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Your 5 Best Solar Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Programs


The rising demand for solar energy and the ever-growing power of solar panels provide lucrative business opportunities for merchants and affiliates: the former can tap into a larger audience, whereas the latter can sell their traffic at a higher price.

Solar pay-per-lead affiliate programs are among the most important links connecting solar merchants and publishers. These programs offer an efficient and profitable way to generate high-quality leads and increase sales; affiliates get due revenues for their efforts, while advertisers get high-quality leads.

Your 5 Best Solar Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Programs

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Read on to learn how to maximize your performance with solar pay-per-lead affiliate programs as an affiliate marketer.

What Are Solar Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Programs?

As the name suggests, solar pay-per-lead affiliate programs are programs created by advertisers, moderated by an affiliate network – if one is involved – and used by affiliates to generate and sell leads to the advertiser or affiliate network.

For an advertiser, their affiliate program is a way to establish cooperating conditions for all the affiliates they work with without having to go through the same process over and over again for every new affiliate.

For affiliates, an affiliate program contains all the terms and conditions they need to know before promoting a particular product: the commission size, cookie duration, payment deadline and limits, and more.

Long story short, affiliates get paid for leads who meet their advertiser’s criteria: filling out an application, subscribing to a newsletter, or calling while providing essential contact data and being of the target location, gender, income level, etc.

PPL Program Benefits for Affiliates and Advertisers
Affiliates Advertisers
  • Faster payouts because you don’t have to wait for a sale to complete
  • Reduced risk because the payout does not depend on whether the lead makes a purchase
  • You only pay for the leads that meet your criteria
  • You can set the qualifying criteria to generate solar leads of the desired quality and quantity

Solar pay-per-lead affiliate programs are growing in popularity because all involved parties are better off after the deal is sealed. Merchants effectively convert leads into long-term clients, affiliates get due remuneration for their efforts, and solar clients themselves connect to a relevant business that can fully satisfy their needs and wants.

Here are some more advantages of solar pay-per-lead affiliate programs:

Lead Qualification Solar affiliate programs only involve interested clients, guaranteeing high conversion rates to advertisers and affiliates.
Granular Segmentation As an affiliate, you can choose reliable advertisers to partner with. As an advertiser, an affiliate program allows you to choose the audience to tap into.
Predictability PPL programs set a fixed cost for regular and exclusive solar leads, which allows for better budgeting and forecasting. This contrasts with the unlimited spending of platforms such as pay-per-click advertising.

Solar companies and affiliates can benefit immensely from the right affiliate program, but it’s quite a challenge to find one.

Navigating the Maze of Solar Pay-Per-Lead Programs

While pay-per-lead programs offer numerous benefits to solar companies and publishers, the latter often struggle with choosing the right affiliate programs, especially the first affiliate program.

Here are some potential challenges along the way:

Lead Quality Differences Differences in lead qualification standards between different PPL programs make it more difficult for a publisher to generate leads for several advertisers simultaneously.
Price Differences Some publishers may struggle to generate high-profit exclusive solar leads, whereas shared leads may not be profitable enough.
Tracking Difficulties Effective tracking of pay per lead affiliate marketing performance requires robust affiliate software. Not all programs have it.

However, finding a good solar pay-per-lead affiliate program is still possible. In fact, we have 5 top-tier programs for you just below!

The Top 5 Solar Pay-Per-Lead Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2024


Profitise solar PPL affiliate program page

Profitise pay per lead affiliate program is a great way to create an ever-expanding network of affiliates, earning an extra 3% commission on sales made by your sub-affiliates alongside regular commissions.

But not only that – Profitise also provides tailored creative materials and free affiliate management software to publishers so they can track referral journeys and ensure timely and fair payouts while directing traffic to relevant and reliable advertisers.


  • Tiered structure: Invite sub-affiliates to earn 3% on their sales
  • Creative materials: Use custom creative materials to promote products more effectively
  • Affiliate software: Track the referral journey from start to finish, ensuring the optimal lead routing and timely and fair payouts
  • Around-the-clock support: Get free assistance from solar and software experts when you need it, including help with software setup

Join Profitise as a solar affiliate or advertiser to grow your bottom line.


SunPower solar PPL affiliate program page

SunPower is a leading solar energy company that designs, manufactures, and installs high-efficiency solar panels and systems for residential and commercial use. The SunPower affiliate program offers a unique opportunity to partner with a global leader in solar energy, helping individuals and organizations save money and achieve sustainability goals.


  • Commission rate: $75 per lead
  • Flexible payout options: Diverse payouts via cheque, direct deposit, or Payoneer
  • Broad eligibility: Open to publishers, educational institutions, engineers, and more
  • Global leadership: Top solar energy company for top-tier solar and storage solutions


EcoFlow affiliate program page

The EcoFlow affiliate program offers a lucrative opportunity for electronics enthusiasts to monetize their passion by promoting its innovative and eco-friendly portable power solutions. By joining the program, affiliates can earn substantial commissions, use a range of marketing materials and promote industry-leading portable power solutions and solar technology.


  • Global reach: Available in over 100 countries and regions
  • Commission rate: A competitive 3% commission, with an approximate order value of $1000
  • Cookie duration: A generous 45-day cookie period
  • Marketing support: Access to ongoing promotions and a mobile-optimized website


Soliom affiliate program page

Soliom is a leading brand in solar security cameras and video doorbells, offering an affiliate program for publishers passionate about sustainability and technology.


  • Commission rate: High earning potential with an 8% commission rate
  • Cookie duration: An extended 60-day cookie period
  • Payment options: Payoneer, direct deposit and bank transfer in the US
  • Marketing support: Access to Ads, Banners, Blogs, and Videos to promote products


Sunjack affiliate program page

Sunjack delivers powerful and durable solar chargers in compact sizes in the USA, offering an affiliate program that pays up to 10% commissions.


  • Commission rate: Up to 10% per sale, with a base commission starting at 3%
  • Top performer bonus: 20% bonus to high-traffic affiliates
  • Cookie duration: 30 days
  • Payment methods: check, Payoneer, direct deposit, or wire transfer


Pay-Per-Lead Best Practices for the Solar Industry

Pay-per-lead programs are powerful tools for attracting leads, but that’s only half the job—the other half is converting these leads into paying customers.

Here are the techniques to convert your solar leads into loyal clients:

Segmentation & Personalization Segment potential customers considering their interests, needs, and stages of the purchase journey.

For example, leads generated via a Google pay-per-lead campaign that is focused on solar panel cost might want to know everything about solar panel prices. As a marketer, you can benefit from bringing this information to the forefront.

Multi-Channel Engagement To nurture leads across touchpoints, use a mix of communication channels like email, phone calls, and social media. Develop a content calendar that offers informative and valuable content at every stage of the purchase journey.
Maintaining the Feedback Loop Collect feedback to stay in touch with your leads throughout the sales cycle, even if they aren’t ready to make an immediate purchase. Offer ongoing value through quality content and promotions to keep your business top-of-mind.
Tailored Landing Pages Creating compelling landing pages specifically designed for PPL campaigns, as opposed to those used for broader marketing efforts. Make sure these pages are clear, concise, and focused on converting leads into paying customers. Consider partnering with services or pay per lead generation companies that offer landing page advice or creatives.
Instant Lead Processing Prioritize quick responses to customer inquiries, especially those received through pay-per-lead affiliate programs or pay-per-lead sites. Practice shows that the sooner you connect with a lead, the higher the chance of conversion. Consider setting an internal response time target.
A/B Testing Conduct A/B testing to determine the most effective combination of landing page elements. Test different headlines, calls to action, visuals, and layouts to see what resonates best with your target audience.

Last but not least, quality creative materials and affiliate marketing software can speed up lead acquisition and conversion, especially if you integrate your PPL program with your CRM system to track lead activity and progress.

Register with Profitise as an affiliate or advertiser to buy or sell solar leads in bulk, or email us at for questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about solar pay-per-lead programs?

Pay per lead programs work on a performance basis, which means you get paid for the leads you generate regardless of whether they convert.

What criteria should solar companies consider when selecting affiliates for their pay-per-lead programs?

When choosing partners for pay per lead programs, solar companies should prioritize affiliates with a history of generating high-quality solar leads through reputable sites.

How can solar companies measure the success of their PPL campaigns?

Solar companies usually track the conversion rate and ROI of each pay-per-lead program they run.


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