Additionally, we will explore the top 9 AI lead generation tools for the speedy acquisition of solar sales leads.

What Is Artificial Intelligence Lead Generation, and What Are Its Benefits for Solar Lead Companies?

AI lead generation is a process of attracting leads with the help of AI-based tools and solutions. Such solutions can be used to generate leads in any industry. However, today, we are going to talk about solar lead generation.

Based on a report prepared by NREL (the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory), 20% of the expenses of private solar companies are attributed to the search for qualified solar leads. This is due to certain industry challenges, including fierce competition for a limited number of potential customers and the high cost of photovoltaic modules. To transition to solar energy, a solar lead must meet a range of requirements. Specifically, they must have a positive credit history, a stable financial position, and a private home with a roof of the right construction (without windows, not flat, made of a specific material, etc.).

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The solar leads that meet these conditions may be tired of repeated communications with solar managers, so the task of a solar lead company is to obtain exclusive solar leads who are genuinely interested in making a purchase as quickly as possible.

Naturally, this discouraging statistic is prompting more and more organizational leaders to seek ways to optimize the operations of their sales, marketing, and business development departments. One of them is the implementation of AI lead generation software.

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When it comes to how to get solar leads, such applications allow for:

Leveraging Automated Lead Generation for Solar

To tackle the issue of how to get leads for solar contractors, companies implement AI-based systems to streamline the process of driving the best solar leads through multiple channels and databases. For example, with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms, you can configure search parameters to find prospective clients on social networks and other online platforms. If the information obtained is insufficient for quality analysis, it is advisable to use AI-based data enrichment services. These digital solutions automatically supplement the discovered contacts with valuable information.

But when you have the right list of solar leads on your hands, you need to analyze and qualify them. Previously, this was the task of analysts and sales managers, but processing large data sets is a complex, resource-intensive process. Therefore, entrusting it partly to neural networks or other software products based on artificial intelligence is one of the ways to streamline the workflows.

Ability to Analyze, Evaluate, and Qualify Solar Leads

In addition to processing large amounts of information, analytics and lead generation using AI allows you to avoid mistakes that arise due to human error. Such products use clustering and classification algorithms that allow you to group contacts based on certain characteristics and evaluate them from a conversion perspective.

Based on certain criteria, such as solar lead engagement, the system assigns points. Then, solar installation leads are sorted, and companies have the opportunity to devote time to the most promising ones first.

Customizing Marketing and Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation Strategies

When solar leads for sale are gathered and their prioritization is determined, it may seem like it’s time to move on to contacting them or using other communication methods such as email marketing, SMS notifications, messaging apps, and so on.

However, there’s no need to rush. The first step is to review your lead generation efforts and implement an individual approach to each potential customer, especially since AI lead generation software allows you to do this quickly and efficiently.

Solar lead generation solutions analyze behavioral patterns, historical data from past contacts, and other information to prepare personalized content. According to a McKinsey report, 71% of consumers appreciate personalized interactions with companies. Therefore, the use of AI in solar energy leads generation can increase the level of trust in the company and, consequently, improve conversion rates.

Optimizing Interactions With Solar Leads

After obtaining a high-quality database of solar sales leads, it’s time to think about optimizing interactions with each of them. AI-powered chatbots come to the rescue in this regard. These are virtual consultants capable of answering potential customers’ questions, learning from their responses, and subsequently communicating even more effectively.

Such digital assistants guarantee high-quality AI lead generation, ensuring that website visitors don’t feel like they’ve visited it in vain. This leads to increased satisfaction with the service and engagement.

Making the Most of Sales Forecasting

Top solar lead generation companies use predictive analytics for AI lead generation to achieve this, and by this, we refer to forecasting future results based on historical data. Previously, predictive analytics could take months, as it involved manually processing a large amount of information, analyzing it, and creating forecasts. This situation has changed with the advent of AI and machine learning.

Modern AI lead generation tools pinpoint and analyze patterns in past interactions with solar leads and identify those that resulted in conversions. It allows companies to focus on interacting with the most promising potential customers.

Analyzing Return on Investment

What is the goal of all solar companies? The answer is obvious – to get solar leads, convert them into real customers, and sell as many of their products as possible. Ultimately, their main goal is to make a profit, meaning maximum return on investment.

AI lead generation products use proprietary algorithms to analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and determine their potential impact on consumers. It allows sales, marketing, and business development departments to make changes to their strategies and yield the desired results.

Thus, we can conclude that the use of AI in solar lead generation is aimed at increasing conversions, i.e., increasing the percentage of leads that become real customers.

You can learn even more interesting facts about how to generate leads for solar sales with AI-powered solutions from a video by this industry expert:

Now that we’ve covered all the basics, it’s time to present you a list of the most effective AI lead generation software, possessing the necessary functionality and capacity to utilize effective leadgen methods and help you learn how to generate solar leads with a breeze.

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9 Top AI Lead Generation Software 2023

Before we get to the list of the best AI lead generation solutions on the market, we want to note that most of them offer users a comprehensive approach to obtaining the best solar leads. In other words, AI-powered tools have extensive functionality that allows you to address multiple issues simultaneously. For example, they can provide the best way to get solar leads, offer tools for effective interaction with them, schedule exclusive solar appointments, and analyze the forecasting results.

In addition to the ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously, AI lead generation software also comes with other advanced capabilities. So, AI can help you with the following tasks:

  • Analyze vast amounts of data which is beyond human capability
  • Handle substantial information overload
  • Identify patterns in large datasets and make accurate predictions based on them

Now, without further ado, we present to you the 9 best AI lead generation tools that will help you streamline your solar lead generation efforts.


This is a lead generation AI solution that allows you to get solar leads by tracking visits to a company’s web resource. This tool can collect contact data of up to one-third of anonymous visitors to the site, meaning you will get so-called warm leads.

The possibilities of solar lead generation tools do not end here. After generating solar leads, can help you establish contact with them, having previously created personalized content for messages and emails. Then, the performance of such contacts will be automatically analyzed. If any of the solar sales leads are interested in the offer, the platform will notify you about it and help you move them down the sales funnel.


This AI lead generation solution is widely used for solar lead generation due to the combination of tools for searching and interacting with solar leads via email. Its proprietary algorithm is built in such a way that the tool first collects and generates solar leads, then creates personalized cold emails, and then automatically sends them to the email addresses collected during the generation process.

The creators of the platform position it as the best AI lead generation tool for cold outreach campaigns. The secret of the positive results of using lies in the fact that solar sales leads are selected based on detailed analysis. With such a client base at hand, solar companies can find more sales-ready solar leads, engage them, and turn them into returning clients.


This is another AI lead generation platform that can be successfully used to collect quality solar leads. It allows you to get detailed information about prospective clients in record time thanks to the advanced mass search function. Specify the required parameters of solar panel leads, and the system will automatically determine the relevance of the found contacts to your requests.

Solar lead generation using is performed by collecting information from various web resources, including social networks. Given the huge number of social media users, the creators of Leadzen made sure to create and enable intelligent search filters, allowing users to narrow their search.

#4. is an intuitive builder for AI-powered chatbots. This self-learning tool can help you turn solar sales leads into real customers, instantly grasp any information given to it (it can be data from your web resource, YouTube channel, etc.), and use it in communication with prospective customers.

A big advantage of using this tool to create your AI-powered chatbots is the ease of its integration into your website. All you need to do is upload the necessary content with information about your business, customize the interface of the virtual assistant in accordance with the style of your brand, and get a link to the chatbot or integrate it into your web resource.


There’s no denying that solar lead generation is a complex process, mainly because of the specifics of the alternative energy industry. That’s why using only the best solar lead generation tools is essential to ensure continuous business growth.

Another excellent example of a tool that can help you achieve the mission is There are solid reasons for this claim — it offers a wide range of features, many of which are not available in other AI lead generation solutions.

This solar lead generation tool allows you not only to generate solar leads but also to clean the lead lists from obviously useless contacts, thus providing you with a high-quality potential customer base and maximum conversion potential.

As for interacting with solar leads, the tool is not limited to creating personalized email messages. This solar lead generation solution has an additional feature — intelligent scheduling of outreach, which can significantly increase email deliverability and open rates and reduce response times.


This solar lead generation tool is based on a powerful system of filters and business analytics. The program collects historical data, analyzes it in depth, and identifies patterns and trends. It helps you make the best business decision based on the analysis. provides access to lists of any lead types, including solar leads, with verified contact data and allows prioritizing them. With this platform, companies can optimize their sales funnel and increase conversion rates.

#7. Drift

At first glance, Drift may appear to be one of many AI-powered solutions in the modern market. Like others, it becomes an invaluable assistant in solar lead generation by finding high-quality leads and communicating with them. It allows for personalized interactions by crafting messages to potential customers based on their identified preferences and other parameters.

However, this AI lead generation software has another tool that enables the use of this platform without the need for additional digital products. This tool is called Conversational AI, a virtual assistant capable of context-switching for more effective and fast lead qualification. Solar companies can find Drift’s features especially helpful in terms of creating quality pipelines and improving marketing conversations with solar leads.

#8. LeadFoxy

This is another AI lead generation tool valued for its ability to take a comprehensive approach to finding qualified solar leads and working with them. LeadFoxy can help you understand the behavior of solar sales leads better and sell solar leads successfully.

This tool automatically tracks the prospect’s user experience on social media, link clicks, website visits, and other online activities. After capturing this data, it undergoes a thorough analysis, based on which each solar lead is assigned a score according to specific criteria. As a result, all leads are rated and grouped, and managers can see which ones should be prioritized.

This tool also utilizes predictive analytics models — LeadFoxy studies historical data, identifies trends and patterns in it, and predicts the outcomes of interactions with any consumer type, including solar leads.

When the rating of the best solar leads is established, it’s important to plan a strategy for interacting with each of them. Fortunately, this solar lead generation tool can assist with that, too. It’s capable of creating high-quality personalized content and planning its distribution to move your exclusive solar leads down the sales funnel. Finally, its built-in AI-powered chatbots provide quality communication with consumers 24/7.


The creators of this solar lead generation tool have combined all the progressive features that artificial intelligence offers in the field of AI lead generation.

Working with the platform starts with the collection and analysis of leads. The system evaluates the acquired data based on numerous criteria, including the interest of AI leads in the product and their level of engagement.

Then, the integrated data enrichment service gathers additional information about leads for solar sales to create the complete picture. Afterward, automatically generates personalized content for email campaigns and sends messages to the chosen audience for artificial lead automation & nurture.

This AI lead generation tool also offers additional advantages. It provides extensive integration capabilities with modern CRM and LMS systems while simplifying the management of AI leads. On top of that, users can track the effectiveness of their interactions with recently acquired AI leads.

Buying Solar Leads – A Worthy Alternative to In-House Solar Lead Generation

If you lack the time, necessary resources, or experts to implement AI lead generation systems directly within your organization, there is an alternative way to acquire them. We will discuss how to buy solar leads without doubting the cost-effectiveness of your investments.

How and Where To Buy Solar Leads

In the solar lead generation market, there are affiliate and advertiser networks that connect sellers and buyers of solar leads. When approaching such platforms, the key is to choose the best solar leads company or solar lead generator that prioritizes lead quality over quantity. After all, working with qualified solar leads is the only way to buy solar leads online and guarantee the desired level of conversion while justifying expenses for pay-per-sale solar leads.

Supercharge Your Solar Lead Generation With Profitise

Profitise brings solar lead suppliers and seekers together. Join us to tap into a gigantic list of customers, discover the best way to get solar leads, and automate your solar lead acquisition process.

The Profitise network is your reliable partner in solar lead generation. Enroll in the Profitise affiliate network as either an affiliate or an advertiser to unlock the opportunity to get qualified solar leads and convert them seamlessly into customers.

How To Get Started With Profitise

  • Set up your campaigns.
  • Sell or buy solar leads at a competitive price.

If you have any questions, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI Lead Generation be helpful for solar lead generation?

AI lead generation allows you to automate the process of finding high-quality leads. With its help, you can create personalized content for mailings, use AI-powered chatbots for continuous communication with solar leads, and analyze the results of your work, and predict its further effectiveness.

How much do solar leads cost?

Solar leads pricing depends on several factors, including the quality of solar leads, advertiser geography, and other features of the requested service. In any case, it’s best to inquire about the exact cost from a solar lead generation company because it can vary between $20-300.

How do you use AI for solar lead generation?

For solar lead generation, we use a wide range of AI lead generation tools that allow us to automate lead generation for solar, analyze, evaluate, and qualify solar leads, personalize marketing strategy, interact with solar leads, and increase ROI.

How do I generate solar leads automatically?

For automatic solar lead generation, you should use one of the AI lead generation tools available on the market or turn to the services of the Profitise affiliate network to buy solar leads that have already been generated by specialized solar lead generation companies or a solar leads generator.


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