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How to Avoid Insurance Marketing Fatigue


In the past few months, it’s been imperative to digitally transform our places of work and children’s classrooms in order to create some semblance of normalcy. While this recent digital revolution was certainly fast-tracked, it wasn’t unexpected. Consumers have increasingly been turning toward technology to automate certain aspects of daily life for a while now, and businesses have met new sales processes through online adaption and e-communication. However, what are the repercussions of this shift? 

Consumers, including your target audience, are being constantly bombarded with daily messages from different platforms and angles. They may ultimately be experiencing marketing fatigue as a result. 

The Effects of Digital Marketing

Statistics have shown that corporate users send or receive more than 167 emails a day and that number is rising by 10% each year. Not to mention, those numbers do not account for social media posts, text messages, and other forms of communication. 

While it’s important to reach your audience and there are many platforms that make it possible, utilizing them all at once and too often can come with consequences like decreased responses, low conversions, and skipped messages. When this happens, it’s hard to know the correct path to take in order to reach your audience within reason. For insurance marketers, this can be particularly tricky as your audience is often dependent on different industries. Do your auto insurance leads respond better to email marketing while your health insurance leads seem to result in inbound calls? We’ve outlined a few tips below that may help get you the answers to these questions, and then some. 

#1 Go Back to Basics – With consumers being overwhelmed by emails and digital forms of communication, many of them are going back to the (now traditional) phone call to gather information and quotes. Make sure your business is prepared to meet their expectations with a call process that’s straightforward and meets your customer’s needs quickly and without hassle. 

#2 Streamline Your Process – In order to streamline your communication efforts with a marketing fatigued customer, consider investing in an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). That’s right, not all technology creates the same sort of fatigue. IVR systems are used for multiple purposes like processing of customer’s phone calls, providing transaction details, taking customer’s requests, and ultimately transferring calls to agents based on customer requests. A streamlined system should put the consumer’s mind at ease and make for an easy and less intrusive buying journey. 

#3 Use Data Where it Matters – Understand your ROI by analyzing data that is generated through your calls and IVR systems. Get the most out of all the leads you generate by choosing an innovative lead management system that lets you manage, distribute, and monetize your leads. 

From high-converting landing pages to customizable email templates and expert guidance, Profitise supports affiliates with everything they need to succeed, thrive, and ultimately avoid marketing fatigue. To track and route auto insurance leads, register with our Affiliate team today.


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