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How to Drive Traffic to Your Site


In affiliate marketing, you are only as good as the volume of quality traffic you can bring in. Good leads are the lifeblood for insurance companies and these businesses depend on affiliate marketers like you to keep their call centers busy with conversions.

But maybe you’ve hit a bit of a slump lately, or perhaps you are just getting started and are looking for ways to jump start your efforts? The good news is that affiliate marketers have a wide range of strategies when it comes to driving traffic. Here are a few of the most dependable steps you can take.

Catch Eyes with an Infographic

Infographics—images that communicate data in a visually engaging way—are one of the best digital assets that you can invest in. A great infographic will not only inform with useful information, but should also do so in a creative and colorful way.

Infographics show up really well in searches and can be used as a way to attract visitors to your site. Others can link to your infographic, bringing in more traffic your way. For example, a charming infographic about driving statistics can be a useful way to increase traffic to your auto insurance affiliate site. Another great example of infographics effectiveness is a visualization of a step-by-step guide of marketing activities to generate more insurance leads.

Write Captivating Content

A tried-and-true (and often successful) traffic driver is filling your site with very sharp and engaging content. If you can regularly share content on your blog that will give real value to readers, they will keep coming back and more will visit your site as well.

They key to driving traffic this way is to produce content on a continual basis, always informing and entertaining readers so that they return and help boost your rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Become a Resource on LinkedIn or Quora

People look for information everywhere, so it is often a smart strategy to share your expertise across a select few external websites. LinkedIn has a publishing platform that gives you the chance to share your content to your LinkedIn audience while enticing readers to visit your LinkedIn profile ad, ultimately, your website.

Quora works great as well. If you can provide substantive, non-promotional answers to questions that are in your area of expertise, you can become a thought leader in your specific field. That will attract those with an interest in your focal topics to visit your profile and your website. You can also sparingly link to your website in your Quora answers—as long as the link is there to provide useful information or back up a claim.

Re-Target Prospects

Retargeting is one of the best ways to bring people to your site—especially because you are tapping into an audience that has already interacted with your site before.

Google has excellent resources for retargeting prospects. You can use Google retargeting ads to reach those who have visited your site but left before making a purchase or completing a form.

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